Title: The General David Petraeus, Afghanistan "Surge" is a Success?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon September 24th, 2012


Sept 24, 2012. ANDY'S VERY UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The General Petraeus Afghan SURGE is Over. Victory at Last.

Two years ago General Petraeus started a 33,000 troop Surge into Afghanistan to help the 70,000 US Troops already there.

At the time I wrote, "The added troops into Afghanistan, to look up into more Afghan goat-ass for those missing weapons of mass destruction. This is stupid even by the Pentagon's pathetically failed strategies of the last half Century."

This is my Mea Culpa. Even though I WAS one of America's best, proven, grand strategists going back to my 1964 prediction of the US defeat Vietnam. About the Afghan "Surge" I was wrong.

Today, any American can walk down any road in Afghanistan and be as safe as walking down a sidewalk in Omaha, Nebraska.

There is 1000% trust and co-operation between American and Afghan troops, and governments.

America's Generals were Totally Correct when they said, "The Taliban will get tired of fighting and go home. Then we won't have any problems whatsoever."

One of the hundreds of good side-effects of the Surge is that Opium and Heroin, growth, production and export from Afghanistan has been 100% eliminated.

US Government and Troop relations with next door Pakistan keep getting better and better every day and in every way. The relationship has gone from "perfect" to better than perfect.

General Petraeus must get the credit for understanding the vital Geopolitical importance of Afghanistan that is located right between nothing, and nothing. For the last 3,000 years no great military power has been a great power WITHOUT controlling Afghanistan.

SOME OF THE SECRETS ARE OUT. Afghanistan is the world's most important manufacturer of advance jet aircraft engines. It's been a military secret, but the jet engines in America's Stealth Fighters and Bombers were designed, engineered and manufactured in Afghanistan.

As brilliant as the American War in Afghanistan has been, the real JEWEL IN THE CROWN for American Grand Strategy has been, and is, America's total support for the Zionist controlled Slave State on the West Bank.

The slave state has been a success, a total, complete success. An even greater success than Afghanistan - if that's possible.

One again, I have to admit that I was wrong. For years I've said that the West Bank slave state was THE number one fountainhead of troubles for America in the Middle East, but I was WRONG. No person CAN be a good grand strategy analyst without admitting mistakes so the mistakes are GONE, and room is made in your mind for the truth. I was wrong, the West Bank slave state IS clearly America's Greatest military asset, and an on-going work of brilliance.

America's unwavering support for West Bank de facto slavery is like a giant neon sign over the total surface of the Moon saying, "This Is What American Is Really About."

The bottom line is that I Cannot argue with success. Everywhere in the one Billion plus Muslim World. From Morocco in the West, to Indonesia in the East. From Kazakhstan in the North to Somalia in the South (one-third of the World). Everywhere, America has turned itself into the Most Loved Nation in the history of Islam. Every day, flowers are placed that the doorsteps of every American embassy in the Muslim World. American flags fly from the windows of every other home in the Muslim World. American flags are used as prayer rugs by most Muslims. Every day crowds gather all over the Muslim world and chant, "We love the Zionist slavery of West Bank Muslims, and we love America." American success is NOT limited to ONLY Afghanistan, it's Everywhere.

The Pentagon's Generals are ONCE AGAIN totally brilliant for classifying  Zionland as, "America greatest and most important ally." You cannot be a great military nation without also being a great economy, and the economy of Zionland is one-half the size of Wal Mart. Not a quarter, not a third, but a FULL one-half. You can't argue with that kind of economic Power.

Thank heavens America's Generals are also good at counting. Zionland has six million, 6,000,000 people - 40% of whom are NOT Zionists. The Muslim world only has one Billion, 1,000,000,000 people - and only 60% of the world's old reserves. Clearly, Zionland is much BIGGER.

Thank heavens America's Generals are good at remembering America's military history, and learning form that history. In Vietnam, America had a brilliant and total victory defending white-man colonialism in Asia. How, with the West Bank slave state, America is on the edge of an even BIGGER VICTORY. By defending Zionist colonialism in Asia, American is on the road to a gigantic World changing victory a hundred times Bigger and Better than Vietnam.

Thank heavens America's Generals are Being True to one of Grand Strategy's most Basic Rules, "A Great Power should ALWAYS let weak and insignificant allies decide where and when the Great Power will make war."

It's like General Douglas MacArthur in 1936 demanded, "America MUST be the first one into the coming War. The first one into ANY War, and especially any kind of war on the Asian mainland. Those who attack First will ALWAYS Win." MacArthur was correct, Japan attacked first and it clearly won. 

The truth is that all of the US Navy's Air Craft Carriers were really built at the Zion Shipyards at Elat, on the Red Sea. They were given to the US Navy, for FREE, by the Zionists. This was done to confuse the Chinese.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I cannot argue with success. General Petraeus and his "Surge" was 10,000% successful. Everywhere in the Muslim World, American is on the edge of total and complete victory. I was wrong, and have to admit that America needs to do A LOT MORE of what has clearly been a brilliant success




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