Title: Mitt Romney did Good last Night. I'd Give him a Grade of "A". However, the Hard Part is the Next Debate.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu October 4th, 2012


Oct 4th 2012. Romney did Good in Last Night's Debate, Now Comes the Harder Debate.

First, a complaint about the TV broadcast. I watched the debate on FOX, and when Mr. Romney spoke there were several times breaks in the sound. There were ZERO sound breaks when Pres Obama spoke. Maybe it was only on FOX, or only in South Florida. If NOT, the FBI should be looking into it. Dirty tricks are NOT unknown. 

I'd give Romney's first debate an "A." He talked, and he said something. He said what I, and many others, have been advising for a long time. Romney has successful management experience as both a businessman and Governor, and Mr. Obama does NOT.

For over four years I've been saying, "Outside of the political world Mr. Obama has never run so much as a hotdog stand - and it shows."

Mr. Romney worked with Democrats to get things done. Pres Obama, as President canNOT even get a Federal Budget passed.

Whatever happens with the Presidential race, Mr. Romney's excellent showing last night helped all the other Republicans running for office.

On the other hand, in April of 2009 my prediction was that Mr. Obama would be a one term president. The fact that the Republican, Mr. Romney, is not 20% ahead of Mr. Obama at this point is NOT good.

Four years of 10% de facto unemployment. A real estate market that's still DEAD. (In April 2009 I predicted both of these would happen). Almost enough money borrowed and added to the National Debt to pay for World War II TWICE OVER. With the result that in October of 2012 Mr. Obama is a little AHEAD IN THE POLLS!

The good news is that Mr. Romney CAN Win if he can mentally grow, and communicate that growth.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal published an extensive Poll. Of ALL of the major issues in this election what is the ONE area and issue that Most Separates Pres. Obama and Gov Romney? To use the WSJ wording, "The Handling of the situation in the Middle East." Romney 32%, Obama 48%. That's a 16% difference on a life and death vital issue.

Romney has done almost NOTHING in the Middle East, but what little he has done has been totally Wrong. When Romney went to Zionland and kissed ass, at the time I said that was a disaster. (See past essays). Then he was caught on tape saying that the West Bank slaves deserve to be slaves because they are poor!!! Take me to the Country Club and gag me with a spoon.

What Pres Obama has going for him, is that 85% of the voters are 85% sure that Pres Obama will NOT start a war with Iran so the West Bank slave State can stumble along for a few more years.

If Mr. Romney wants to win, here is the question he has to answer. Is Mitt Romney, down deep, one of the millions of Evangelical fruitcakes who sincerely believes that EVERYTHING Zionist comes from the hand of God?

If the Zionist build gas chambers in the West Bank and started the mass killing of women and children would Romney say, "Well, if the Zionists are doing it then it must be God's will."

Mr. Romney's strongest point is his claim to be a professional, skilled manager in both business and government. Okay, where is the "Red Line" on the failure of the West Bank slave State? For 40+ years it's been a failure. The failure is INCREASING geometrically. There are many core causes for America's problems in the Middle East, but America's support for the LESS than Worthless to America West Bank slave State is the #1 core cause of America's growing problems in the Middle East. Where is the "Red Line" on crystal clear failure?

I have nothing against Israel or the Jewish people. I can trace my ancestors back 3,000 years to Jerusalem. I'm sure that a lot of people in that area are my cousins. What I want for Israel, and my cousins, is to find true peace, and prosperity. Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews. A lot of very talented non-Zionist Jews are moving OUT of Israel because of the Zionists. This is NOT good for Israel, or the Middle East.

Sometimes you have to drag a people kicking and screaming into doing the right things. (Nazi Germany, Tojo's Japan, etc). In the late 1950s and early 1960's, when I was in the NAACP, we had to drag the Southern de facto slave holders, kicking and screaming, into giving Black people true freedom. The Southern de facto slave holders in 1960 were 100% convinced that Black Freedom would be a total disaster for the South. But life went on, and like America's South, after the West Bank is free and recognized by the UN as a real Nation, Israel will also be better. 

A Question that Mr. Romney needs to answer. "Mr. Romney, you have five sons. Do you want your five sons in the US Army, and dying in Iran to preserve the West Bank slave State for a few more years?"

How about this question. "Mr. Romney, do you want your five sons in the US Army, in Afghanistan, and In Harm's Way. Looking up goat ass for those hidden Weapons of Mass Destruction that were always a Con Game from your friends the Zionists?"

Maybe the answer is, "My sons are rich, but if you're from a poor family it doesn't make any difference."

Didn't Tsar Nicholas II of Russia say something like that?

Mr. Romney, if YOU do not want your sons dying in Iran to preserve the West Bank slave State for a few more years, then why would any other voting American Mother or Father want their sons and daughters to die for the same thing?

Pres Obama "Gets it." This is WHY he's WAY ahead in the polls on this issue. It's NOT clear if Mr. Romney gets it.





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