Title: Is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a Zionist?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun November 4th, 2012


Nov, 4th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a Zionist?

As I've said for years, a person DOES NOT have to be part of a particular religion to be a Zionist.

NY Governor Cuomo has stated that he expects the Federal Government to PAY for all of the damage caused by storm Sandy.

WHY does Governor Cuomo want everyone else in America to pay for New York? In my opinion, the reason is that Cuomo is a egocentric, delusional, maladaptive, selective amnesia, Zionist.

A universal characteristic of Zionists is their 100% absolute belief that the World OWNS THEM because they are morally superior to everyone else.

SELECTIVE AMNESIA AND EGOCENTRIC DELUSIONS. According to Governor Cuomo, the Federal Government (that means ALL taxpayers in the USA) should PAY for all of hurricane Sandy's damage in New York. However, the Federal Gov SOULD NOT pay for any future hurricane damage in the States of: Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georga, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas.

WHY does Everyone in America OWE New York? Because New York is morally superior to everyone else. Right?

ALL of the work in New York MUST BY LAW be ONLY Union Labor. In New York City that means a Union worker getting $45 an hour, plus four weeks of paid vacation, plus total medical coverage for him and his family, plus a big retirement pension above Social Security. Long hours, like the current jobs in New York, means time-and-a-half pay, or double time. That's $90 an hour. PLUS a $75,000 a year retirement pension for the rest of their life.

Governor Cuomo is saying that people in: Florida, Georgia, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, etc., many who are only making $12 an hour, with zero benefits, and zero retirement, SHOULD BE PAYING FOR THE $90 AN HOUR NEW YORK UNIONS.

All of the New York Government jobs, By Law, can ONLY be done by Unions. That means each job cost 50% to 200% MORE than if there was a Right to Work State.

What do the Unions do with all of the extra money they get? Everyone who's not brain dead knows. They kick a big part back to the Democratic Party con men like Gov Cuomo. It's a giant kickback ring, and now Cuomo wants to start collecting from EVERYONE in America.

In yesterday's news there was a story about an Electrical Utility Crew from Alabama that come to New Jersey to help repair the electrical lines. Alabama is a Right to Work State and the Alabama crew was Non-Union, but making excellent money. However, it was only Half of what the local Union Crews were making. The local Union People told the Alabama Crew that they could NOT work in their area, and to "Go Home."

Apparently, The local Unions would rather see people without power for an extra week rather than give up any Union Fascist Control of anything.

In the Union Kick Back States like New York, the standard left-wing media propaganda line is, "Yeah, the Unions make Big Money, but they do a good job." Really? The Power Stations that Blew UP were "Union Jobs." The fuel pumps in the Hospitals that did NOT WORK were "Union Jobs." The Sub-Ways that flooding were "Union Jobs." All of the people without electricity were because of, "Union Jobs."

So, are the Unions who did so much DEFECTIVE WORK at a massive cost to taxpayers; are they now going to fix THEIR Defective Work MISTAKES at their cost like they should? NO.

The Unions are going to charge double to repair what they did Wrong, and Gov Cuomo wants Everyone in America to pay for the corrections so at the end of the day Democratic Party Pigs like him can get even Bigger $$ Kick Backs from the Unions.





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