Title: General David Petraeus is GONE. Did He Jump Out of the Window by Himself, or Was He Pushed?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat November 10th, 2012


Nov. 10th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. General David Petraeus is Gone - was it Ten Years Too Late?

General Petraeus said that he resigned from his CIA job over an "Affair."

Did he jump out of the window, or was he pushed? Will Bernanke and Geithner be next?

The statement from General Petraeus was, "I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is the leader of an organization (CIA) such as ours."

And I thought the CIA was an "organization" that killed people. I guess the CIA is a Monastery that grows organic vegetables for a Vegan lifestyle? Join the CIA and kiss a whale?

When I was in the Army NOBODY ever had an "Affair." That's why by the 20th of every Month 90% of my Battalion's pay money was ALREADY in the local whore houses.

If people resigned because of an "Affair" we'd Lose over half of the US Congress.

President Clinton was in the Oval Office getting blow jobs from his girlfriends. His ONLY concern was not getting More.

Did you know that in the new James Bond movie SKYFAL,  007 resigns from Mi6 because of an "Affair"?

When Pres Obama gave General Petraeus the CIA job, it was in my view a way to put him on the shelf until after the election. That was a Chicago Smart move by Obama because if Petraeus had run for President rather than Romney, Petraeus would have won. However, the election is over. Now Petraeus goes from the shelf and into the garbage can.

Here's an interesting question, WHO ordered the FBI to look into Petraeus' emails? And for what purpose?

HOWEVER, In my Wide Angle View and opinion, General Petraeus was like General Westmoreland. General Westmoreland to his dying day NEVER understood the big picture dynamics of Vietnam. Outside of the narrow realm of military Tactics, General Westmoreland was Massively NAIVE.  Big picture Naiveness has become a Pentagon Tradition.

Reminder: In 1964 I got the analysis and outcome of the Vietnam War EXACTLY CORRECT. In 1972 Gen. Westmoreland as Chief of Staff WAS STILL getting the Vietnam War EXACTLY WRONG.

For DECADES I've been saying that the Pentagon has de-evolved into an organization that produces Generals totally lacking in grand strategy understanding. After WWII the Pentagon got "The Winners Curse." The world became much more complicated, especially after the breakup of the USSR. However, in grand strategy mindset terms the Pentagon is still fighting WWII.

The double disaster is that even though most American Generals have their minds stuck in WWII, they still do NOT understand the Overall Picture of WHY America was the big winner. Hint, it was the Russians that won WWII for America. The German Army was already 80% defeated in both their equipment and minds before the first American boat landed on D-Day. It was the Russian invasion of China that made the Japanese surrender, NOT the A-bomb.

YES, the Tactics of the Pentagon are the best in the World. But the Pentagon's Grand Strategy understanding is LESS THAN ZERO. 

In my opinion, to be a Four Star General at the Pentagon there are only Four grand strategy rules you need to know: (1) Zionland is America's GREATEST military Ally. (2) The West Bank Slave States is the Core, Vital Asset of America's World grand strategy. (3) There is absolutely ZERO big picture Downside in the Muslim World coming from America's 100% support for the West Bank Colonial enslavement of Muslims. (4) There should be NO Limit on the number of American troops that die, or the number of shooting wars that America starts, to make the existence of the Slave State Permanent.

The Unwanted truth is that American's support for West Bank enslavement of Muslims is the NUMBER ONE reason for WHY the World's One Billion Muslims dislike and/or hate America. That's  NEVER going to change until the Slave State is GONE.

It's like Abraham Lincoln says in the new Steven Spielberg movie, Lincoln, "A Nation CAN live half Free and half Slave."

Mitt Romney said exactly the same thing about Zionland. Romney Succeeded in turned himself into an even Bigger a**hole imbecile than the economic imbecile he LOST the election to.

In my opinion, one of the main reasons for the total debacle in Benghazi is General Petraeus NOT understanding the Big Picture dynamics of the Middle East.

General Petraeus SURGED 80,000 US Troops into Afghanistan to look up goat ass for an Osama bin Laden when Osama was NOT even in the Afghanistan. However, Petraeus could NOT send a dozen troops to his CIA operation in Benghazi.

When the Bodies came back to America, from Benghazi, there were 24 Marines to carry the coffins. That's 24 MORE Marines than General Petraeus had at the Benghazi Embassy.

So, General Petraeus is gone. Maybe now that he has some free time he can organize a private expedition to Iraq so he can keep looking for those Weapons of Mass Destruction?  




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