Title: Andy's TWO COWS, the John Boehner COW and the Ronald Reagan COW.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue November 20th, 2012


Nov 20th 2012. ANDY'S TWO COWS. The John Boehner COW, and the Ronald Reagan COW.


Boehner COW, "With Obama's Big Win, I guess we have to raises taxes on productive people while NOT cutting Government Expenses."

Reagan COW, "Mr. Obama did not win, it was Romney and YOU contemporary Republicans who LOST. Obama's so-called 'Big Win' is left-wing media spin; it was nothing compared to my 1984 win."

Boehner COW, "Well, Mr. Obama does have a mandate."

Reagan COW, "Mandate for what? Mr. Obama had over ten percent real unemployment for his total four years. Obama increased the Federal Debt by almost Five Trillion Dollars. Real Estate went NOWHERE in four years. America's Balance of Payments GOT WORSE. America LOST its credit rating, and 25% of the Federal Budget is Queer Money. Theoretically it was IMPOSSIBLE for Obama to win. However, Romney and You Republicans wrote a whole new chapter in political mass stupidity. YOU did the impossible and lost."

Boehner COW, "Well, the big press really is anti-Republican. We never got out story out like we could have."

Reagan COW, "So Romney never figured that out until AFTER the election? Absolutely, the big press has been anti-Republican for forty years. That's why every Republican statement has to be carefully and skillfully written so it cannot be easily spun into its opposite. The Republicans need to fire all of their one-brain-cell writers NOW."

Boehner COW, "And what else?"    

Reagan COW, "You might start by NOT being the Party of American al Qaeda Lite. Get yourself OUT of women's bedrooms! STOP being the War Party that wants to Re-Start the Crusades. STOP defending a loser Pentagon that's 50% more Bloated than what's good for America. Republicans have to STOP being whores to the Zionists. STOP being the Party for religious crackpots and Schizophrenics. DO open your eyes - President Obama did NOT suck Zionist ass - and he Won. Obama did NOT want to start new stupid wars in stupid places - and he Won."

Boehner COW, "But there are Zionist Voters."

Reagan COW, "Is being Brain Dead the new Republican religion? Can you do 3rd grade math? The Zionists vote can be count on your fingers, and all of the Zionists are communists; they are never going to vote for any Republican. Mr. Obama was anti-Zionist, and the SMALL Zionist vote went from 79% for Obama in 2008 to 69% for Obama in 2012. Maybe Romney is so brain dead he never noticed that after kissing Zionist ass ten times every day for three months he LOST New York and Florida."

Boehner COW, "What should Republicans do?"

Reagan COW, "Firing all of the stupid Republican yes-men consultants who ONLY read the New York Times as to what Republicans should be doing."

Boehner COW, "But supporting  Zionist Colonialism  has no big downside for Republicans."

Reagan COW, "Sure, and the world's One Billion Muslims don't mean anything. Did anyone notice that there are almost as many Muslims in America as Zionists? As to Latinos, it's 2012, Not 1912. One of the BIGGEST voting blocks are the Latinos, who are Fifty Million strong in America. Latinos love (and Demand) a strong man on a horse. Latinos will never, NEVER vote for weak, ass sucking faggots. Mr. Obama Understood and acted accordingly, but the Republicans are still on the dark side of Liberace. STOP being Schizophrenics, and get up into this Century."

Boehner COW, "Republicans are not Schizophrenics."

Reagan COW, "Sure, and the sun comes up in the West. All of the Republican leaders: Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and down the line were all stumbling over yourselves to be Netanyahu's butt boys. Then, in the same breath they'd say that being Gay was Wrong. Did any Republican notice that Obama the WINNER had it exactly the other way around?"

Boehner COW, "But Republicans are conservative religious."

Reagan COW, "The Republicans reading the Bible like it was a Classic Comic Book is the PROBLEM, and NOT the Solution. Being an effective politician means being good at ECONOMICS  and organizational management.  If you want to be a religious Crusader fruitcake then get a Tent - don't run for office on the Republican Ticket."

Boehner COW, "So what should the Republicans do now?"

Reagan COW, "The first things is to NOT cave into Mr. Obama's communism. Don't work at turning Mr. Obama into a successful Robin Hood by taxing the rich, and then accepting 'cost cuts' that are somewhere over the rainbow and will NEVER ARRIVE. Take James Baker's excellent advice. All new taxes have to be linked to new cost cuts. If the tax increases start NOW then the cost cuts start NOW, and they are linked so if the cost cuts end then the tax increases also end."

Boehner COW, "But what about the Fiscal Cliff?"

Reagan COW, "Are you truly brain dead? The big press Really Is anti-Republican and pro-Democrat. The so called Fiscal Cliff is a big press Bum's Rush to stamped Republicans into making Mr. Obama into a Robin Hood hero. It's classic communism,  steal the property of productive people while the Obama thief wannabes GIVING UP NOTHING."

Boehner COW, "What's the answer?"

Reagan COW, "If Mr. Obama does not want to give $1.50 in cost cuts for ever one dollars of new taxes then let the Cliff happen. The idea is to cut expenses, and that's exactly what the Cliff does. To do anything else is supporting Obama's communism, and guaranteeing that the Republicans will LOSE CONTROL of the House in 2014."

Boehner COW, "But if the Cliff happens the big press will blame us."

Reagan COW, "Play the Democratic Party game. Republicans every minute of every day have to be in front of the TV cameras saying they desperately want to compromise and end the crises, but Mr. Obama won't be reasonable. Be the strong men on the White Horses. Don't ever apologize for wanting to do the economic right thing."

Boehner COW, "But the big press will really be on our backs."

Reagan COW, "It's time to toughen up cupcake. Do what YOU never do, asking the press questions. Be aggressive. Ask the press, if America does not start to cut expenses now - then when? If America does not start to reduce its massive growth of DEBT now - then when?"

Boehner COW, "I'm confused."

Reagan COW, "But I'm not, the 2016 Presidential election is going to be like the 2012 election. 2016 is going to once again be the Republican's election to LOSE. Keep doing the same old stupid things, in the same old stupid ways, and Republicans WILL lose again in 2016. Stop doing what Washington DC is fanatical about doing - taking PROVEN FAILURES and making them bigger. What you need is a mental Change."      





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