Title: Can Romney Save Himself from Romney?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon September 24th, 2012


Sept 22, 2012. Can Romney Save Himself from Romney?

Six weeks ago I said, "If Romney's campaign managers are not Democratic Party moles than they are NOT getting paid for the job they're doing."

ADVICE NEVER TAKEN. For the last TEN YEARS I've been advising Republicans to LOSE  their support for the continuation of the West Bank slave state. However, for ten years Republicans have NOT been able to do 4th grade math.

President Obama has obviously mainly taken the advice of President Carter who holds backs nothing when calling  the West Bank a slaver state that's destroying America in the Middle East.

President Carter learned the hard way, and President Carter had the courage to CHANGE.

If you're not brain dead, like the Republicans, you can hear what people are NOT saying. As I've said for 40 years, the good analyst  can hear what's NOT being said. How many times have Bill and Hillary Clinton said, "Oh, we really love and approve THE DE FACTO slavery in the West Bank." How many times? I'll tell you - NONE in the last ten years.

Hillary will run for President in 2016, and she's probably praying that the Republicans in 2016 will still be dumb dupes of the slave holding Zionists. 

Romney and the Republicans don't get it. Romney is so wacked out on supporting West Bank slavery he doesn't even know he's wacked out.

Probably  back in 1980 Romney sincerely believed that places like East Germany and Poland really were free countries?

The New York Times , Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, Los Angeles Times, etc., keep saying that ALL the voters in America want the American Presidents to continue being the stupid Stepin Fetchits of the insane Zionists. The Romney people believe that if it's in the New York Times, then it has to be TRUE.  Has Romney, or the Republicans, ever noticed that the Republican ass-kissers to the Zionists always LOSE all of the above Cities by MASSIVE MARGINS?  Apparently not.

My advice about ObamaCare was and is. "Forget it as a campaign issue. You cannot build a program that get's people excited on what you are NOT going to do." The morons in the Romney camp made ObamaCare a big issue until even their dead brains could see it wasn't going anywhere.

As to abortion, I advised, "Forget the abortion issue. It's a religious issue and NOT a political issue. Do NOT be a Republican collection of al Qaeda wannabes. Women are fifty percent of the vote. Republicans are NOT going to get the female vote by saying that the Government should have DICTATORSHIP Rights over what women can do with their own bodies. For those that say, the 'Fetus is alive,' the fact is that the woman is 99.8% of the collected body, and the Fetus is .02% of the body, and the 'Democracy' vote wins the decision."

When Pres Obama wins the election in six weeks. There IS an upside for Republicans. President Obama will get to appoint one to three left wing judges to the Supreme Court. The issue of Government money for abortions will come before the Supreme Court, and the ruling will be that deigning Federal money for abortions is Un-Constitutional. The good part for Republicans is that they will have the "abortion issue" Monkey off of their backs.

Why is Romney APOLOGIZING for being rich? Why is his weak, stupid so-called "Team" letting the Democrats paint Romney as evil ONLY because he's rich? Does Donald Trump apologize for being rich? Does the Donald apologize for being part of eight bankruptcies?  Do people hate: Bruce Willis, Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood because they are rich? MOST voters want to be rich. BUT maybe I'm totally wrong? Michael Bloomberg (a Republican) has a LOT MORE money than Romney. Mr. Bloomberg has almost TWENTY Billion dollars (with a B). However, maybe I'm wrong? Mr. Bloomberg ran for office (several times) in the left wing City of New York City, and LOST each time. So I guess it's true, if you're rich you CANNOT get Democratic votes?

My advice from the start was for Mr. Romney to say, "Yes, I'm rich, and I can make YOU and America rich too."

My advice for Mr. Romney was to spend 90% of his time talking about JOBS, and how to create more jobs with HIS Professional Proven management skills. And about how American CANNOT keep borrowing over a Trillion Dollars a year withOUT a Financial Disaster that WILL HURT POOR PEOPLE, and Old People, and minorities, THE MOST.

In military AND business strategy you NEVER attack your opposition at their Strongest Point. You ALWAYS have your main attack at their weakest points. Mr. Obama's weakest point is that borrowing OVER a Trillion Dollars a year is a guaranteed long term financial disaster that will HURT ALL AMERICANS.  Especially the Poor, and the Old.

The Republicans CANNOT see that the Democrats have SUCCESSFULLY planted the idea that ALL of the Trillions of borrowed money will be a future burden on ONLY the super rich. When in Truth and FACT it will hurt the poor and old the Most like it has in EVERY Nation in the World that has had serious inflation anytime in the last 500 years.

Romney needs a 180 degree turn around from his current mistakes. If Romney has a forceful and specific first Debate, he still might win. IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTAIL THAT ROMNEY CAPTURE THE INTUITIVE. Romney has to have NEW for him programs that the Democrats are sure Romney is mentally incapable of having.

"Capturing the Intuitive"  means Mr. Obama, and the left wing press, talking about what Romney is saying rather than Romney stumbling to respond to what Mr. Obama is doing.

If I were asked about the debates, I would suggest going nuclear. For the first debate I'd have four or five Bombs for REAL Change.

When asked about the Zionists, Romney should say, "I think the US should vote for West Bank statehood. America has always supported freedom everywhere, and it's time for America to be true to its colors."

Another Bomb for CHANGE would be Tax Reform. Romney needs to say, "When I'm President the US tax Code will go from its current 5,000 pages down to 30 pages. As long as I'm President that's where it will stay."

When asked about Afghanistan, Romney should say, "The day after I become President I'll order our US Troops to start packing and to come home - where they belong."

On Studen Loans and education, I'd say, "All student loans are already guaranteed by the government by one kind of Government guarantee or another. When I become president the interest on student loans will be pegged to the Federal Reserve's fund rate that is currently less than one-half of one percent."

OVERALL Strategy for ALL of America. The Republicans have to take their own advice, and say, "America can no long afford EVERYTHING." It's time to prioritize on what's needed to save America in the long run. Everything NOT vital, the answer should be, "It's nice but we just cannot afford it."  





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