Title: In Florida the TV is full of Ads Featuring Bill Clinton who as Usual is Lying. For YOUR Wealth it's Important to Understand the Lies.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon November 5th, 2012


Nov 5th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Bill Clinton is LYING - As Usual.

Here in Florida, there are TV ads with Bill Clinton every hour, saying that Clinton's economic policies were a Big Success and Obama is Flowing the Same Road.

I totally agree, Obama IS without question following the SAME ROAD as Bill Clinton. I'm also sure that America will eventually have the Same Results.

Clinton was lucky enough to have gotten OFF of the Bus at exactly the right time. I'm sure that history will Prove that if Obama wins tomorrow he'll be ON THE BUS as it goes over the Cliff.

If LUCK is with Pres Obama, he'll lose tomorrow.

Bill Clinton's economic policies were NOT a success, and saying they were is another Clinton LIE.

In the late 1990s Pres Clinton and Bob Rubin LOWERED bank interest rates to significantly BELOW Inflation. Exactly like Pres Obama has already done. In 1998-99 the LOW Interest Rates drove most of the Bank Account money into the Stock Market. EXACTLY WHAT HAS AGAIN HAPPENING UNDER OBAMA.

Bill Clinton DID create a Stock Market Bubble. Pres Obama HAS ALREADY CREATED another Stock Market Bubble. The Eventual results WILL Be the SAME.


In my essay of Nov 2nd 2012, listed below, about the Gov's phony  unemployment numbers. I point out the #1 Trick of the Government is to END DATA HISTORY WHERE IT SHOULD NOT END.

Suppose you wrote, "A History of Adolf Hitler." Suppose you ENDED your history in November of 1941. Your conclusion would be that Adolf Hitler was the greatest political and military genius in the history of the World.

Suppose you wrote. "A Financial History of AIG and Lehman Brothers." You ENDED your history in October 2007. Your conclusions would be that AIG and Lehman Brothers were some of the greatest financial geniuses of World History.

If we END the economic history of Bill Clinton in January of 2000, then like Hitler, AIG and Lehman Brothers, Pres Clinton was an economic genius.


On March 10th 2000 the high tech-company heavy NASDAQ was at 5,048. The CLINTON BUBBLE exploded and on Oct. 5th 2000 the NASDAQ was at 1,108. The NASDAQ had LOST over 80% of its Clinton Bubble Value.

On January 14th 2000 the DOW was at 11,723. Then the CLINTON BUBBLE exploded and on Oct 9th 2002 the DOW was at 7,286. The DOW had LOST 60% of its Clinton Bubble Value.   

Today, Nov 5th 2012, the NASDAQ is at 2,989. That's 2053 points LOWER than the Clinton Stock Market Bubble of 12 years ago. In NON INFLATED DOLLARS the NASDAQ right now is STILL 71% LOWER than 12 years ago.

Bill Clinton is totally Correct, Pres Obama DOES have American on exactly the SAME ROAD, and there IS another Stock Market CRASH in America's future.

It was Bill Clinton and Robert Rubin who PUT DOWN THE FOUNDATIONS for the Housing Bubble and Crash of 2008.

Sure, moron Bush did NOT do anything to correct the growing Real Estate Bubble that Clinton's actions started. Bush was more than happy to ride the Real Estate Bubble for his own Crusader delusions. For many years I've said that Bush was also an asshole - like Clinton.

What I'm trying to say is that if a Government, business, or person is living in a world of lies, deceit, fraud, and manipulation; than what chance to any of them have for making their policies and plans work long term?

Modern America history has ALREADY re-proven what World History has proven over and over again during the last 5,000 years. Policies and programs based on Untruth, Disinformation, False gods, Wishful Thinking, Delusions, and LIES will NOT work.

Modern America is eyeball deep in Delusions. The BIGGEST National American delusion is, AND REMAINS, the delusion that in some unexplainable magical way MORE Debt is the CURE for a Problem of Too Much Debt. The TRUTH is that Mr. Obama is part of the PROBLEM and NOT part of the Solution. 



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