Title: A Grand Strategist looks at the Coming Gaza Battle.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat November 17th, 2012


Nov 17th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. A Grand Strategist looks at the Coming Gaza Battle.

Almost all of the "Experts" in Washington DC believe that the coming Gaza Battle is going to be the Same Old Exercise of beating down the rebellious Slaves in the Same Old Way.

This is what Washington DC wants to believe, and Washington DC's "Experts" are "Experts" at being yes-men ass lickers.

As one of the best proven grand strategists in America, I see the current dynamics as Radically Different from the last 30 years.

America's Yes-Boy, Mubarak, is gone. Turkey has had-it with Israel calling slavery freedom. There are no American troops in Iraq, but there ARE a lot of American well trained Iraqi operatives.

All of the ground-to-air handheld missiles that the CIA was after in Benghazi, and FAILED to get. Where are they?

A few hundred ground to air missiles that can bring down Israeli helicopters significantly changes the equation.

Then it's NOT a fast two day Gaza operation. It becomes weeks and weeks, day-after-day of TV pictures of Muslim children and women being killed in Gaza.

America's current Generals, and the Washington DC dead heads are incapable of understanding that it's primarily a propaganda war for the "Hearts and Minds" of the Muslim World. The Washington DC Dead Heads are clueless as to why they are losing.

What's America's Solution?

Gaza used to be part of Egypt. America needs to bribe Egypt to annex Gaza. Then Gaza as part of Egypt comes under the Israeli-Egypt peace treaty, and the Egyptian Police can stop the rocket attacks.

Will this happen? Absolutely NOT. Why? Because it would be the smart thing to do, and modern America ESPECIALLY in the Middle East does NOT do smart things. 





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