Title: The Debate, in a few Days, is a Do-Or-Die for Romney. If He's the Usual Dupe Romney - He'll Lose.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun September 30th, 2012


Sept 30th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The Debate this Wednesday is a "Do Or Die" for Romney.

Let's go to the bottom line. If during the Debate Romney does his usual thing, and gets down on his keens and licks Zionist ass. Then it's ALL OVER. Right there - it will be all over. The next month will be a wast of time and money for the Republicans. Romney can go home and go fishing for the next month.

Where has Romney been for the last 30 years? What planet has he been living on? Does any Republican remember a person called Ronald Reagan?

The Greatest Electoral Vote victory, in the history of America, was Republican President Ronald Reagan's victory in his 1984 re-election. Pres Reagan won 49 States. The Electoral Vote was 525 to 13.

The ONLY State that Democrat Mondale won was his home state of Minnesota. Even there the vote was: Mondale 1,036,364, and Reagan 1,032,603. If Pres Reagan had gotten 3,800 more votes in Minnesota he would have won ALL 50 States.

My point is that President Reagan NEVER in his eight years as President went to Israel. I don't think Mr. Reagon ever went to Israel in his long lifetime. President Reagan never let himself be conned and used by the Zionists. President Reagan was never the Zionist's whore. That's why the American voters did NOT re-electing him in 1984. Mr. Reagon PROVED that no person can be elected Presideint of the United States without first being a whore to the insane, suicidal and loser Zionists. 

Hello, Mr. Romney - is anyone home?   



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