Title: What Republicans have To Do to NOT Lose in 2016
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue November 13th, 2012


Nov 13th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Republican Party is IN NEED of Serious Psychiatric Help and Rehab.

I've been mainly a Republican for the last 40 years. I and my wife voted for Romney.

I voted for Romney as the lesser of two great evils. In my view Romney Pearl Harboring Iran and starting a War (although that would be a major disaster for America), it would be LESS of a Disaster than the coming Obama Debt Orgy Economic Disaster.

Most Americans sincerely believe that living on OVER a Trillion Dollars of new DEBT Per Year is in some magical Keynesian way going to have a happy ending. THEY ARE VERY WRONG.

Four years ago I said that the 2012 Presidential election was going to be a Walk In The Park for the Republicans. I was 100% sure that Real Estate was going NOWHERE in the next four years (and I was correct). I was 100% sure that employment would stay at record highs (and I was correct). I asked, "How can the Republicans lose?"

The Core Great Difficulty of Grand Analysis is that if a "Situation" has ten parts, but you only SEE eight of those ten parts; even though your analysis might get all eight of the parts correct your end real world conclusion could be Very Wrong.

I FAILED to SEE the Growing Religious perversions at the Core of the Republican Party. Four years ago in 2009, I made the mistake of assuming that the Republicans in 2012 would be common sense rational. I was wrong.

The Republican's deep religious perversion mental sickness came to the surface with a vengeance.

There are TWO Main areas of Religious perversion that MUST be cured if the Republican Party is going to Survive.

#1. The Republicans have turned into the Party of Jerry Sandusky. Many Republicans (like Romney) believe that it's God's intent that they have Zionist dick in their mouths. This MUST Change.

#2. The Republicans have turned into the Party of al Qaeda Lite towards women. A collection of Males (like Romney) who sincerely believe that God wants them in every woman's bedroom and bathroom telling women what to do with their sexual lives. This MUST Change.

What's needed is a totally NEW, and reorganized, Republican National Committee (RNC). When an American Male al Qaeda Lite says he want to run for office on the Republican ticket. The NEW RNC Committee needs to say, "We thank you for considering our Party, but we'd like to suggest that INSTEAD of running for office on the Republican ticket you find a tent and organ player.

The RNC needs a New Job Mission. If it's NOT about making America more efficient, better managed, with more jobs, and less Debt, then it's NOT what Republicans should be doing. It's NOT the Republican National Church.

The RNC needs to say, "Do NOT become a Republican politician because you really want to be a preacher with a religious agenda. Become a Republican politician because you want to be a Business Manager who increases what works.

Romney was a Business Manager. HE HAD THE ELECTION IN HIS POCKET. But Romney flushed his WIN down the toilet by insisting on being al Qaeda Lite and a Zionist.  

America's Founding Fathers really were the Greatest Collection of Political Geniuses in the history of the World both past and up to today. In the 1780s America's Founding Fathers ALREADY had 4,000+ years of history detailing  the many EVILS that come from combining Religion and Government. Jesus Christ ALSO preached separation of Religion and Government. That's WHY the Separation of Church and State IS in the US Constitution.

Romney, and his Republican al Qaeda wannabes, are not violating the exact Letter of US Constitutional Law. However, they ARE violating the INTENT of the US Constitution, and the INTENT of America's Founding Fathers - and they need to STOP.   

If the Republican Party is NOT able to go into Rehab, and make itself well again. If it insists on being whores to the Zionist suicidal fruitcakes because that's what they believe Jesus wanted. If it insists on being al Qaeda Lite towards women. If Republicans keeps insisting on being a Religion rather than a management group.    


(A) The Republicans can Kiss America's 50 million Latinos Good Bye. Latinos are NERVER going to vote for a weak-worm whore to the Zionists (like Romney). Did "Business Man" Romney ever notice that WalMart is 100% BIGGER than Zionland?  If Zionland needs God's protect - let God do it, NOT the US Army and US Tax Payers.

In 1940 when the Germans overran France, a country 25 times bigger than Zionland is today. Then President Franklin Roosevelt had exactly the correct military strategy for America. President Roosevelt asked, "So what."

America was the big winner in BOTH WWI and WWII because it was the LAST TO FIGHT, Not the First.

(B) The Republicans can keep kissing the Black Vote Good Bye because the Blacks WANT American Jobs, NOT American Wars to maintain the Zionist West Bank Slave State. (Romney could never understand why America's Blacks don't like Slavery, and don't support the West Bank Slave State).

(C) If the Republicans insist on being al Qaeda Lite towards women than they can kiss the Women's Vote Good Bye forever.

Learn From History. It was the USSR insisting on being a Marxist Religion rather than a Management Group that DISTROYED the USSR. If the Republicans want to be a Religion then get a Tent.

Time Machines DO Exist. The Time Machines are called Demographics. The Demographic reality is that the Evangelicals like Romney who believe that Jesus was preaching FOR the Zionists, rather than AGAINST the Zionism that eventually murdered Jesus; those Evangelical Stone Brains with the Devil on their shoulders will NEVER AGAIN BE ENOUGH TO ELECT ANY FUTURE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT for the remainder of Earth's existence.

The 2016 Presidential election COULD be a Walk In The Park for Republicans. Between now and 2016 there DEFINITLY will be a major economic crises in America. Between now and 2016 the DOW will see 6,000 again. The probability of having Eight Boom Years (2009-2016) based 80% on the FED's Trillion Dollar plus per year Queer Money Debt - that probability is ZERO. By 2016 President Obama's, and the Democrat's approval rating will be Very LOW.

However, if the Republicans in 2016 insist on continuing to be the f**kboys to the Zionists, and insist on continuing to be al Qaeda Lite. If Republicans insist on remaining a Massively Misguided Religion. They can kiss the 2016 election Good Bye.






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