Title: The Left-Wing American Press has been Spinning the Fact that Europeans like Obama over Romney. WHY do Europeans like Obama?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue November 6th, 2012


Nov 6th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. WHY Do the Europeans Like Obama More Than Romney?

Some of the left-wing press have been spinning the fact that most Europeans like Obama a lot more than Romney.

The reason WHY Europeans like Obama MORE is because Obama has churned out over FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS of USA new DEBT.

A giant chuck of that Four Trillion (almost twice what it cost America to fight WWII), has already flowed OUT to the World. This is because America does NOT produce what it consumes so most of the New DEBT has to eventually Flow Out of America.

American's Massive Debt Creation of the last four years has been the ONLY bright spot in most of Europe's economy. So, CERTAINLY the Europeans are going to like Obama over anti-Debt Romney. The Europeans get America's money, and the American tax payers get ALL of the Debt. For a European, what's NOT to like?

Suppose  YOU had Mexican & EU citizenship, and owned a large and really good Restaurant/Bar/ Night Club in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, that's just over the walking bridge from Laredo, Texas. YOU have hundreds of American customers who walk over the border every day for food and fun in YOUR Club. The Mayor of Laredo, Texas, Mr. Obama, borrows a Billion dollars from the Chinese and gives it to the American citizens of Laredo, Texas.

The Americans in Laredo, Texas are a lot richer, with a lot more money to Spend.

A large chunk of the Billion borrowed dollars is going to end up in YOUR Restaurant/Bar/Night Club in Mexico. So YOU get the Cash, and the American citizens of Laredo, Texas Get the long term DEBT.   For You, WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

Do YOU "See" WHY the Europeans like "Borrow and spend" Obama MORE than "Cut the Debt" Romney?





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