Title: WHY did Romney LOSE? My July 28th 2012 Essay/Analysis Gave One of the Biggest Reasons.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun November 11th, 2012


Nov 11th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR (BUT ACCURATE) INSIGHTS. If you want to know the SIGNIFICANT and MAJOR reasons for WHY Romney Blew the Election; Read my Essays/Analysis of the last Five Months.

One of the things that I've been saying for the last five months is that in my opinion the Republican "Advisors" are a collection of stupid a**holes.  I've been saying that if they are NOT Democratic Moles giving Romney the WRONG Advice then they are NOT getting paid for the jobs they're doing.

In my opinion, Republican Consultants  like Karl Rove and Dick Morrison were TOTALLY WRONG jerks. AFTER the election there ideas are STILL WRONG about why Romney blew it.

I and my wife voted FOR Romney as the lesser of the two evils. We ARE Republicans. This is NOT an anti-Republican essay, it's an essay trying to SAVE the Republicans (and America).

Below is my Essay from July 28th 2012. Over Three Months before the Election. It speaks for itself:


"July 28th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Mitt Romney, after being Too-Cleaver-By-Half in London. Moves on to Israel Where He'll Probably LOSE the US Election.

"If Romney, or his dumb handlers had any brains whatsoever, they would NOT even be in Israel. For 40 years I've been saying that Presidential candidates hire "stupid showboat advisors" who get ALL of their ideas by reading the New York Times. The New York Times does NOT talks America.

"Mr. Obama is NOT in Israel, he's campaigning in America.

"There IS a Big Difference between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney on Israel and the Zionists. Mr. Romney NOT understanding the difference will probably lose the election for Mr. Romney and the Republicans.

"Mr. Romney is one of the Dumb Christians who reads the Bible like it was a one-dimensional  comic book. Mr. Romney is one of the tens of Millions of American Christians who CANNOT SEE that Jesus spent his life preaching AGAINST the Zionist fanatics. The SAME kind of Zionist fanatics that are in Israel today.

"Jesus could SEE that the Zionist fanatics had Israel on the road to destruction. Today, 2,000 years later, the current Zionist fanatics ONCE AGAIN have Israel on the road to destruction.

"The Sermons of Jesus were round-about, and veiled, but the Zionist fanatics could SEE what He was saying. That's why they hated Jesus, why they killed Jesus, and why the Zionists still hate Jesus 2,000 years later.

"Naturally, Jesus was right. The Zionist DID Destroy Israel in 66-70 AD. The Zionist WILL destroy Israel AGAIN. With the upcoming suicide,  the Zionists will try and take America down with them.

"The MOST DESTRUCTIVE, and dumbest, thing that Mr. Romney can say is that if he's President, America will GO BACK to being the Zionist's Stepin Fetchit. The foreign Zionist fanatics will become the de facto commanders of the American military. American troops will be DYING anywhere the Zionists want them to Die.

"FOR THE RECORD. During the last five years there have been four major propaganda pushes in America to stamped and bums-rush America into attacking Iran. It was the usual Weapons of Mass Destruction con game.

"During every one of the con game SURGES, all kinds of Jerks in Congress, in the media, and at the Pentagon were saying, 'We can't let Israel attack first. They'll get all of the glory and gold. America has to attack as soon as possible.'

"As one of America's proven best military grand strategists, during the last five years I've said that the Zionists would never attack Iran. I said that the Zionist's strategy is to fight down to the last American soldier, and the last American Dollar. I said that the BS of Israel about to attack Iran was another con game. I said that the Zionists would NOT attack Iran with their own forces, and their strategy was (and is) to con America into defending Zionist colonialism.

"The last five years proved me right - again. Israel never attacked Iran just like I said they wouldn't. It was all a con game to stamped American into another stupid war that had ZERO vital interests for the American people.

"Mr. Romney can't understand the Bible, and he also can't do 3rd grade math. Americans who say they are adherents to Judaism are 5.1 million - 1.7% of the total US population. Most of them are left-wingers, and Mr. Obama get 79% of the Jewish vote in the last election.

"Do Mr. Romney's advisors really think they are going to win New York State over a Black Man by sucking up to Zionist racism and Zionist bigotry?

"Do Mr. Romney's advisors really think they are going to win California over a left-wing Democratic by Romney being Netanyahu's Butt-Boy?

"Do Mr. Romney's advisors really think they are going to get the ALL IMPORT Independent-Vote in America by GOING BACK to giving de facto control of the Pentagon to a foreign country's Zionist fanatics? The SAME fanatics that Jesus Christ said to NOT follow?

"Are the Republicans going to win by doing what the Bible says to NOT do?

"Romney is like the American 1850s Southern slave owner who did NOT seen any inconsistency between the "ideal" of "Freedom" in the American Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution, and the FACT of him owning slaves. Jesus talked a lot about the "Ideal" of a rational Israel. Romney cannot SEE that the "Ideal" that Jesus wanted is NOT the de facto slavery of the West Bank, and the bigotry of the Zionists.  The "Ideal of Israel" that Jesus wanted for Israel was NEVER what the Zionists wanted - not when Jesus lived and not now.

"I am NOT anti-Israel. There are many Jewish people who are NOT Zionists. Jesus was a Jew, but he wasn't a Zionist. Milton Friedman, who I once had the great honor of putting on the cover of one of my magazines  was a Jew, but he wasn't a Zionist.

"I am NOT anti-Israel, but I am pro-America. I deeply resent the current widely believed, and constantly re-stated propaganda that to be anything LESS than 1,000% pro-Zionist means you're also anti-American.

"Israeli Zionism is NOT America's greatest Ally, it's American's greatest Albatross. Zionism has ALWAYS been Israel's greatest Albatross. Zionism killed Israel once, and it IS going to kill Israel again. Zionism has ALREADY murdered thousands of American troops looking for WMD that never existed. Zionist manipulations are going to murder a LOT MORE American troops. Jesus was correct - do NOT become a Zionist follower.

"However, Washington DC is insane - both the Democrats and Republicans.  The ONLY thing Washington DC knows how to do is take proven failures and make them BIGGER. Zionism destroyed Israel in 66-70AD. Following the usual pattern, Washington DC will take this PROVEN failure and MAKE IT BIGGER, AND include America into the destruction.

"WHAT A MESS. In a 100 days America has a choice between Romney who would turn America BACK into being the Zionist's Stephin Fetchit. That means more US Troops being murdered in the Middle East, and American Debt growing EVEN FASTER. OR, we have Mr. Obama who would in a 2nd term turn the Supreme Court Communist, and speed up America's drowning in a sea of welfare debt crap."

END of the July 28th essay.

My above July 28th 2012 essay WAS CORRECT. Romney went to Zionland, kissed ass, made a total Stepin Fetchit worm out of himself, and LOST the election.

Romney LOST especially BIG among America's 50 MILLION Latinos who above everything else do NOT want leaders who are ass-kissing suckups to Zionists.

Romeny and the Stupid Republicans LOST an election that should have been a Walk In The Park. If Romney had Stayed Home, and only issued general statements about how America needed More Jobs, and the Federal Debt had to Stop growing by Over a Trillion Dollars a year; if Romney had Only That he would have WON the Election. But oh, No; Romney couldn't open is mouth without sticking Zionist dick into it.

My other recent essays are Also mainly Correct. ALL of my essays are eventually proven to be mainly Correct. If you want to know ALL of the SIGNIFICANT grand strategy reasons for WHY Romney and the Republicans lost, read my past analysis/comments of the World. I AM one of the PROVEN best long term political/MILITARY analysts in America - and it's FREE.



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