Title: Andy Correctly Predicted Romney's LOSE Four Months Before the Election, and gave the Exact Reasons for the WHY of the Lose.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri November 23rd, 2012


Nov 23rd 2012. I CORRECTLY Predicted the Election in June 2012. Attached are Two of my June Essays.

ESSAY FROM JUNE 30TH 2012: Andy Got It Correct Before Anyone Else - As Usual.

6/30/2012 ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Next Week will Tell US Who's Going to Win the Election.

If Romney and the Republicans have the brains to turn Obamacare into a NON ISSUE between now November 6th election, they will WIN.

If Romney continues with his repeal ObamaCare attack - he WILL lose. The Republicans will ALSO lose seats. President Obama will say it's a RACIST attack against: Blacks, Latinos and poor Whites, and there's enough truth in that charge to make it STICK.

In military terms President Obama will have captured the initiative, and Romney will find both of his arms stuck in the Tar Baby. It's only 17 weeks, there's NO TIME for big mistakes.

When the Supreme Court upheld the 2nd Amendment (in June 2010) I wrote, "This is the best thing that's happened to the left-wing Democrats in 30 years. It gets the Gun-Control monkey OFF of their backs."

The left wing Democrats are just as anti-freedom as always, but they are SMART ENOUGH to operate ONLY in round about ways. The Republicans have to be as smart, and Right NOW.

Yesterday, in my essay list below on this subject, I wrote, "NOBODY CAN COMPETE AGAINST FREE."

Thinking Americans, who ARE concerned about the future of America, know that ObamaCare is the road to Greece. However, as Hollywood says, "Perception is Everything." Right now the Majority of undecided Voters, the VOTERS who WILL decide the next election, they want to believe that ObamaCare is FREE. In fact, for millions of them it will be FREE.

One of the unwanted TRUTHS about modern America is that Millions of Voters DO NOT give a flying Fig about America's future. They ONLY care about what's FREE for them NOW. They DO vote.  Nobody Can Compete Against FREE.

Even the DOCTORS are NOT big repeal ObamaCare supporters.   

Romney and the Republicans need to smell the coffee and WAKE UP NOW. The ONLY big block of voters against ObamaCare are those who always vote Republican anyway. If all Romney wants to do is preach to the  Choir - he's Dead.

If Romney (and the Republicans) want to WIN they have to find the COURAGE to do a 180 turn IMMEDIATELY. Whenever ObamaCare comes up, Romney and the Republicans, have to say, "It's nice that President Obama did what Governor Romney did years earlier. Let's talk about the Deficit, and creating good jobs."

ANDY'S ESSAY FROM JUNE 29TH 2012. Andy Once Again Got it Correct.

6/29/2012 ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. What NOW for Romney and the Republicans? 

The Big Pictures is where I have my proven talent. I'm convinced that an attack on ObamaCare  WILL LOSE THE ELECTION FOR THE REPUBLICANS. It will Re-elect Pres Obama.

Over three years ago I said THIS 2012 election was going to be the Republican's election to lose. Spending time and money to attack ObamaCare now WILL lose the election for Romney.

What do millions of voters know for sure? They know that the current medical system is CRAP (unless you are very rich like Romney). So Romney and the Republicans  would spend the next 17 weeks campaigning to NOT Change proven CRAP?

Right NOW, the ONLY thing that millions of swing-voters understand is that THEY are going to get FREE: free heart transplants, free Boob jobs, free noise jobs, free penis implants, free vacations in hospitals because they don't feel like even whipping their own ass, free Botox, free drugs to make them young again, free new livers because they destroyed their own with drinking, free Viagra, free Oxycontin, free new hair growth, free new skin growth, FREE, FREE, FREE. Best of all, some person on the dark side of Mars is magically  going to pay for 100% of EVERYTHING.

I've been in sales, marketing, management, etc for over a half century. Here's what I learned in my College Management classes BEFORE I even started in the real world, and what a half century of "hands-on" marketing as re-affirmed many time over and over again,  NOBODY CAN COMPETE AGAINST FREE.

Yes, the "Free" of ObamaCare IS a Mirage. BUT nobody in the world has enough  talent to make millions of voters who really, REALLY want to believe in FREE change their dream/delusions in the next 17 weeks.

How do you defeat a Mirage? It takes LOTS OF TIME to Prove that the Mirage is a Mirage. Communism has been FAILING for over a Century, but there are STILL hundreds of millions of true-believers in communism.

If Romney wants to win he has to make ObamaCare a NON-ISSUE for the next 17 weeks. It's a "Wife Beater" no win issue in the short term.

Romney does NOT have the talent to educate millions of voters in 17 weeks who REALLY do NOT want to be educated. A good General knows that you have to deal with the real world the way it really is.

Here's the bottom line, the current medical system is CRAP for tens of millions of voters. ObamaCare IS Change. Nothing is written in stone, what does not work can be changed, but at least with ObamaCare the voters are trying SOMETHING new.

When asked about ObamaCare Romney should ONLY say, "We'll see what happens. What isn't working I can improve."

Mr. Romney needs to talk about MORE CHANGE, and Not going back to proven failures. Change to stop the growth of debt. Change to make the tax system simpler and more effective. Changes in education to change the attitude of STUDENTS towards learning. Changes to the world's worst Tort Law system. Changes to increase employment. Changes to make American manufacturing  (and thus jobs) more competitive in the world.

Eight years ago I said that the Iraq War part II was a con game, and it was the "Tar Baby Trick" from, "Uncle Remus and the Adventures of Br'er Rabbit." The more you punch the Tar Baby the deeper in trouble you become. The proposed war with Iran is ALSO a con game and ALSO the Tar Baby Trick. ObamaCare is Romney's Tar Baby. If he's not smart enough to see it than he'll lose.


There are lots of talking heads on TV who are good at telling you want happened five hours ago. However, in June of 2012, over FOUR Months before the election, Andy's above two essays had it as correct as anyone can get.

On the Mega political and military issues, Andy Molchan being mainly correct for over 47 years is NOT a coincidence. 47 years ago Andy predicted America LOSING the Vietnam War, and gave the EXACT REASONS for WHY the American Army would Lose, and four months ago Andy predicted Romney losing, AND ALSO gave THE EXACT REASONS as to WHY Romney would lose. The Provable FACT is that only ONE PERSON IN AMERICA  had enough insight to be that correct in their PREDICTIVE analysis about Romney winning or losing.

Once again, history has proven Andy to be correct.




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