Title: Benjamin Netanyahu is DEMANDING the Deaths of 300,000 American Troops.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri September 28th, 2012


Sept 28th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Netanyahu is DEMAND the Death of 300,000 US Soldiers - and NOW.

Today's Wall Street Journal, in its continuing efforts towards Dan Rather journalism (with the same long term results), had a picture of Zionist PM Netanyahu at the UN, holding a picture of a bomb, and demanding the deaths of lots America troops, and NOW.

I've always loved pictures because pictures do not lie. Humans "see" with their minds, not their eyes. The Mind will lie but NOT the picture. Netanyahu IS a bomb. A highly dangerous bomb.

I see Ben Netanyahu as Muammar Gaddafi without the clown uniform. A nut case who believes that government oppression is freedom, and murdering people to maintain that oppression is justice.

Netanyahu's "Red Line" is the current Con Game that Netanyahu is trying to peddle to America. Americans should be asking, "Where is the 'Red Line' for UN recognizing the West Bank as Independent? There's been 40 years of Zionist run around con game "Talks" for freedom. "Talks" that the Zionists NEVER intended to go anywhere. It's always been a stall, and always will be a stall. Now Netanyahu wants American troops to be dying to keep the stall going.

Netanyahu's "Red Line" is a sales ploy that was in my Salesmanship 101 textbook of 50 years ago. It's a sales ploy that goes back thousands of years. "If this and this happens, then you agree to buying this sick pig."

Red Lines is how World War One started. Austria had "Red Lines" that Serbia could not stop because the "Red Lines" were mainly in the minds of the Austrians. Netanyahu is saying,  As long as I think the Iranians are making a bomb then they have crossed the Red Line.

Netanyahu is outraged that America is NOT following its historic role of being a totally stupid and brainless Stepin Fetchit to every Zionist insane demand.

Netanyahu is especially unset with the rebellion of Pres Obama. In front of Netanyahu's home there is a statue of a Black Jockey. Every Mansion in the Old South used to have one for visitors to tie their horse to. The Black Jockey statue in front of Netanyahu's house has Obama face on it.

Netanyahu is right to be upset. Obama, that "boy," isn't understanding his place. Doesn't Obama understand that Zionland is half the size of Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart's GP is $447 Billion, and Zionland's GNP is $235 Billion. Netanyahu is correct, Obama is incompetent for NOT honoring  Zionland's  Massive World Power.

Obama is NOT taking Netanyahu's treats to attack Iran seriously. However, as everyone knows,  Zionland has the world's third largest Navy, and the world's fourth largest air force. Zionland, with 5 million Zionists on 8,000 sq miles of land, could easily overwhelm Iran's 73 million people on 636,000 sq miles of land.

In military tactics one of the factors is soldier's per square mile. Zionland has enough soldiers for One soldier for ever four sq miles in Iran. And one soldier for every 600 Iranians.  An OVERWHELLING military advantage that could easily crush any and all Iranian resistance of any kind. Even Guerrilla resistance. Mr. Obama is dumb for letting Zionland get all of the potential military glory - and fun.

With the total Zionist Army, including all of the reserves, in Iran, 600-800 miles AWAY from Zionland. That would leave the West Bank slave state unguarded. There would CERTAINLY be a revolt for Freedom. The revolution for freedom might get help from Egypt. 

The Wall Journal's Street's  sales pitch of today DID have one thing that was especially true. It reported that the CIA believes that Iran is a long distance away from making an atomic bomb, and the very top of Iranian leadership has NOT made the decision to make a bomb. However, as reported in the WSJ article, "Mr. Netanyahu stressed Thursday (at the UN) that he didn't believe Western Intelligence was good enough."

I totally agree with PM Mr. Netanyahu. The CIA, and the other America "Intelligence Agencies" swallowed the 2002 Zionist Con Game of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq. The CIA swallowed that Con Game hook, line and sinker. Mr. Netanyahu is correct, the CIA is NOT "good enough," and whom should know better than Netanyahu?

President Obama, a sincere Thank You for NOT being as brain dead stupid as President George Bush and the Republicans.

Rather than worrying about how soon we can start murdering American troops in Iran. We should be working on how soon we can get the UN to declare the West Bank a Nation so the American people can get that infected Monkey off of their backs, and take a Giant Step forward for real Peace in the Middle East.

Let's take a deep breath and look at the big picture. Russian get the bomb and the world did NOT end. China got the bomb and the world did NOT end. England and France got the bomb and the world did NOT end. North Korea and Pakistan get the bomb and the world did NOT end. Israel get the bomb and the world did NOT end. The spread of nuclear weapons is NOT desirable, BUT if America went to war every time somebody got the bomb, American as a Nation would have been destroyed a half Century ago.

The Mega Grand Strategy solution for nuclear weapons is to push the creation of the new human species that will bio-engineer away the Home sapiens war insanity. The World's objective of the next 50 years should be holding the World together long enough for this to start happening.   

The CIA, the Pentagon's General Staff, the US State Department's planners, and the World, MUST keep the historical, proven, big picture FACTS always in mind. For over 2,000 years the Zionists have been insane, and suicidal.

If somebody asked me to make a list of the people in the World who were the most dangerous to America; Netanyahu's name would be at the very top of that list. Netanyahu wants America to drink the Kool Aid - Again. Netanyahu is demanding that America be as insane as he is.  What Netanyahu and his follow insane Zionists need is some serious psychiatric help. 





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