Title: The Libyan Raid, Security, and the Death of Ambassador Stevens.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu October 11th, 2012


Oct 11th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Today's Wall Street Journal headline is, Security Cut Before Libya Raid. This was in reference to  the Murder of Chistopher Stevens, the US Ambassador in Libya.

As my readers know, I don't have a very high opinion of the fat heads in Washington DC. However, the murder of Ambassador Stevens was a new low in State Department incompetence.

It's classic, Ms Lamb from the State Department said, as reported in the WSJ, "We had the correct number of assets (ie bodyguards) in Benghazi on Sept 11th."

That's like saying, "We had the correct strategy in Vietnam"?

In my view, if there are DEAD bodies on the floor something was a little less than correct.

I have 12 Questions:

(1) Libya is Cowboy & Indian country. There are all kinds of people running around Libya who are heavily armed. The anniversary of 9/11 was coming. Wouldn't the common sense of a Cockroach tell you to have a LOT More guards?

(2) The rented house for the "Embassy" was a joke. President Obama has added TEN Million additional people to the food stamp payoff, but we cannot afford a secure building for our Embassy in a highly dangerous area?

(3) Libya is coming off of a Half Century of non-stop anti-American rhetoric from the then Government and official press. Libya is NOT Kansas. I guess all of the Dorothys at the State Department didn't get the message?

(4) America's CONTINUED support for keeping the West Bank slave State a slave State is NOT universally loved by all Muslims. Why does the State Department continue to believe that supporting slavery and repression won't create enemies? After 40 years of West Bank FAILURE, and a Growing List of Enemies against America because of the West Bank, you'd think a Stone on the ground would be able to Get-It?

(5) 500,000 Iraq civilians and soldiers died in Iraq War II; while American troops were looking (and ALSO dying) for those Weapons of Mass Destruction that were always a Zionist Con Game. Why does the State Department believe that America can kill hundreds of thousands of Muslims but create no enemies?

(6) What's the difference between the Russians in Afghanistan and the Americans in Afghanistan? Both were (are) colonial powers killing Muslims in Afghanistan under the pretense of "establishing security." Why does the State Department sincerely believes that all of the World's Muslims are buying that Stinky Fish?

(7) Then we have the anti-Muslim video that started riots all over the Muslim world. Why are the specifics of whom was behind that video STILL a US Government secret? Pres Obama asked Romney for "Specifics." Okay, Who SPECIFICALLY are ALL of the people behind the video? Here's a news flash for the State Department. America's Embassies are NOT all in Washington DC. If you "brush off" people's requests for answers than why act totally shocked when they get mad?

(8) When Sylvester Stallone goes to Starbucks for a coffee in New York City, he'll have five good bodyguards. The US Embassy, and Ambassador Stevens, in Libya were guarded by a few civilian guards hired from a British company. We have 90,000 US Troops in Afghanistan looking up goat ass and we have to hire sub-rate guards from a British company to protect American's Ambassador in a very dangerous country? That's so grossly stupid and incompetent I could scream. 

(9) When the bodies of the four Americans murdered in Libya returned home. There were 24 Marines present to carry the four coffins, six per coffin. That's 24 More Marines than were at the Embassy in Libya. Mr. Obama is keeping  90,000 troops in Afghanistan to looking up goat ass for those Weapons of Mass Destruction that any 12 year old can tell you was a con game. BUT, Pres Obama could NOT afford to have a few Marines in Libya to protect Ambassador Stevens?

(10) As a person who's been around profession killers for a lifetime, what really bothers me is Ambassador Stevens' #1 bodyguard is still alive. Why? In my opinion, if he had been doing his job he should  have also been dead.

(11) The bottom line question is, "Was this a planned political event to have Americans rally around Pres Obama, or was it just the usually State Department dreamland Middle East incompetence?"

(12) I don't know the answer. However, I do know that Pres Obama's best pal, Pres Clinton, and his wife the Secretary of State, have a long line of questionable dead bodies in back of them. How about the DEAD Vince Foster for one. President Clinton's attorney, who was supposedly going in and out of the White House with an unregistered and deliberately untraceable handgun. The kind of handgun that professional killers use. What was the President's attorney, in the White House, doing with an unregistered and untraceable  gun? So, Foster supposedly killed himself because he was upset over some names he was called. Like no lawyer, or nobody in Washington DC is ever called a bad name?

CONCLUSION. The death of Ambassador Stevens had to be one of three things: (1) a set-up murder via Washington DC for political effect, (2) Massive Incompetence by a brain dead State Department, or (3) Both.   





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