Title: Why Paul Ryan Lost the VP Debate, and Why Biden Won - Part II.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat October 13th, 2012


Oct 13, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Paul Ryan and the VP Debate, WHY Ryan Lost - Part II.

I limit my writing to a maximum of 90 minutes a day, then I wrap it up. I always have a list of things I should have done yesterday.

Here is Part II of yesterday's essay as to WHY Paul Ryan lost the VP Debate.

Overview. For months I've been saying that Romney needs to go back to where he dug up his advisors, and rebury them. Ryan needs to do the same.

A half Century ago, I was the captain of my Woodrow Wilson College debate team. By 1960, Chicago had only sunk to 10th place in the World (in 1900 it was # 5 in the World), and Chicago was still a World class city. We debated against all of the other colleges and Universities in Chicago. It was a lot of fun.

To show how stagnate America really is, one of the main topics for debate in 1960 was "Socialized Medicine."Over a half Century later, Obama and Romney are debating the SAME ISSUES we were debating in 1960-61.

A half Century age there was still some honesty in the words Americans were using. The honest "Socialized Medicine" became disguised Obama CARE.

A few brain-alive people sometimes ask, "Is American intellectually de-evolving?" The answer is , "Absolutely Yes."

In 1960 I had a textbook, Public Debate 101. The textbook had instructions of what to do under different debating conditions and styles of attack from your opponent. To me, most of it was common sense.

One section of my old textbook was about facing an opponent team that used humor and semi-ridicule against your positions. My textbook said, "An opposition that is debating a serious subject, and using humor and cynicism to unbalance you should be counter by accusing the other side of not be serious about a serious topic."

Paul Ryan had two dozen chances to turn Biden's humor back onto him. Ryan blew ALL of them. That was really dumb. Ryan's "debate couch" should be fired.

For example, Ryan could have said:

"Apparently the Vice President and the Obama Administration believe that adding Over a Trillion dollars of Debt onto the backs of Americans EVERY YEAR is a big Joke?"

"Apparently the Vice President and the Obama Administration believe that adding ten million Additional people onto Food Stamps during their term is both a Joke, and the definition of an American economy getting a lot better?"

"Apparently the Vice President and the Obama Administration believe that having over ten percent de facto unemployment for their total first term is a Big Joke?"

"Apparently the Vice President and the Obama Administration believe that with America facing deadly serious problems  kicking the cans down the road for almost four years is a big Joke?"

Do you "get" the idea?

The Tag-Team of Joe Biden and Martha Raddatz made Paul Ryan look like a stuffed shirt and religious Neanderthal. Maybe they make him look like what he is?  Biden did a Don Rickles on Ryan, and for 90 minutes Ryan was the Deer in the headlights.

Fifty years ago, on my debate team, we used to talk about, "Being adaptive and able to think on your feet." The VP debate was setting down. Maybe the chair was pressing up against Ryan's brain and chocking off his oxygen? 




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