Title: Grand Strategy Election Reminders for Mitt Romney and the Republicans,
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun October 7th, 2012


Oct 7th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Some Grand Strategy Suggestions for Mitt Romney and the Republicans.

Every good military grand strategist knows that victory in every war is ALWAYS in Exactly The Same Place.

Victory in all wars is Always in the minds of your enemy.

In 1964 I was absolutely certain that my prediction of Vietnam winning the was was correct. On paper, comparing the USA to North Vietnam was like comparing a battleship to a row boat that had a old shotgun. However, I knew that the Viet Cong could not be cornered, and in their minds they would never give up.

After 20 years of fighting (1955-1975), it was the American mind that caved in.

In the Middle East, EVERY Muslim knows down to the last cell in his brain that it was THE MUSLIMS that WON the Crusades. The Muslim Minds is NEVER going to cave in to America's Zionism. "Victory" by force of arms is totally impossible for America in the Middle East. The sooner America stops murdering its own troops in useless attempts, the better.

The grand strategy military solution for America in the Middle East is to do what Field Marshall Pietro Badoglio did in 1943. 

Side note. Has anyone noticed the kind of Symbolic Similarity between Americans fleeing in terror from the Saigon American Embassy in 1975, and Americans fleeing in terror from the  American Embassy in Benghazi?


What does the above have to do with Romney and the Republicans winning four weeks from now?

Victory for Romney is in the minds of the Democrats. NOT in the minds of the Republicans who are a Minority. Republicans CANNOT Blast their way to victory. Republicans have to SELL their product to Democrats. President Reagan did it - it CAN be done.

The grand strategy question is, "What is the DECISIVE belief in the minds of Democrats? What is the core demi-religion in the minds of most Democrats?"

The core demi-religion for most Democrats (and most socialists all over the world) is that all of the "Freebee Goodies" of big government can be paid for by the "Rich." Democrats sincerely believe this because they sincerely want to believe it.

If Mitt Romney wants to win he has to make a driving thrust at the Core Democrat Fantasizes. He has to say in many ways, and many times, basically, "I'm NOT for the Gordon Gekkos of Wall Street. They are the people that President Obama has make very rich. The truth is that President Obama's line that the rich will pay for everything, by using the free money they are getting from the FED, that's economic Schizophrenia."

How about, "President Obama's taxing the rich to make everyone else in America rich will work just like taxing the rich in Cuba made everyone in Cuba rich."

How about, "President Obama, I have deep respect for what you have been able to do with your life. But you're a one act pony - tax the rich and everyone else will be on easy street for eternity. It's a nice dream, and I sincerely wish it was that simple, but it's economic insanity."

How about, "President Obama, I have a lot of respect for you, but you've become the biggest victim of your own propaganda."

If all else fails - try the TRUTH. In yesterday's essay I ran the numbers. If the Government Confiscation 100% of ALL of the wealth of the 20 richest people in America it would work out to about $115 per month, per American, for ONLY one year. Then the money would be 100% Gone. Not exactly the Socialist/Democrat  Con Game of Everyone living on easy street for the next 100 years - is it?

Romney needs to do the math and give it to the big press. Victory is also in the minds of the big press.

Romney's remark that he doesn't have to bother talking to the poor because they won't change their votes. That's DEAD wrong. President Regan NEVER had that defeatist and snobbish attitude in his mind.

Latinos in particular always want a strongman on the White Horse. They want a Cortes. Be that strongman. I'm totally serious, Republicans need to send out pictures of Romney on his Horse. For the election it's time to be Vince Lombardi. Some of Vince was there during the first Debate - make it stronger. 

Romney's message to Democrats has to be, "When the Titanic sank it was not only the rich who drowned. There is a giant hole in the American economy. That hole is being filled with 1.2 Trillion dollars of new DEBT every year. President Obama is NOT doing anything. American does not even have an official budget. American cannot survive four more years of doing nothing. All Americans, and especially the poorest Americans need me because I Can fix the ship and save everyone - including You."

We're NOT in the primaries ONLY talking to Republicans. To win, it is Vital that Mr. Romney and the Republicans understand that Victory is ONLY in the minds of the DEMOCRATS, and Romney Must Have Democrat votes.





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