Title: Romney goes to Ohio, a Must Win State for the Republicans.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu September 27th, 2012


Sept 27, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR ADVICE. Romney and the Republicans Move Into Ohio - What Should They Tell the Voters?  (A humorous opinion and personal view of current events)

Ohio is a "Must Have" State for Romney. The Republicans need to highlight their current positions.

(1) Remind the Ohio voters that the Republicans ARE the #1 loyal dupes of the suicidal Zionists. The Zionists will fight to the last American soldier, and this is good for Ohio voters because wars are always good. Look at all of the good (like full employment) that wars did for Germany in the last Century.

(2) Tell the Ohio voters that separation of Church and State is BAD. The Republicans need to promise that they will become al Qaeda, and demand control over every woman's body based on a misread of the Bible.  If women don't want a Republican Government dictatorship over their bodies, so what? They're only half of the voters, and only good for one thing.

(3) Tell the Ohio voters that Republicans really, REALLY love Bernanke and his faggot money. Increasing America's queer money by OVER a Trillion dollars every year after year is Absolutely Fabulous.

Some might say that the Fed faggot money eventually goes to places like China; where they use Ben's queer to pay for the building  of factories that then make products that destroy jobs in Ohio. The Republican answer to that came from Rodney King, who said, "If you gots queer in your pockets right now, this minute, why would u-bee worrying about tomorrow?"

Rodney King was a good Republican, and right. As long as America has Trillions  of Fed queer dollars Ballooning UP the stock market nobody has ANYTHING whatsoever to worry about. All of America will live happily-ever-after in an ever expanding and growing paradise of Fed queer.

(4) The Republicans need to tell the voters of Ohio that what they need to make their lives better in every way is a Gigantic Holy War. The war can start by the USA attacking Iran, but the war should be quickly expanded. Jesus Christ, the Zionist, spent His adult life preaching war against the Romans. Jesus preached war against all non-Zionist anywhere and everywhere. It was Muslims disguised as Zionists who DEMANDED the death of Jesus - and killed Him. The Murder of Jesus Christ by Muslims is why America needs to have a "Get Even" Holy War against the total Muslim World. 

If Romney and the Republicans stick to their past positions, how can they lose?  




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