Title: The "Fiscal Cliff" is NOT the Problem, it's a Step Towards the SOLUTION.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri November 9th, 2012


November 9th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR TRUTHS. The "Fiscal Cliff" is NOT the Problem, It's a Step Towards the SOLUTON.

During the last 40 Years Most of the people in Washington DC have been WRONG most of the time. This is a PROVEN FACT.

I'm not bragging, but the simple FACT is that for over 40 years on the MEGA ISSUES I've been 85% Correct when Washington DC has been 75% Wrong. Statistically, ALL popular Washington DC ideas have a 75% probability of being mainly Wrong. The current popular Washington DC idea that the "Fiscal Cliff" is a problem is an example of a Wrong View.

Most of the people in Washington DC see the January 1st 2013 Increase in Taxes, and the Cutting of Federal Government expenses AS THE PROBLEM. They are as usual, WRONG. It's NOT the Problem, it's one step towards the must have Solution.

FACT: America DOES have a Large and GROWING Financial Disaster. America CANNOT  keep living off of a Trillion Dollars + of Queer Money EVERY YEAR for the next 100 Years.

FACT: America is on the DOWN SIDE of its Bell Curve. Bernanke's Queer Trillions Always had ZERO CHANCE of Painlessly & Magically Returning America to 1985.

FACT: Bernanke's Queer Trillions were Never anything except Financial Masturbation.

FACT: Bernanke's Queer Trillions have been and ARE the BIGGEST kicking the Can down the Road.

FACT: For over three years I've been pointing out that THE MATH is basically 4th Grade. The Federal Gov MUST Cut expenses by at least 500 Billion dollars Per Year, and it MUST Increase Receipts by at least 500 Billion dollars Per Year.

FACT: Math is God's native Language. 2+2=4 here on Earth, and if you go to the far side of God's Universe a 100 Billion light years away 2+2 still equals 4. There is NO magical Queer Bernanke Math where 2+2=10.

FACT: Bernanke's Queer Math is the Karl Marx Queer Math of the 21st Century.

FACT: The "Rich" DO NOT even come close to having enough money to close America's Trillion Dollar gap. Anyone who says they do is one of three things: (1) Unable to look at the income FACTS on the Internet and do the 4th Grade Math. (2) They are Lying, or (3) Both #1 and #2. The rich NOT having enough money to close the gap is NOT my opinion - it a Provable Fact that Anyone can check for themselves.

FACT: Yes, the Rich are going to have to pay MORE in Tax, -  along with EVERYONE ELSE who lives in America and uses the Government's services.

FACT:  In front of the TV cameras both the Republicans and Democrats are spinning their kissy-face, "We want to work together." Sure, and the Tooth Fairy is real. Behind closed doors BOTH the Republicans and Democrats are saying the USUAL, "We're ONLY going to raise taxes on the people who Don't vote for use, and we Don't like. We're ONLY going to Cut the Programs of the people who Don't vote for us, and we Don't like."

FACT: If President Obama and Congress CANCEL the "Fiscal Cliff." What are the future chances of a fair-and-equal, "share the pain," 10% across the board Cut in Federal Spending? Let's be honest, if this chance is missed a future chance is LESS THAN ZERO. 

If you go to an Orgy: drink two bottles of Vodka and another bottle of who knows what. Eat a hand full of assorted pills. Suck down a hand full of cocaine, and screw everything with two legs. Guess what? The next morning you're going to be very Sick.

One of the Basic Rules of History is that Big Mistakes come with Big Price Tags. America has been making Big Mistakes for over 30 Years. Yes, financial Rehab WILL definitely be Very PAINFUL.  But if NOT Now - then When?

The Federal Government has been party boy River Phoenix for the last 30 Years. The Party is Over. There WILL be a BIG Hangover. The so called "Fiscal Cliff" is NOT part of the Problem, it's part of the unavoidable painful Solution for getting better.

NEGOTIATIONS? The "Fiscal Cliff" Does NOT Raise all of the Receipts Needed, and it Does NOT Cut all of the Expenses Needed. After the Fiscal Cliff there is Round Two of More Taxes, and More Cuts. Even After the Fiscal Cliff goes into effect, the new Congress in 2013 will still have a LOT of every unpleasant Work to keep them busy.

WHY NOT SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT? Mr. Obama does NOT have to run again. Why doesn't he do the right thing and let the Fiscal Cliff START the needed process of raising taxes and cutting costs? The same applies to all of the DEFEATED Congressmen who will return to Washington DC in a few weeks. Why not do the what's needed? If Not Now - then When?

The Unpopular Truth is that the "Fiscal Cliff" is NOT the Problem, it's one Step Towards the Solution.





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