Title: The Obama Con Game Against the Republicans is in Full Court Press. Will the Republicans CONTINUE to Be Stupid?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat November 17th, 2012


Nov 17th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Dumb Republicans are Being Conned - Again.

I voted for Romney - as the lesser of two evils. I've been a registered Republican for 40 years.

Romney said that he lost the election, "Because the Democrats bribed a lot of voters."

Like daaa! The Democrats have been the "Pay Off Party" for the last 30+ years. Romney had to lose the election to learn what 12 year olds know? What planet has Romney been living on for the last half Century?

Under Obama, the Democrats have become a 95% Pay Off Party. At this stage about the ONLY thing that the Democratic Party stands for is PAYOFFS.

Aristotle, the smartest human who ever lived, wrote extensively about "Democracy" 2300 years ago. The Greeks invented Democracy. When Aristotle was alive there were one hundred and fifty-eight (158) Democracy Constitutions in Greece, and "Democracy" had a longer history in Aristotle's time than America's Democracy has today.

Aristotle wrote that "Democracy" has a highly predictable Development Life Cycle. A people start out with:

(1) A Sacred King or Grand all powerful Leader.

(2) The next stage is a ruling Aristocracy with some degree of Democracy among the Aristocrats.

(3)  Then comes a True Democracy that includes the majority of the people. (This is basically what The USA had for the first 140 years of its existence - when it became the greatest Nation in the World).

(4) Then the majority of the voters discover that they can use "Democracy" to confiscate the Money and property of the minority of the voters. (This has been America in the last 40 years, and especially NOW with the Obama "Tax the Rich").

(5) Then the "Democracy" breaks down into Deadlocks, Fractions, Cynicism, Class Wars, and growing Debts. (A process in America that has ALREADY STARTED).

(6) The End of Stage #5 is massive social breakdown and ANARCHY. (America IS on this road, and without BIG Changes Anarchy will probably arrive about 2020).

(7) The Anarchy is "solved" by returning  to a Grand All Powerful (NOT Democratic) Strong Man Leader.  Then the life cycle starts over again.

At this point in America's History the Grand Strategy objective is to SLOW THE PROCESS, and Delay for as long as possible arriving at Stage 6 - ANARCHY.


Look at Greece Today. Is Greece Not already going into Stage 6? The majority of Greeks were live High-Off-The-Hog by stealing the money of the minority. Then everything started breaking down into Deadlocks, Fractions, Street Riots, and Class Wars. Greece HAS started going into Stage 6 ANARCHY. 

Is Greece's new "Grand All Powerful Leader" Germany? Or the European Central Bank? Or both?

In America, has Bernanke already become a "Sacred King"?

In my view the current so-called "Fiscal Cliff" is the SOLUTON and NOT the Problem. America MUST cut expenses. The Fiscal Cliff DOES what's needed, it Cuts Costs and NOW.

HOWEVER, what's probably going to happen is that the Moron Republicans will ONCE AGAIN be suckered into Obama's Con Game of raising the taxes on a Republican minority. Romney is Correct, the new Tax Money will be used to BUY More votes for the Democrats. Democrats will re-take the House in 2015.

The new taxes Will happen NOW - immediately. Obama will promise the Republicans "Cost Cuts" somewhere over the rainbow, but as usual the "SAVINGS" will NEVER HAPPEN.

Government Cost Cuts and SAVINGS are, Never, NEVER GOING TO Easily HAPPEN with Pres Obama and the Dems because they SINCERELY Believe that it's BIG Government that creates the Wealth of Nations. Mr. Obama Sincerely Believes that an America where the Government is 65% of the economy is Much Better than a Government that's only 40% of the economy.

A year from now America's economic overall situation will definitely  be WORSE. No Nation in the financial history of the World has ever taxed its way into Prosperity. (Mr. Obama's tax increases, on only a FEW, is Communism Lite).

A year from now, with the economy WORSE, Pres Obama will be DEMANDING even more taxes on the minority. The Democrats will be going after the House Republicans, calling them "Greedy Piges" who are, "NOT giving the Middle Class voters their rightful Fair Share." 

Mr. Romney is absolutely correct, the additional  tax money will be used to BUY THE VOTES of the majority, and take control of the House in 2014.

The Obama Con Game is in FULL Court Press right NOW. If the Republicans are too dumb, or too weak to respond. Then they deserve to lose the House in 2014.


Former Sec. of the Treasury, and former Sec. of State, James Baker III, gave Republicans (and America) EXACTLY the Correct Advice. Any new Taxes have to be LINKED to IMMEDIATE COST CUTS. If the Cost Cuts Stop, then any new tax also stops.

If new taxes are NOT linked to immediate new cost cuts then the Republicans should let the so-called Fiscal Cliff happen. The Cliff will do EXACTLY WHAT THE REPUBLICANS (and America) NEEDS. It will put "Skin-In-The-Game" for the Majority of Voters.

Republicans need to keep in mind that the Fiscal Cliff is MUCH MORE of a Cliff for Democrats than for Republicans. If Democratic voters have to START paying more taxes they are NOT going to be happy with Mr. Obama, and his Communist Lite tactics.

Republicans need to keep in mind that Mr. Obama did NOT win the election - the Republicans because of their own massive stupidity LOST the election. It's time for the Republicans to Change.




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