Title: What Egypt Can Do for Solutions in the Middle East, and to Help Avoid a Nuclear War.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon October 1st, 2012


Oct. 1st 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. It's Time for Egypt to Re-Claim its Historic 7,000 Year Old Leadership Role in the Middle East.

For decades Hosni Mubarak was the lapdog of Washington DC, and Washington DC  for decades was the lapdog of the Zionists. Egypt was the BIG NOTHING. Kind of a very big extension of Gaza.

It's time for the New Egypt to re-claim its historic regional leadership. It time for Egypt to become an active force for solutions rather than continuing to be dead fish on the banks of the Nile.

One of the major problems of the last 40 years has been, and will be the West Bank/Gaza de facto slave State. The existence of the slave State DOES have the Middle East on the road to a Nuclear War.

As one of America's proven best grand strategist, I can tell you that Nuclear Wars are not especially desirable.

The road to solutions:

Step one is to STOP waiting for America to do something about the West Bank/Gaza slave State. The America of the last few years has become is a Little more realistic, but I underline Little. President Obama kind of gets it. BUT, the US Congress is still in a total Zionist coma. The American Press big media so-called "journalists" are still 95% dupes of the Zionists. For the American big press "slavery" is "freedom."

Try and find only One example in any American major newspaper or magazine during the last 25 years that asked, "Is the West Bank Slave State REALLY Vital to America?"  No example of that question exists in any major American media.

Step Two is for Egypt to draw a "Red Line." Egypt should say, "Eighteen months from now is a Red Line. We want one of two things to happen: (1) The West Bank/Gaze be recognized by the UN and Israel as an Independent Nation. Or, (2), Israel annexes the West Bank and Gaza as part of Israel, and the people become full Israeli citizens with full Israeli citizen voting rights. If we go over that Red Line without either one or the other of the above happening - there WILL be serious problems."

The US Congress dumb Stepin Fetchit dups of the Zionists, and American's Big Press will scream, "If you make the slaves citizens who can vote then there might be a Muslim Prime Minister of Israel!!!"

As a proven excellent military grand strategists my answer to that is, "A Muslim Prime Minister of Israel would be THE SOLUTION, NOT the problem. A Muslim PM of Israel makes Israel NOT a Target. A Muslim PM would change Israel's current totally Hopeless military position. It would open many doors for real peace, and long term regional economic/social integration."

I'll ask the question that none of the Journalistic Whores in American's Big Press would ask. "What would a Muslim Prime Minister of Israel mean for America's Vital Interests?" The answer is that it would be a GRIANT STEP FORWARD for America's vital interests. A Muslim PM of Israel would be a major grand strategy advantage for America: No 300,000 dead American soldiers in a War with Iran. No $14 a gallon gasoline at America's gas stations. No $14 a gallon gasoline for THREE years straight. No DOW Stock Market at below 2,000. No unemployment at above 20%. No collapse of US Tax Revenues. No collapse of the US Dollar. No US Government living 60% off of Queer Money. No THREE Trillion Dollars in war costs for an America that's already de facto bankrupt. 

Egypt - please do the America people a big favor and STOP Waiting for the US Congress to do something about the West Bank slave State. The American Congress is incapable of having an adult conversation about this subject. Egypt - YOU do it.    





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