Title: The Wall Street Journal has ANOTHER Simple-Minded & Wrong Article about the Election.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu November 8th, 2012


Nov 8th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The Wall Street Journal has Another really Dumb Article about the Election.

On today's front cover of the WSJ the Headline is, "How Race Slipped Away From Romney."

The opening paragraph says, "The lack of money earlier this year stalled his (Romney's) campaign, and he never really recovered."  That's uber simple minded and Wrong.

Over the last 45 years I've written the copy for over 400 ads. I was a student-intern at J Walter Thompson in Chicago when President Kennedy was killed. One of the account executives went by and said, "Kennedy has been shot and it looks like he's dead." I thought to myself, "The AEs drink too much - that's a really bad joke."

Selling a President is NOT like selling soap or Soda Pop. It's NOT an equation of the one who gets his name mentioned the biggest number of times wins.

Most of the ads for both Romney and Obama were Crap. More millions of dollars for more Crap ads was NOT Romney's marketing problem.

The Three biggest reasons for Romney losing are:

1. Romney was always down on his knees licking Zionist ass, and making a faggot Stepin Fetchit out of himself. Pres Obama got it RIGHT; Netanyahu is Muammar Gaddafi without the clown uniform. A spoiled egotistical brat from a two bit Nation that's America's biggest Albatross.

2. Romney was eyeball deep into the al Qaeda Lite part of the Republican Party. The part of the Party that believes God wants Men to have control over what Women do in their own bedrooms & bathrooms. Obama had it Right, it's Separation of Church and State, and what Women do in their own bathrooms is NOT the Government's business.

3. Romney made it very clear that he was going to be George W Bush the Second. That Supreme Commander Romney WOULD have American troops in new stupid wars, in new stupid places, and once again DYING for the glory of Zionist slavery.

It was totally Schizophrenic. Romney the Mormon talking about starting wars to protect West Bank Slavery. While Obama (the de facto Mormon) was talking about ending wars.

I loved the times when Romney talked about the need for an already bankrupt America to build and EVEN BIGGER Navy to prevent the Iranian Armada from coming across the Pacific and invading California. What planet was the man living on?

If an Iranian Armada even existed I'd endorse the Henny Youngman battle strategy, "Take California......Please!"

 The Wall Street Journal article went on say the Romney LOST the Latino vote because he did not embrace making all illegal Latinos  currently in America, USA Citizens. In my opinion that's Kindergarten analysis and journalism. I might expect to see something like that in a High School newspaper editorial.

One of the WRONG WSJ assumptions is that ALL Latino US Citizens want MORE Latinos. Here in Miami, the American born Cubans (and US Blacks) DO NOT want illegal Mexicans out on the street working for 25% LESS than anyone else.

So now, AFTER the Republicans blew an election that should have been a Walk-in-the-Park. They are talking about the "Latin Vote." Yes, they ARE 50 Million Latinos in America. So why was moron Romney kissing Zionist ass when there are only 6.5 Million Jews in America, and 30% of them are NOT Zionists?

The Republican Leadership has to BE AWARE of the FACT that there is NOT a lot of South American and Latino support for the Zionist West Bank slavery State. When Romney used to talk about how great the West Bank slave State was he wasn't talking the Latino's language.

THE LATINO VOTE? Now that the fat head, el Qaeda wannabe Republicans total blew that Latino Vote. They are thinking about it. Here is the Bottom Line with the "Latino Vote" for ALL of South and North America, both now and in the future.

Latinos do NOT care if their El Supremo is a crook. Latinos do NOT care if their El Supremo is either far right, or far left. Latinos do NOT care if the economic policies of their El Supremo are right or wrong, or making their economic lives better or worse. What Latinos DO CARE ABOUT is that their El Supremo ALWAYS look Strong. El Supremo has to always appear to be a Total Man. As I've said for years, for the Latino Vote, you have to be Cortes on a White Horse.

Even though Latinos want their El Supremo to be Super Macho, they do NOT like wars. There hasn't been any kind of significant inter-Nation war in South America since the 1930s. For Centuries there was no significant inter-Nation war in Latin America. Romney basically promised MORE wars - Bye Bye Latino Vote. Obama promised to end the wars - Hello Latino Vote.

The good part is that the Republicans COULD get a Big part of future Latino Votes in future elections. What Republicans have to do is STOP running people who are faggots to the two bit Zionists.

The Republicans ALSO have to stop running people who are American al Qaeda-Lite wannabes.  

Dumb Romney and the Republicans Blew It for Themselves and for America. Now America has Four More Years of a President who understands Macro Economics about as much as my pet cats understand Quantum Physics.




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