Title: Is Mitt Romney a 21st Century General Westmoreland?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed September 26th, 2012


Sept 27th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. If Romney had been in the US Military Anytime in the last Half Century, he Would have Been a Four Star General.

The problem with America's Generals and Admirals of the last half century is that they do NOT understand the difference between tactics and grand strategy.

In my view, Romney is working very hard to turn himself into a 21st Century's Gen. Westmoreland.  Romney is going from bad to worse. Every day it's, "These are the wrong words that Obama used yesterday... bla bla bla."

Romney's teenager word game of what Obama said yesterday is SMALL Minded and silly. Romney recently referred to the deaths of the four Americans in Libya, and Pres Obama saying they were a, "bump in the road." Romney was screaming that, "These are NOT bumps in the road, these are human lives."

As a grand strategist I agree with Romney, the four lives lost in Libya were not bumps in the road. For a grand strategist they were very small pebbles in the road, and one of the MANY symptoms of a much bigger problem.

The job of President, and "Commander & Chief" is a grand strategy job. Don't apply for the job of Commander & Chief and then talk like a Sergeant.

Romney and the people around him are genuinely stupid if they really believe that they are going to win the election by playing high school like semantics games with whatever Pres Obama side yesterday.

From the very start I've been asking, "Where are Romney's BIG grand strategy programs? Where is HIS tax reform blueprint? Where is his legal system reform blueprint? Exactly how is he going to make Obamacare better?"

I've been a Republican for decades, and have done a lot for the Party. I SINCERELY want to elect Romney. Give me a reason - PLEASE. I'm NOT looking for a reason to vote against Pres Obama - I have that already; MORE Debt under Obama than America's cost of fighting World War Two. 

I'm looking for reasons to vote FOR Mr. Romney - and he's NOT giving me many.

 A "REASON" is NOT Romney's promise to be a mega dupe of the Zionists; and MURDER a lot MORE than four Americans in a totally stupid (and unwinnable) war with Iran.

I am one of the best military grand strategists in America. To truly "win" a war with Iran (like American "won" with Japan), would take 800% More battle dead than all of the American Pacific War 1941-1945 dead from fighting the Japanese. It would cost three Trillion Dollars, and that's MORE than America's cost of fighting ALL of World War Two in both Asia and Europe. The war WOULD achieve Osama bin Laden's grand strategy plan of collapsing American's financial system; so even if America did militarily win in Iran - America would still LOSE.

A war with Iran would be Vietnam multiplied by Twenty. 

In a few weeks we'll know if Romney was Gen Westmoreland. Somebody who looks real pretty, talks nice, takes a fantastic picture standing next to the American flag, but a man who just could NEVER see, comprehend or understand the grand strategic big pictures. A movie star handsome man who at the end of the day was a loser.

Prove me wrong Mitt - Please.





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