Title: The Return of, Andy's Two Cows
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon November 19th, 2012


Nov 19th 2012. ANDY'S TWO COWS.

There were TWO advertising Cows on Madison Avenue.

COW 1, The election is just over, but I can't even remember any of the official Republican Ads.

COW 2, There were tens of millions of dollars spent on official Romney Ads, but they were all wasted money Sawdust. It's hard to remember Sawdust.

COW 1, The Only Republican Ad I clearly remember was that Private one that said, "Yes, under socialism the rich become poorer, but the already poor become even poorer."

COW 2, It takes more than one good General to save a Moron Leader.

COW 1, When I try to remember an official Republican Ad I see a smiling Romney saying, "Vote for me because I'm really good at sucking Zionist dick, and I want a Much Bigger Military so an already Bankrupt America can fight more stupid wars, in a lot more stupid places, because Jesus Christ wants all Americans to be murdering more Muslims."

COW 2, Isn't that a little harsh?

COW 1, Advertising is like war, you can't argue with success.


There were TWO Washington DC Congressional Staff COWS.

COW 1, I guess General Petraeus is finally Gone?

COW 2, Yeah, ten years too late, but now he'll have more time to spending on SURGING into his girlfriends.

COW 1, I kind of liked General Petraeus. His strategy was always so easy to understand - send in MORE Troops.

COW 2, No question about it, the Pentagon has the best collection of World War One Generals.

COW 1, Let's be honest, America's Generals are good at keeping the casualty rates down.

COW 2, Sure. In Vietnam the Pentagon only lost 58,000 American troops dead while LOSING a war to a bunch of teenagers in black pajamas.

COW 1, But sending in more troops worked for the Russians with their War in Afghanistan - right? General Petraeus was following a proven success.

COW 2, Speaking of that, it seems like there should be a Sylvester Stallone, Rambo 13 movie about the current Afghanistan War?

COW 1, That script might be a little tricky to write. Who are the bad guys?

COW 2, The foreign invaders?

COW 1, Anyway, I'll miss General Petraeus. I really liked his Muammar Gaddafi uniforms.




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