Title: Thoughts about a Romney TV Commercial, and the Use of Corrupted Words.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed October 3rd, 2012


Oct 3, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. When the Words You Use are Corrupt, the Conclusions of Your Thinking Will Be Corrupt.

Over 5,000 years ago the Chinese were teaching, "The first step towards deep wisdom is to describe everything by using its correct name."

This morning I was watching TV when a commercial for Romney was aired. The commercial used the word "Liberal" to describe left wing Democrats. I almost chocked on my Bagel.

For decades I've been writing that "Liberal" is one of the hundreds of Con Game Words who's original meaning has been corrupted by the left wing.

In over 40 years I have Never used the corrupted, dupe word "liberal" to wrongly describe left wingers.

The Commercial ending by saying, "I'm Romney and I approve this Commercial." Like daaa. Romney is spending money to look dumb.

Using corrupted words in your thinking is like have computer software that's corrupted. It's like the old computer saying, "Garbage In - Garbage Out."

I guess that I, Andy, being surprised by a "Dupe Word" being used in a Romney commercial proves that Hope really does spring eternal.

Left-wingers are NOT "Liberals" in the original meaning of the word. Left wingers want ONLY the government to have guns. Left wingers sincerely believe that all wealth is created by the government, and all money thus belongs to the government. A left wing American school teacher will spend five Months talking about how Chicken George created America for every five minutes he will talk about a real "Liberal" like Thomas Jefferson, helping to create America. For "Liberal teachers" Jefferson is one of those, "Fat old white men."

If you can "See," then everywhere you look you can find examples of how words and symbols have been (and are) being corrupted by the left wingers, and left wing press.

In this political season, we constantly see political maps on TV. Right? With "Red States" being Republican, and "Blue States" being Democrats. The HONEST WAY would be exactly the other way around.

Where were the Republicans in Washington DC when this Blue/Red Corruption of symbols was successful started? Were the Republicans out in back of the barn playing with themselves? Or, maybe they were all at a Romney fund raiser to expand Left Bank slavery, with the slavery being called "Freedom."

Republicans need to start using their own maps. How about Black and White States? Black for Democrat States and White for Republican States? Wouldn't that be more honest?

Or, how about deep Purple for Republican States and Pink for Democrat States? Wouldn't that be more honest?

Some of my favorite dishonest words come from the FED faggots and the US Treasury.

We have the wonderfully dishonest word, "Stimulus." It sounds so good - like give me five scopes. The dishonest word "Stimulus" is passionately used every Dan Rather assh*le reporter in America.

The Honest Word, the Chinese "Correct Name" for "Stimulus" is "Debt." But, that honest word, "Debt" is so, ah, it's well, so, - Honest. Like, there's no fun in the word, "Debt." The very LAST THING we want in modern America is Honesty in the words we use.  Right? If we Americans used honest words to think with, then we would come to some honest conclusions. We certainly do NOT want that because the Honest Conclusions wouldn't be any fun. Like Bernanke keeps telling the US Congress, "If it feels good then it IS good."

What is Bernanke's "Stimulus"?

Is a "Stimulus" something that's kind of long, made out of rubber and has a vibrator motor in it?

Cocaine is "Stimulus." America needs to open its border with Mexico so the Mexican drug lords can ship a lot more "Stimulus" into America.

"Stimulus" was what Jerry Sandusky created when he was in the shower room licking the hairless naked bodies of eight year old boys.

Like Sandusky said, "Bernanke is right, any Stimulus that tastes this good MUST be good for you."

I'm sure there are a lot of "Liberal" school teachers who would want to make the Sandusky "Stimulus" a regular part of their school program for "Diversity."        



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