Title: General David Petraeus Revisited. Thoughts about Grand Strategy and US Generals.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu November 15th, 2012


Nov 15th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. General David Patraeus Revisited.

I never liked General Patraeus. To me he was a typical America General of the last half century. A person who had almost ZERO understanding of the grand strategy dynamics in play. A typical modern American General who turned Tunnel-Vision into a religion, and who still thinks it's World War Two.

When General Petraeus had both the Iraq and Aghanistan SURGES (on to Omaha Beach) my prediction was that they would both be failures.

At the time of the SURGE I wrote, "Anyone who thinks that the idea of al Qaeda, its core motivations, and its followers, are only limited to Aghanistan or Iraq is a military grand strategy moron."

I guess that I was wrong Again because the SURGE worked - right?

General Petraeus promised Americans that the SURGE would achieve ultimate victory over al Qaeda. The SURGE would bring peace to all of the Middle East. After the SURGE every one of the world's Billion Muslims would see America's supported for the West Bank Slave State as Honey Ice Cream with every Muslim wanting five scopes. Blah, Blah, Blah into the dark night of Petraeus, shallow, one-step thinking.

General Petraeus is in my opinion a typical modern American General - a really, REALLY Good WWII German Sergeant.

There was a General Petraeus 80,000 troop SURGE into Afghanistan to look up goat ass for the Weapons of Mass Destruction (that were Always a Zionist Con Game), and to look up goat ass for Osama bin Laden (who hadn't been in Afghanistan in YEARS). However, CIA Director Petraeus did NOT see the need to SURGE even 18 men into Benghazi to protect Ambassador Stevens.  

The Petraeus SURGE into Iraq and Afghanistan was Tens of Billions of Dollars immediately WASTED. A lot of young Americans killed. Thousands of US soldiers coming back to America, and at age 24 going on total disability for the remainder of their lives because they have, "Bad dreams." That means 60 years from now (in year 2072), the US tax payers will STILL be paying for the stupid Petraeus SURGE.

BUT WAIT! In today's (Nov 15,12) Wall Street Journal on page A12, there is an article about the "Growing fight" against al Qaeda in Mali, and in West Africa. Al Qaeda is expanding, and as reported in the WSJ's article, "Several African countries have already made it clear that they expect...the U.S. to foot part of the bill. 'The threat is gloabal.' Niger President Issoufou said."

How can this be? Wasn't al Qaeda destroyed in the Petraeus SURGE as promised? The Wall Street Journal must be MISTAKEN because al Qaeda no longer exists. Right?

Currently, we also have the INCREASE of Zionland's "Government via Assassination." We American's are CONSTANTLY being told that our American troops dying for the glory of Zionland is God's Will. It's God's Will because Zionland is: so pure, so law abiding, so moral, so righteous, and so God like it's an honor for American troops to die defending the continuation of West Bank "Freedom."

This time around General Petraeus, and his follow Pentagon Generals, HAVE been supporting a tactic in Zionland's Gaza and West Bank that IS a tried-and-true military principle that DOES work. "When the slaves complain about being slaves - kill them."






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