Title: The hit TV Program, "Homeland." Has it Become Dangerous Propaganda?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon October 8th, 2012


Oct 8th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Has the TV Program "Homeland" Become Dangerous Propaganda?

On many Sundays my wife will cook a gourmet dinner that's the equal of the best restaurants in the world. Her grandfather was one of the great chefs of America. In 1936 President Roosevelt personally offered the job of White House Chef to her grandfather; who turned it down saying (as reported in the Chicago Tribune), "I'm not working for a Democrat."

Her grandfather would also have had to move his family from Chicago, that at the time was one of the ten biggest and best cities in the world; to Washington DC that at the time was a hick town.

After a delicious meal and two bottles of good wine, I was on the couch with my wife watching her, "Sunday night TV shows." I usually do not watch TV.

The TV series, "Homeland" came on. So, I'm watch this "entertainment" through the eyes of a proven excellent military grand strategist, and I'm NOT happy.

In my view and opinion, one of the "given premises" in Homeland is that everyone at the CIA and the Pentagon's General Staff have been, and still are, Stepin Fetchit dupes of the Zionists. I assume that a premise of the "Show" is that whatever insane things the suicidal Zionists do automatically becomes a vital interest of American?

Based on the past 20 years of history THERE IS a good argument for saying that the CIA and the Pentagon's General Staff have been dupes of the Zionist. So that part of the "entertainment" has some truth.

In the "show," the Zionist had already Pearl Harbored Iran. The ONLY "retaliation" on the radar screen was an Osama bin Laden type character "planning something" with somebody in Beirut.

In my opinion, Homeland is the "Show" for everyone who believes that every problem can best be solved with bombs.

In my opinion, the message in Homeland is that if you feel like somebody is threatening you, then you have a legal right to kill them. Hitler in his mind was threatened by the Jews, so that gave Hitler the legal right to kill Jews - Right? Or, maybe Hitler just had a religious prejudice, but also give you the right to kill people -Right?

The FACT is that nobody in Homeland ever asked, "Does America have the legal right to be an accomplice to murdering people that have not attacked America?"

There was even a big swipe at President Obama. The President in the Show was a person who was, "just ridding out his term." Presumably ridding out his term on the golf course? The evil President who was personally blocking the shipment of American bombs needed by the Zionists to expand their Pearl Harbor attacks for religious reasons. Nations that never attacked them. Certainly it would be an evil American President who didn't immediately back up religious hatred with bombs and murder.

One thing about last night's Homeland show did impress me as accurate. The Super Dupes of the Zionists were multi-millionaires living in a big mansion.

As a grand strategist, and a person deeply concerned about the survival of America. What intensely bothered me was that in the Homeland Show the Zionists had already Pearl Harbored Iran, with America's blessing, and NOTHING was happening expect a few shadowy people talking in Beirut.

In the real world there is a high probability that any bombing of Iran would be answered by Iran bombing Saudi Arabia's oil refineries, oil loading docks, oil tanker ships, and oil pipe-lines and fields.

The Iranians don't especially like the Saudis, and bombing Saudi oil is the BEST military strategy for hurting America. 

The resulting $300 to $400 world price for a barrel of oil. The ABOVE $10 a gallon gas cost at America's gas stations. The resulting worldwide depression that the higher price of oil would bring. The resulting American Stock Market Crash. The resulting crash in the value of American Bonds. All of those are only SOME of the immediate problems.

Saudi Arabia is basically a dictatorship. There has not been a revolution in Saudi Arabia because every Saudi is paid a lot of money.

However, the only things NOT imported into Saudi Arabia are oil and Camel meat. A bombing war in the Persian Gulf means two things for the Saudi population: (1) the oil money STOPS, and (2) the price of almost every product goes up by 20% to 500%.  Result? A Revolution.

After the revolution in Saudi Arabia starts, what side does America back?

If we back no sides, then whomever wins will be an enemy of America. If we back the current government, then we are backing dictatorship. The homeland of America might be blind, but the world DOES have eyes.

The worst case long term scenario is that real Democracy comes to Saudi Arabia, and the new Saudi government does NOT like America because American backs West Bank slavery and anti-Muslim racism. The Saudis start selling their oil in something other than American dollars. America's military is funded with queer dollars, and queer bonds, and if the US dollar is no long the world's currency then America would be facing economic starvation and power defeat everywhere.

In my opinion the TV show "Homeland" has turned into highly dangerous propaganda. In my opinion, the idea that the Zionist with America's blessing can Pearl Harbor Iran and basically Nothing will happen is an idea that's insane. It's an idea that in my opinion it would MURDER a lot of Americans.

The "Show" could have been written with a different premise. I could do it, so any writer could. The plot would have been about activists inside of Iran, who want true freedom, and a true democracy. The Iranian democracy movement would be succeeding. The anti-freedom people in Beirut would be plotting the death of the leader of the Iranian freedom movement who was going to visit the Beirut area. The basic "action" would be about the same.

In my opinion, the TV program Homeland is pushing a lot of ideas that are racists. In my opinion Homeland's premises are based on religious hatred and bigotry. In my opinion Homeland's premises are advocating highly dangerous attitudes that have the potential to kill a lot of Americans in the real world. In my opinion Homeland has gone past "entertainment" and is into the area of neo-fascist propaganda. In my opinion, Homeland has taken up SOME OF THE WORST political traditions of Hollywood.

I'm not a big fan of President Obama, but round about criticizing the President in Homeland for NOT being an enthusiastic  part of illegal murder, illegal warfare, and Zionist terrorism - that for me doesn't fly.

As one of the Proven best grand strategists in America I know that even if Iran builds some atomic bombs. That is NOT a significant threat to America. Where is it written that as soon as Iran has a nuclear bomb it will use it against America? The Zionists are the ones who have a proven record of being genetically suicidal, NOT the Iranians. The Zionists are suffering from a classic case of psychological projection. The Zionists believe that the Iranians are as insane as the Zionists.

The correct Grand Strategy for America is to NOT get into bed with people who are suicidal.    

I respect the rights of free speech, but people in responsible positions need to think about the message they are giving the impressionable American public.   





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