Title: The UN Voting to Give Palestine Membership is NOT America's Problem, it's a Big Step Towards America's Military Solutions.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed November 28th, 2012


Nov 28th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The Palestinians Getting UN Membership is Part of America's Military SOLUTION.

Modern America has become very sick and confused. America's Moral Compass is broken. This is why America is going DOWN HILL at an every faster decline. One of the deep sickness manifestations is America's Fascist efforts to keep Palestine a Slave State.

As one of America's PROVEN best military grand strategists, I know that the Palestinian Slave State is a MAJOR FOUNTAINHEAED for ongoing Middle East Hatred toward America. One of America's best military grand strategy moves for winning in the Middle East would be to get the Palestinian Slave State OFF of America's back.

American's almost fanatical efforts to retain Colonial Slavery in Palestine is CONSTANT PROOF to the whole World that America is a Lying, Racist, Bigoted, Muslim Hating Nation that says one thing but does the exact opposite.

The Washington DC religious fanatics are always flapping their lying lips about their "Love of Democracy." The FACT is that 90% of the World wants the Palestinian Colonial Slavery State to END, but America keeps saying, "Screw Democracy." America's ACTIONS prove and re-prove, and keep re-proving to the Total World that America really stands for Slavery, death and oppression.

Tomorrow at the UN, America will once again Re-Prove to the World that America loves Slavery and oppression. America will re-prove its National racial hatred toward Muslims,  by Voting AGAINST FREEDOM and FOR Colonial Slavery of Muslims.

The Fascist fanatics in Washington DC are screaming, "Palestinian UN Membership will make the Peace Process harder." That's the biggest pile of Hitler like CRAP in the modern world. The Zionist NEVER, at any time in the last 40 years, had any intentions whatsoever of a "Palestinian Peace" EXCEPT the "Peace" of how the Slave state was going to remain a Slave state, and live in "Peace" as a Slave State.

During the last 40 YEARS, whenever the Zionists talked about "Peace talks with the Palestinians." That was EXACTLY LIKE  an American Southern Slave holder in 1855 talking about wanting to be at "Peace" with the Slaves he owned. The Slave owner had ZERO intentions of ever giving his Slaves real freedom. For the Old South Slave holders, and for the Zionist of today, "Peace" means the Peace of a Slave State that works.

Zionist "Peace" for the Palestinians is EXACTLY THE SAME KIND OF PEACE that the German Nazis wanted in 1943 occupied Warsaw. It's time for America to STOP supporting Nazism and Slavery.

Fortunately, the majority of the world does NOT support America's Slavery and oppression of the Palestinian people. A few hours ago both France and Spain reported that they are joining  the 141 UN Nations who have ALREADY said they ARE GOING to vote for Freedom. Fortunately, Democracy and justice will soon have its way at the UN with a Fair, Honest, Morally Correct, and Democratic vote for FREEDOM.

America  DOES have some important friends. Germany said it will definitely support America's Fascism. 





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