Title: Advice for President Obama, A Two Page Play.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri October 5th, 2012


Oct 5th 2012. Grand Strategy "Secret" Advice for President Obama. A Two Page Play, "Dinner with Andy."


The time is now, the place is a secret meeting in a Washington DC hotel room. It's after dark, and President Obama and Andy Molchan are having dinner in the hotel room.


Pres Obama, "So, my people tell me that sometimes you get the big pictures correct?"

Andy, "I try."

Pres Obama, "What do you think I should do?"

Andy, "Are you asking what you should do as a President, who cares about America's future, or about you personally?"

Pres Obama, "How about both?"

Andy, "As a President who cares about America I would try and win this election.

Pres Obama, "Why?"

Andy, "In your second term you'll probably get to appoint one, maybe two Supreme Court Judges."

Pres Obama, "And?"

Andy, "A major, decisive, grand strategy issue that few people understand is the on-going political fight about abortion and bio-engineering."

Pres Obama, "Explain?"

Andy, "The world will have a second industrial revolution in this Century. It's already started. It's still small, but it's growth will soon reach the explosive stage. It will NOT be based on the last Century's heavy industry. It will be based on human bio-engineering, and combining that with the singularity. America absolutely MUST be the leader in this second industrial revolution to maintain its position as one of the four great powers in the near future world."

Pres Obama, "And you think those four great powers will be?"

Andy, "China, American, the European Union and India. The Japanese understand the coming second industrial revolution,  and they are already working very hard at building a bio-engineering, human intelligence robot industry foundation."

Pres Obama, "So Why the Supreme Court?"

Andy, "Because with one or two added left wing judges. The issue of government restricting abortions and human bio-engineering can come before the court. The abortion part of the issue is grand strategy irrelevant. It's the legal ability to build new humans that's a must-have. A left-wing Supreme Court will rule that the Government has no right to make laws based on narrow minded religious definitions that clearly do not fit the modern world. The legal road to the future, for America, will be open."

Pres Obama, "But that will help the Republicans. The abortion issue is good for about fifteen million votes per election for Democrats."

Andy, "That's absolutely true. The Supreme Court ruling would get the abortion monkey off of the Republican's back. But, the question was what YOU can do for the long term future of America as a whole."

Pres Obama, "What should I do personally?"

Andy, "I would advise that you lose the election."

Pres Obama, "Why?"

Andy, "Because the next four years are going to be Hell for whomever is President. At this point all of American's solutions are variations of very painful solutions."

Pres Obama, "You don't believe in the power of positive thinking?"

Andy smiles, "I believe that when the Titanic is sinking  there's a lot to be said for getting into a lifeboat and rowing away."

Pres Obama, "You're not following your own advice."

Andy, "That's absolutely my biggest weakness. Time and time again I've asked myself why I didn't take my own excellent advice."

Pres Obama, "Maybe it's the Jewish in you that's coming out?"

Andy, "The American economy is running on over a Trillion dollars per year of the FED's queer money. Somehow and somewhere the queer money Bubble will explode. The longer the Bubble keeps growing, the Bigger the explosion. That's not an 'if. It's only a 'when.' When it does explode you don't want to be there because in that explosion even more queer money will have become the problem rather than the solution. All of the solutions will have tons of deep, horrible pain."





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