Title: Mitt Romney has Turned Himself into President Gerald Ford.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue October 2nd, 2012


Oct 2nd 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Mitt Romney has Worked Hard to Turn Himself Into President Gerald Ford - and He Has Succeeded.

First, let's look at Mitt's remark about the 47% of the US population being dependant on the Government.

Factually, Mitt is absolutely correct. FACTS: 49% of all of the workers in America pay NO Income Tax. 62 Million people are on some form of Social Security. 14 Million people, including millions of people who are UNDER 30 years of age, are on permanent  Social Security Disability for the remainder of their lives. 47 Million  people are on Food Stamps. 38 Million people are on some form of State and/or Local Welfare. 95% of America is about to go on some kind of Obamacare Medical Welfare, etc., etc., and etc.

Mitt's Brain-Dead mistake was saying, Those Government dependant  people will never vote for Republicans.  Like Daaa.

If Republicans "Write-Off" everyone who's on some kind of Gov welfare than with ObamaCare coming on-line they've "Written-Off" 95% of the voters.

President Ronald Reagan (a Republican) in 1984 won 49 States. If only 1,900 voters had changed from Mondale to Reagan in the State of Minnesota (Mondale's home State), President Reagan would have won ALL 50 States.

The reality is that today, in 2012, the Republicans are running a Gerald Ford clone for President. Kind of like an Afghan Dog - looks real pretty but it's DUMB.

ALSO in the "Tapes" Romney says, "The Palestinians really do NOT want peace."

In my Sept. 19th 2012 essay I wrote"

"Sept. 19 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Is Mitt Romney a Total Dupe of the Zionists? Apparently - Yes.

In the 'tapes,' Mr. Romney says that the West Bank Palestinians, 'Really do NOT want Peace.'

The ONLY kind of 'Peace' that the Zionists have EVER talked about in the last 40 years is the 'Peace' of how the West Bank was going to live as a Slave State.

How dumb do you have to be to NOT see that?"

Mitt Romney IS Gerald Ford.

In the 1976 Presidential debate, then President Ford was running against an obscure Georgia Governor who had spent most of his life in the Navy - Jimmy Carter.

The debate touched on Poland, and Eastern Europe, and President Ford said, "There is NO Soviet domination of Eastern Europe." President Ford went on to say that not only Poland, but Romania and Yugoslavia were FREE from Soviet interference.

Every American voter with an Eastern European heritage was saying, "What kind of stupid jackass is this moron?"

So Mitt Romney, the other stupid jackass, moron, total Dupe of the Zionists, goes to Zionland and the West Bank as says, There are no slaves here. These people do NOT want peace.

That's like going to German occupied Warsaw in 1942, looking around, and saying, "It looks like a free country to me." Or like Gerald Ford in 1976 saying, Poland looks FREE to me.

Eight Percent of the people in the Total World are asking, "What planet is Romney living on? How stupid do you have to be to NOT see repression and slavery when you're standing right in the middle of it?"

As we know, Jimmy Carter went on to win the election. As US President, Jimmy Carter said some things that America should re-learn. In Carter's Inaugural Address in January of 1977 he said, "Our commitment to human rights must be absolute. The powerful must not dominate the weak. To be true to ourselves, we must be true to others."

In a December 1978 speech commemorating the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, President Carter said, "Human rights is the soul of our foreign policy because human rights is the very soul of our sense of nationhood."

President Carter also said, "America did not invent human rights, it was human rights that invented America."

In 2002 Mr. Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize.

President Carter is a deeply religious Evangelist, and President Carter is PROOF that a person can be an Evangelist WITHOUT also being a dupe, lacky, and sucker of the slave holding Zionists. American needs a lot more President Carter type of Evangelist. Evangelists who DO NOT have the Zionist Devil setting on their shoulder. 

In President Carters' 2006 book, Palestine: Peace NOT Apartheid, Mr. Carter said that the West Bank is a Zionist prison where the people are being strangled with oppression and poverty. Where malnutrition, mal-education and unemployment  run at 60% to 80% levels. In Mr. Carter's 2006 book he wrote, "The United States is squandering its international prestige and goodwill, and intensifying global anti-American terrorism by condoning Israeli confiscation and COLONIZATION of Palestinian territories."

I guess President Carter in 2006 was totally wrong? Anti-America sentiment and demonstrations in the Muslim World, in the last seven years, have absolutely and clearly Gone Down to the point where today anti-American activity is almost non-existent. An American walking anywhere in the Muslim world is today SAVER than walking the streets of Omaha, Nebraska. America clearly needs to keep doing A LOT more of what's working - like supporting Palestinian slavery with a war against Iran.

Mr. Romney is absolutely and 10,000% correct, and true to America's best core traditions, when Mr. Romney says that the poverty of the Palestinians in the West Bank slave State PROVES that Palestinians should be colonial slaves of the Zionists. 

However, I am a little confused, does the poverty of many Blacks in America PROVE that America needs to return to Black slavery?    Maybe so?





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