Title: How Gov Romney Could Get a LOT of Democrat Votes.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed October 10th, 2012


Oct 10th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Today's Wall Street Journal Headline is, "Romney Targets Obama Voters." The Romney Camp has finally Figured Out that a Republican Cannot Win the White House Without Democrat Votes.

Yes, the Primaries are OVER. The Romney Camp is no longer talking to ONLY Republicans. They finally figured that out, and people say that nobody in Washington DC can learn anything.

I guess it's too late in the race to get new advisors for Romney. Maybe Mr. Obama will make more mistakes in the next 26 days than Mr. Romney?

In Romney's "Foreign Policy Speech" of a few days ago; the answers about the West Bank were lawyer answers. However, politically they might be okay until the election because BOTH Romney and Obama are playing the same "freedom" word games?

Neither Pres Obama or Mr. Romney are saying, "A free Palestine recognized by the United Nations as a sovereign Nation. With America working towards that United Nations recognition along with the other One Hundred & Eight One UN Members who want the UN to recognize Palestine as a Nation."

There are basically only two countries in the world that do NOT want the UN to recognize Palestine as a Nation, (1) the Zionists in Israel, and (2) the stupid Iron Giant dupes of the Zionists - America. However, because BOTH Pres Obama and Gov Romney are playing the roles of stupid dupe it's politically even.  

BOTH Pres Obama and Gov Romney are using "free" like "free" was used in the pre-1860 South, "The Master lives in his big house that looks like a Greek temple, and the Darkies live FREE, in wooden shakes RIGHT NEXT to the Master."

Romney is such a Northerner. He believes that if you live next to somebody then you're equally free. He's not evil, just a little slow.

BOTH Pres Obama and Mr. Romney are both using "Palestine Free" like "free" was used by Whites in 1950 South Africa. BUT, because they are BOTH doing it, then it's a political wash.

BOTH Pres Obama and Mr. Romney are both using "Palestine Free" like "free" was used by the Russians to describe 1955 Poland.

When I started doing volunteer work for the NAACP in 1960 a LOT of Whites asked me, "What do you want? Black people are already FREE."

As I said, because they are BOTH doing it then it's a political wash.

Part of the Big Picture problems that America has is that the CORRUPTED definitions of "Free" definitely does Fly in America, but NOT in the World outside of America's Delusion Bubble.

In Mr. Romney's policy speech at the VMI, he made what to me was a significant mistake. He said, "President Obama has NOT signed one new trade agreement."

The above statement by Romney is two things: (1) factually correct, and (2) Very dumb.

The Sub-Headline of today's WSJ front page is, "Former Governor Tries to Peel Supporters From President. Let me try to clue in Mr. Romney. Romney is going to get ZERO working class Democrat voters by advocating "Free Trade."

If you are, or have been, a CEO of a major company in America during the last 25 years then "Free Trade" has been absolutely fantastic. "Free Trade" has made it possible for big company CEOs to cut expenses, lower the cost of their products, increase sales, and give themselves billion dollar bonuses.

If you own a million shares of Apple Computer then "Free Trade" has been golden for YOU. However, if you are an ordinary American worker, working on the Apply computer & phone production line in an American factory. Then "Free Trade" has been a Shit Bucket disaster for You.

President Obama, by NOT signing any new "Free Trade" agreements has a perfect understanding of the political feelings and fears of Ordinary working Americans.

In fact, and in truth, "Free Trade" has NOT been good for MILLIONS of American workers. "Free Trade" changed Millions of average American workers from $35 an hour factory workers to $11 an hour retailing clerks. President Obama understands this issue, but Mr. Romney only sees this issue like a CEO.

For the past half Century Republican candidates for President COULD count on Millions of Democrats voting for them. Why? Because those Democrats were gun owners, and "gun owner rights" were VERY HIGH on their list. Many millions were "One Issue" voters - "If you're for gun rights, YOU have my vote."

President Obama has very cleverly NOT made this an issue, and Romney has swallowed the bait. Romney CAN get a LOT of Democrat votes BY making it an issue.

After 45 years in the arms industry I know what I'm talking about. Millions of American gun owners (with Millions of them being Democrats) ARE worried that Pres Obama in his second term will RAISE the Federal Excise Tax on guns and ammo from its current 10%, to 75% or more.

The Supreme Court's ruling on the Second Amendment left room to restrict the sale of certain kinds of guns. Like AR15s that are now legal to buy. Many Millions of voters ARE worried about this, and it's an OPPORTUNITY for Romney.

Governor Romney has to say, "As President I would NOT raise the tax on guns and ammo above its current ten percent, and I would not restrict the sales of guns that are already legal to sell with the proper Federal and State background checks currently being used."

Most of the left wing press won't understand what Romney said or why, and the press probably won't even comment on it. However, MILLIONS of Democratic voters who are gun owners will understand, and Millions WILL vote for Romney.

The idiots will say, "But Romney will lose those voters who don't like guns." Wrong. The anti-gun groups are like the old communists in Russia. They have been defeated in THEIR MINDS. For every Republican vote Romney lost he'd gain four Democrat votes. This one tactical move could be decisive?

Mr. Romney needs to find the courage to Carpe diem.



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