An FFL (Federal Firearms License) gives you the right to buy and sell firearms interstate. If you are in Texas, and a manufacturer of firearms is in Ohio, you could purchase from that manufacturer and have the firearm shipped via the U.S. Mail, UPS, Federal Express, etc. This is of course, assuming the manufacturer sells directly to dealers rather than only through distributors/wholesalers. In that case, you would purchase through a distributor.

There are many obligations and responsibilities that come with getting an FFL. You have to keep exacting records of where every firearm in your posession was obtained from, and who it has been sold to. Federal forms have to be filled out and completed along with a NICS (National Instant Check System) approval must be obtained for each sale. This is why the FFL system is in place to provide a means to trace firearms.

To get an FFL, you cannot have any convictions. Even a conviction for a domestic argument whether between your wife, girlfriend, relative, or friend will disqualify you. Dishonorable discharges, mental problems, etc will also disqualify you. Your business address must be zoned for business. you will need all state and local business licenses for operating and running a firearms sale business. You must officially be in the business to make a profit (although that is a very loose term).

In the real world, several wealthy colelctors who might be in the auto, furniture, restaurant, manufacturing, etc, do obtain FFL's. Wealthy collectors want to buy and trade the type of guns that are not usually at gun stores. So, if you have a clean record and a place of business in an area where gun sales are legal, you CAN get an FFL. For example, a medical doctor, in a town where gun sales are legal, could probably get an FFL if he filled out an application.

To start the process, contact: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms 650 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20226
Telephone: 202-927-7700
Fax: 202-927-7685

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