Title: Senator Ryan Lost the Vice Presidential Debate to VP Biden.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri October 12th, 2012


Oct 12th 2012, ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Senator Paul Ryan LOST the VP Debate. He was Suckered Into Some very Bad Vote Losing Answers.

The moderator, Martha Raddatz, has been married three times. Once to Julius Genachowski, who she has a child with, and who is now Obama's FCC Chairman. The Republicans were dumb for buying into this one.

Ms. Raddatz introduced the issue of abortion. The "Abortion Issue" is to Republicans what the "Gun Control" issue used to be to Democrats. An infected monkey on their backs.

For a half century the "Gun Control" issued trumped the "Abortion issue" because wives will usually Not vote against their husbands. But that has changed because Gun Control is now a sideshow issue.

When the Supreme Court got the "Gun Control" monkey off of the backs of the Democrats, at the time I wrote, "This is politically the BEST Thing that's Happened for Democrats in the last half century."

When Raddatz threw out the bait, Ryan SHOULD have given a vague answer like Biden. But no, Ryan had to get diarrhea of the mouth, run on, and leave the perception that a Romney administration would try and block almost all abortions. That was a DISASTER! In my mind I saw millions of votes with wings.

I spend about 90% of my time talking to women. Maybe 95% of my time. I like women. I understand that a woman's right to do with her body what she wants is either the Biggest Issue, or one of the biggest issues, with most women voters.

Men like Ryan say, "Life starts at conception."  Really, that's an opinion, and a viewpoint.

The Questions that Women have that Senator Ryan, Governor Romney and the Republicans have NEVER Answered are:

Question, "If you take the fetus out of the woman's body at three weeks will it live?"    "No."

Question, "If you take the fetus out of the woman's body at five months will it live?"  "No."

Question, "If a fetus CANNOT live outside of a woman's body is it REALLY alive?" 

Question, "Are men going to have the pain, expense and discomfort of carrying a child to term?"  "No"

Question, "If you are a middle class working woman, is the Government going to pay your $10,000 hospital Bill of having a normal vaginal birth?"  "No."   Is the Gov going to pay your insurance that covers the "sickness" of pregnancy?"   "No"

Question, "If you are a working, middle class woman, is the Government going to pay you for the $350,000 cost of raising a middle class child to age 18?"  "No."

Question, "In the Constitution of the United States of America, in the First Amendment, and Article VI, Is there A Wall of Separation between Church and State so religious specific views and OPINIONS like abortion are NOT supposed to become part of the Government?"  The answer is, "Yes."

Here is the inconvenient truth for Republicans about elections in America. MILLIONS of American women voters have the Perception of: Ryan, Romney and the Republicans as an American al Qaeda. A collection of religious fanatic men telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies and their lives.

Like Hollywood says, "Perception is everything."

The Grand Strategy picture is this, Homo sapiens are obsolete. The World's Second Industrial Revolution, that will fill the last half of this Century, will be based on bio-engineering and the construction of the Singularity. If America does not do it, then the Chinese, Japanese and Germans will. Banning abortion is NOT the solution, it's the problem. It's the small minded way to read the Bible.

I read the Bible too, and to me this is clearly what God wants. The PROOF of what God wants is that God is doing it. If we don't do God's will, then the Chinese and Japanese will, and they will get God's blessing.

One of the other traps that Martha Raddatz set up for Ryan was the, Oh, I know this highly decorated fighting man, and he's worried about American troops not being in Afghanistan.

Ryan instantly swallowed that stinky bait like he was George Bush. He started blabbing-on about how ten years in Afghanistan looking up goat ass for those Weapons of Mass Destruction wasn't enough time... bla bla bla into the dark night of stupidity.

VP Biden had the exactly correct answer. American is training the Afghan troops, if they don't care, why should America?

Biden missed a "Ah Ha" opportunity by not asking Ryan, "What's in Afghanistan besides goat shit and rocks?"

American has ALREADY been in Afghanistan for ten years longer than it should have been.

As to Raddatz's set-up question of the "fighting man not being in Afghanistan." The correct answer is that "Fighting" is NOT a strategy. It's a tactic. What do "Fighting men" do? They fight - period. In 7,000 years of military history fighting to "fighting men" has never made any difference of where, or when, or how or why the "fighting men" were fighting. Good Generals have always known that "Fighting men" fight for the same reasons that fish swim.

From 1955 to 1975 the French and Americans had lots of "fighting" in Vietnam. They were "fighting" and trying to make YESTERDAY'S colonial war strategy work. The Colonial powers of American and France LOST in 1955-1975, even with a Firepower Ratio of 1,000 to 1. Why? Because the Colonial powers REFUSED to see that their Grand Strategy was totally obsolete.

The Colonia War strategy that America has been using in Iraq War part II, in Afghanistan, and in the future Iran War is EVEN MORE OBSOLETE now than in 1955-1975.

"Fighting" is usually the problem, not the solution. In the Great Pacific War of 1941-1945, America had  a  little over HALF of the war dead as it had in Vietnam. Vietnam had lots of "fighting," but it's Strategy on the American side was all fat headed dreamland misunderstanding of WWII. The American Army had turned itself into the German Army. The American Army is still basically the German Army. Lots of totally brilliant tactical fighting built around LOSER grand strategies. As I see it BOTH Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are arguing for a CONTINUATION of our PROVEN loser strategy.

What makes me VERY depressed is that not much has changed. Many people in Washington DC have already been Conned, Once Again, by the Zionists into believing that Pearl Harboring Iran is the solution, and not the START of the problems.

I'll Once Again give the General Staff at the Pentagon the correct answer. I've been giving the Pentagon the history eventually PROVEN correct answers since 1964. Here is a correct answer: the "Grand Strategy" of the Zionists is to Con America into fighting for the Zionist to the last American soldier, and the last American dollar - Beware."

You might ask, "Okay, Andy, what is the right grand strategy for America?" The right strategy is to fight ONLY when it is crystal clear that there is an immediate real, and already happening, treat to one of America's clearly vital interests. And by "Vital" I mean vital. The West Bank slave State is NOT vital to America. Iran getting nuclear weapons is NOT vital to America. Even when a threat is a real, happening, and a vital threat to a real Asset of America, I would NOT fight unless unavoidable. The Grand Strategy of America should be to BLUFF. With skill and imagination, America might be able to Bluff its way to the end of this Century. The more wars that America "fights" the sooner it will destroy itself. By the beginning of the next Century the new species will be taking over the world, and it will be new Bell Curves for almost everything.




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