Title: The 2014 Election for Control of the Congressional House Will be Won or Lost in the NEXT Few Months.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun November 18th, 2012


Nov 18th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The 2014 Election for Control of the Congressional House will be Won or Lost in the Next 2 to 4 Months.

The Republicans need to pull themselves together NOW. They need to be "Rocky" who's DOWN and bleeding on the mat, but has the courage to get up and fight - RIGHT NOW.

Mr. Obama did NOT win this election, Romney Lost it. Considering all of the MANY stupid things Romney said and did it's amazing Romney lost by LESS than 3% of the popular vote.

Mr. Obama's 50.6% of the popular Vote is NOT a "Landside Victory," and "Massive Endorsement" as claimed and re-claimed by the left-wing press. The Republican leadership SHOULD NOT be Bum Rushed by this SPIN.

In 1984 Ronald Reagan got 59% of the popular vote, and 98% of the Electoral Vote. That's what a Real "Massive Endorsement" looks like.   


(A) Romney never passed up an opportunity to suck Zionist dick, and to prove that he had the Bible ass backwards.

(B) Romney made it clear that he was al Qaeda Lite, and wanted to be in every woman's bathroom and bedroom telling women what to do with their sex lives.

(C) Romney stated out by saying that he really DID NOT have anything to say to 50% of the voters.

(D) Romney never really wanted to be President. He wanted to be an ultra-right wing Evangelical preacher. Romney wanted to be Sinclair Lewis's Elmer Gantry, and God was going to PROVE Romney right by making him President.

(F) Romney worked hard to make himself look like an Elephant's Ass, and he Succeeded.

If Romney had STAYED HOME, and only issued statements about the need for more Jobs and less Debt- Romney would have Won.


President Obama WON by being Robin Hood. Mr. Obama promised tens of millions of voters that He (Obama) would use the power of the Government to Steal the Money of the Rich, and GIVE that Money$$ to those who voted for him (Robin Hood Obama).

Mr. Obama won by appealing to all of America's Thief wannabes.  It was the classic communist Con Game.

NOW, Robin Hood Obama has a BIG Problem, and the Republicans have a BIG Opportunity - if the Republican are not still brain dead.

Robin Hood Obama NOW has to "Tax the Rich" while NOT taking Anything AWAY from the Thief Wannabes who voted for the FREE Money$$$.

In the Robin Hood Story, (also the Communist Story) Robin does NOT say to the poor person, "Here's a free pig, but I'm taking three of your chickens."

This is the WHY of the Current Obama BUMS RUSH on the Republicans to raise the taxes on productive people, and NOT cutting any benefits to anyone.

I'm NOT anti-tax. For the last FOUR Years I've said that Revenue has to go UP, and Government costs have to go DOWN. It Must be BOTH to have any chance whatsoever of doing long term good.

Let's be honest. The Obama game plan is to raise taxes on the rich, but NOT cut any Government expenses. Then use the added tax money to BUY VOTES to take over the House in 2014.

The next 2 to 4 months is WHERE the Republicans will either retain the House in 2014, or lose it. If the Republican raise taxes "On the rich" (and it is needed) the Republicans MUST ALSO having IMMEDIATE Government Cost Cuts that take effect IMMEDIATELY, and are as James Baker has suggested are linked BY LAW to the tax increases. The cost cutting STOPS, then the Tax Increases ALSO Stop.

Republicans must NOT buy the Con Game of, "We can't afford to cut costs now." If we cannot afford to cut costs now then we can't afford to increase taxes now.

The so-called "Fiscal Ciff" is NOT a Cliff for Republicans. It's a Cliff for Democrats. If the Republicans have True Grit and are worthy to rule, then they will push the Robin Hood Democrats OVER the Cliff.

So the Republicans DO NOT suck Obama's ass by January 1st, and America has a 10% cut in the Government's costs. Is that the Problem or the Solution? It's part of the Solution.

When all of the THIEF wannabes who voted for Robin Hood Obama realize that THEY will have to give up something. When they realize that it's NOT going to be 100% TAKE and ZERO Percent Give like Robin Hood Promised. Who are they going to be mad at?

The Thief wannabes are going to be mad at Robin Hood. That means the Republicans keep the House in 2014, and if they can find a little common sense salesmanship with advisors who live on this planet, the Republicans can gain control of the Senate.

Nothing especially good is going to happen to the American economy in the next four years. No nation in the history of the world has ever taxed its way into prosperity, or borrowed its way into prosperity. ONCE again, the next Presidential election (2016) is the Republicans to lose. All the Republicans have to do to win is:  NOT be al Qaeda Lite, not be Bible backwards jerks, and Not work at insulting voters.   




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