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John Dragon

John Dagon in God’s Devil

By Andrew Molchan


The John Dagon action-adventure novel is about a plan to establish a new world empire with a new species. The globe-circling epic is a series of betrayals, murders, Stygian paradoxes, 21st Century financial corruptions, and has a nuclear explosion in its climax. The pervasive, razor-edge mental brutality is a slaughterhouse for popular contemporary American delusions. The non-comic book Dagon-world is a reality based head-on attack against current popular cultural myths. The story’s internally building horror comes from its ultra high reality factor. The main characters are multi-dimensional, deeply complicated, driven, and include the world’s wealthiest people. The story is a looking glass into how truly powerful individuals view the world’s future. The underlying story, in the two-tired storyline, is an allegorical struggle between God and the Devil. (97,700 words in 74 chapters).

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