Title: Suggestions for Mr. John Boehner and the House Republicans about the "Fiscal Cliff."
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu November 29th, 2012


Nov 29th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Some Suggestions for the Honorable Mr. John Boehner and the Republicans.

Mr. Boehner was elected to office, and I wasn't. But I AM a proven excellent grand strategists. I got the last election More Correct than almost all of the Republicans.

I put up all kinds of red flags for Romney, and he did exactly what I suggested NOT to do. Romney LOST an election that a dead person should have won.

If the Republicans want to grow as a Party, (or even survive) the Republicans have to STOP being ultra-right wing religious al Qaeda Lite fruitcakes, and RETURN to being the Business Party of Responsibility and Success for ALL Americans.

The Republican have to keep saying and re-saying, "When the Titanic sank it did NOT sink only for the rich passengers."

The Republicans have to GET OUT of women's bedrooms and get back onto the floors of America's factories.

The Republicans like Romney who want to be in women's bedrooms, they should NOT run for office, they should open a Porno store.

The Democrat's weakness is that they are America's Communist Lite Party. True Believer Democrats have the Same solution for Every problem; steal more money from the people who have assets and Make Government BIGGER because Government is the TRUE source of ALL Wealth.

However, the Republicans are NOT attacking the Democrat's Core Weakness. Republicans are like dupe Romney, doing things like running for the Presidency of Israel.

If the Republicans continue to be a Party of ultra-right wing religious crackpots who have an ass-backwards understanding of the Bible, and who run for office as Republicans because they really want to be Preachers. If this goes on, then the Republican Party HAS committed suicide.

I believe in God. I believe that both God and the Devil are real, and  I can also see that Jesus spent his life preaching AGAINST Zionism and NOT for it. That's why the Zionists wanted Jesus Dead.


So what about the so-called "Fiscal Cliff"?

Republicans have to take a deep breath, and STOP being stamped by the left wing press. The Republicans (as a Party of financial responsibility for the long term) have ALREADY WON a major victory with the "Fiscal Cliff."

The Fiscal Cliff is NOT the Problem, it's a First Step on the Solution.

If America is going to survive, then EVERYONE in Washington DC is going to have to get over the idea that nobody in America can be even slightly inconvenienced for even the slights time. There are NO painless solutions to America's deep problems. 

Everyone knows what needs to be done. Government revenues need to go UP, and Gov costs need to go down AND NOW. This is exactly what the Fiscal Cliff does NOW.

Pres Obama's tax the rich is a Con Game with the 10,000% support of the left wing press. Pres Obama is in effect saying, My new taxes on the rich are the solution for everything. No more Debts, a balanced budget, money for everyone who doesn't want to work. The ONLY thing standing between America and an economic paradise are the evil Republicans who ONLY care about the Super Rich.

Are the Republican really brain dead? President Obama's taxes on the rich do ALMOST NOTHING. That's Not my opinion, those ARE the FACTS. It's 4th grade Math.

Did anyone in the Republican party ever hear about printed flow charts, the printed numbers, presenting the FACTS? Anyone ever read an Advertising 101 Text Book?

It's like the Republicans have O.J's bloody knife with his finger prints on it and they are saying, "Well, let's not bring it into court."

Some of my suggestions to the Honorable Mr. Boehner are, "Don't let the left wing press bum rush you into believing that the 'Cliff' is only YOUR Problem. You are NOT the President. Today you put the ball back into the President's court. That's great. Keep doing the same."

"Don't let Yourself and the Republicans be the BAD GUYS of cutting expenses while Pres Obama plays Santa Claus. Republicans need to Let the 'Cliff' happen, and then let Pres Obama say what expenses he wants restored and why."

"Play the Democrat's game but ONLY BETTER. Constantly whine about how worried you are about the 'Cliff' and how you don't want it to happen. If ONLY there was leadership from the White House."

After your PRESENTATION OF THE FIGURES in graphic and written form (and Republicans DO have all of the figures on THERE SIDE); then five times a day you have a news conference rotating through all of the House Republicans, standing in front of the charts saying, "Here are the problems that America is facing. We Republicans Desperate want to solve them If we only had some leadership from the White House."

When the left wing press asks, and they will, "What about the President's tax on the rich." The answer is, "Yes, we need more revenue, but as the charts in back of me PROVE that's hardly going to do anything. We Republicans want real long term solutions for the American people. America needs President Obama to STOP kicking the cans down the road, to stop playing games, and to get serious, specific proposals about helping all Americans both now and twenty years from now."

If you like the above ideas, and especially if you're a voter in Ohio, forward the above to Mr. Boehner:

And/or, forward to your House Representative.




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