Title: The so-called "Fiscal Cliff" is Not the Problem, it's the SOLUTION.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun November 25th, 2012


Nov 25th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The So-Called "Fiscal Cliff" is NOT the Problem, It's the SOLUTION.

Those who have been reading my essays for decades know that the INCREASE in Lying at every level is one of my biggest aggravations. For years I've documented how the Government and Media become BIGGER Lyres with each passing year.

Many people in Government say, "The lies are for the Public Good." That's a LIE. The Government's Lies are 98% ONLY good of the Government hacks, and the growth of destructive over-Government.

The TRUTH is that in 21st Century America "Government" for the Republicans means getting into your bedroom, and "Government" for the Democrats means getting into your cash register. We need LESS of that, not More.

My long time readers know that I've been bitching about the "corruption of the language" for decades, and how America and the world are in the "Post-Truth Age."

What is THE TRUTH about the American Economy?

The core TRUTH is that America is living 25% off of fabricated queer money, and although that can go on for a long time, it CANNOT go on forever.

The TRUTH is that the "Price" of the FED's Queer Money IS, and will CONTINUE TO BE, a slow but relentless DECLINE in the living standards of 98% of Americans.

The TRUTH is that Mr. Obama's Con Game of saying that more tax on the rich will solve America's problem IS A LIE. It's the classic Communists Lie and Con Game in the classic Communist way.

The TRUTH is that "taxing the rich" Communism has FAILED everywhere in the World for the last 120 years, and I can give you a one-million percent guarantee that it will also FAIL in America.

The TRUTH is that America MUST Raise Revenue (i.e. taxes) by at least $500 Billion PER YEAR, and the Government must CUT expenses and costs by at least $500 Billion PER YEAR - and NOW.


When Pres Obama gets in front of the TV cameras and says the "problem" will be solved by, "Making the rich pay their fair share." When that happens Mr. Obama is one of three things: (1) a truly stupid moron who CANNOT do 4th grade math. (2) A lying, scum-ball communists, or (3) Both.


Whenever a Politician, like Mr. Obama, starts saying, "This is what's going to happen over the next ten years," you can be 100% Sure it's a Con Game. The TRUTH and Proven FACT is that the Government's economic projections have been 80% WRONG for the last 40 years. If you want to put the odds on your side, take what the Government says is going to happen in five years AND BELIEVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

I know what's going to be happening in America ten years from now, but nobody wants to hear it.

I am NOT opposed to "taxing the rich." I have zero love for America's Gordon Gekkos. For years I've been proposing a sales tax on the Wall Street Casino. The Truth is that Gordon Gekko's number one Butt Boys are also Mr. Obama's #1 Butt Boys: Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner.

The TRUTH is that Mr. Obama has IN FACT given the Gordon Gekkos of America hundreds of billions of dollars of ADDED WEALTH. The TRUTH is that "taxing the rich" even at 90% would NOT bring in enough needed Revenue to close the gapes; that's NOT my opinion, it's PROVABLE Fact that can be verified by anyone who has Internet access and can do 4th grade math.

The Solution MUST be a broad based tax increase, and broad based cost cutting. That's not one option, it's the Only Workable Option. The Solution is to let the so-called "Fiscal Cliff" happen.

The ultimate unwanted TRUTH is that the "Greek Solution" is the EVERYONE in the World's Solution - including America. The Solution is to Work MORE, work smarter, Consume LESS, and Learn to love a simpler life. Is "happiness" ONLY about what you can buy today?

The Truth is that America had a big economic cocaine party for many decades. Yes, Rehab is a bitch.

When I was a small child, I lived during the summers in a home in Cedar Lake, Indiana. The home had no indoor plumbing. It had an outhouse. The drinking/cooking  water came from a hand-pumped well in the front yard. The "heat" was a coal stove, the "cooking stove" used wood, and the "Ice Box" needed blocks of ice to keep it cool. No TV, and no telephone. I was VERY Happy. Today I have a million dollar home on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, I have a two story bedroom with 25 foot high ceilings, a bathroom the size of a garage, and I'm not happy. 

The miss-named "Fiscal Cliff" is really the SOLUTION. The TRUE name should be the. "Here and NOW Fiscal Solution."

The "Fiscal Solution" Raises Revenue on a broad base of people and that means a Big Revenue INCREASE, and NOW.

The TRUTH is that the ONLY Group with enough money to raise the needed Revenue is the Middle Class.

The "Fiscal Solution" Reduces Expenses on a broad base of the Government and that means BIG Savings NOW. NOT Con Game never-happen savings of somewhere over the rainbow.


What's going to happen is that John Boehner and the Republicans  will Continue to be Stupid, kiss Obama's ass, and raise the tax "On the Rich," in return for cost cutting promises of somewhere over the rainbow. The added taxes will be immediate, and MUCH TO SMALL to do anything other than make America's class-hating Communists happy. However, the somewhere over the rainbow cost cutting WILL NEVER ARRIVE.

The Truth is that James Baker has it Correct. Any new tax increase has to be linked by LAW to a new Cost Cut, and if the Cost Cut stops than the Tax ALSO stops. If Mr. Obama does NOT want to go along, THEN THE BEST SOLUTION OF ALL IS TO LET THE FISCAL CLIFF HAPPEN.

The WEAK Republicans and Boehner will probably cave in to Mr. Obama's economic crap, and the House Republicans will  KEEP America where it is RIGHT NOW; with Too little Revenue and Too Little Cost Cutting. America will CONTINUE to live off of Bernanke's Queer Money, and everyone in Washington DC will sincerely believe that in some magical, totally unexplainable way, the Communist Voodoo of Castro/Keynesian Economics will magically make America rich again.






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