Title: A Humorous Two Page Play, By Andy.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue September 25th, 2012



There have been killings along the Sinai Egyptian-Israeli border. The Egyptians have asked Israel if they can put more troops into the area, but Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman, (as reported in today's Wall Street Journal), told the Egyptians, No! We're Giving You Nothing.

This two page make-believe play is between: TV Interviewer Pointless Morgan, and a make-believe Foreign Minister Lieberman.


"So," Morgan was trying to look studious. "Mr. Foreign Minister, are you worried about the problems along your border with Egypt?"

"Absolutely not." Lieberman answered casually.

Morgan leaned forward, "But Egypt is a big country, and right next door. Egypt has eight-two million people. Israel only has six million Jews, and maybe only three million are Zionists."

Lieberman had a twisted smile, "None of those numbers mean anything - nothing at all. We have the US Army - a million soldiers. The US Army is the big dumb Iron Robot that will do anything we Zionists want. All we have to do is tell the Pentagon's Generals that the sand along the border is strategic, and is also full of terrorists plotting against American, and we'll have 500,000 US Troops there in no time."

"But aren't you afraid," Morgan was trying to sound buff, "that American's Generals will someday get smart and see your con games?"

A big smile came to Lieberman's face, "Have you heard any other good jokes lately?  Can Camel shit on the sand do Calculus?"

"So you're not worried about America sending more troops to fight any war you want?" Morgan was frowning.

Lieberman could hardly hold back his laughter. "We told the stupid American Generals that Iraq was full of weapons of mass destruction, and they spent eight years in Iraq looking up Camel Ass for what was never there. America's ding dong Generals are still in Afghanistan, and still looking up Goat Ass for those never existed weapons, AND for Osama bin Laden."

Morgan snapped back, "But Osama is dead!"

Lieberman quickly put his finger up to his lips. "Susssh! Not so loud!  I'm not sure any American Generals know."

"Come-on," Morgan asked with a sarcastic voice tone, "how could they not know?"

Lieberman leaned back in his chair, "America's Generals are such stupid dupes I seriously don't know how they even live. I mean, you need a minimal IQ just to find a toilet to piss in. Yes, Osama is dead. Yes, Osama has been dead for a long time. Yes, Osama wasn't even in Afghanistan for years before he died. BUT, the facts are that America's Generals are STILL in Afghanistan looking up Goat Ass for Osama. So you tell me?"

Morgan's lips were twisted, "So, you have no worries about America's Generals not doing what you tell them to do?"

A big smile came to Lieberman's lips, "The US General staff at the Pentagon, we have their nose so wide open we could sail the Titanic through it."






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