Title: Vice President Al Gore Defends President Obama's Drug Addiction.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat October 6th, 2012


Oct 6th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Vice-President Al Gore Defends President Obama's Drug Addiction.

VP Al Gore said that Pres Obama did badly in Denver because he's drug addicted to heavy smoking, and in "Mile High" Denver Pres Obama did NOT have enough oxygen in his brain.

Over the last 45 years I have been in Denver 23 times for conventions and business meetings. For many years all of the NASGW meetings were in Denver. I live a half block away from the Ocean in Fort Lauderdale (Sea Level). Going to Denver never bothered me, or altered my normal thinking.

As a personal side note, when I first started going to Denver for business meetings in the late 1960s (I'd always stay at the Brown Palace Hotel). Denver was a hick, over grown cow town. It turned into a very pleasant city.

President Obama's problem is that his brain does NOT have enough oxygen ALL OF THE TIME. There is a LOT of Teddy Kennedy in Pres Obama - he can talk for hours but he does not say anything. Teddy's brain was oxygen starved because it was always swimming in booze. Pres Obama's because it's swimming in Nicotine.

President Obama accusing Mr. Romney of not being specific is like Teddy Kennedy accusing Tip O'Neill of drinking.

When Al Gore first started blabbing about "Global Warming" and Sea levels going Up, I wrote three essays calling him, "A perfect example of Washington DC One-Step Thinking." I wrote that Sea levels would NOT go up. That the added snow and ice melt moisture from warming would go UP AND INTO the Earth's expanded Billion square miles of warmer air. That because of the expanded and changed air currents some LAND AREAS would go to extremes of drought and flood. Al Gore said the number of Hurricanes would double. I wrote that the melt-off of ice going into the ocean would reduce Hurricanes. Now that it's years later, I clearly got it mainly right.

I like President Obama for NOT being President Bush. For not murdering American troops because of Zionist con games. However, on economic issues Pres Obama is a classic Democratic Party (and world socialist/communist)  windup doll. Every economic problem has the same solution, "Tax the rich."

My view is that President Obama is a victim of the Democratic Party's own propaganda, and Mr. Obama sincerely does NOT understand macro economics and the numbers.

Mr. Romney, and Mr. Ryan, have an opportunity to turn around Pres Obama's classic socialist political/economic ignorance. The con game of, "YOU can live on the money of the rich forever if you vote for me." That Con Game could be turned  around and into an "Ah Ha" moment in the remaining debates. When Pres Obama starts talking about taxing the rich the question should be, "Socialists all over the World have been peddling that political con game for over a Century. Where in the world has taxing the rich worked to turn an economy around?"

The answer to the above question is, "Nowhere."

I ran the numbers in my Sept 6th 2012 essay. If the American Government confiscated 100% of ALL of the wealth of the 20 richest people in America that would be 454 Billion Dollars. That would ONLY cover 38% of ONE YEAR's 1.2 Trillion Dollars of Obama Administration yearly new DEBT creation.

Do the Math. If Obama confiscated 100% of All of the Wealth of the 20 richest people in America that would be $115 per American, per month, for ONLY one year. Then the money would be 100% GONE.

Not exactly the lifelong promise of Easy Street that's in the Obama/Democratic Party con game - is it?  Mr. Romney and the Republicans need to Communicate the facts.

Mr. Romney needs to start saying, "I'm not defending the rich - a lot of them waste money on things they shouldn't be doing. But here are the hard numbers...."

The other side of the tax the rich con game is, "In Mao's China the Government taxed the rich at 98%. The Mao Government confiscated every factory in China. The result was 75% of the Chinese population living in extreme poverty and making LESS than one dollar a day. THEN, Deng Xiaping Stopped taxing the rich, EVERYONE had a lot more money, and in 2016 China will pass America as the biggest economy in the world."




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