Title: The Republicans are Losing the War to Save America, and to Save the Republican Party.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri November 30th, 2012


Nov 30th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Republicans are in Danger of Killing the Republican Party, AND Killing America.

My Grade for the 2012 Republican's Salesmanship Talents is, "F."

The Republicans have the correct economic ideas, but their abilities to communicate their ideas have deteriorated DOWN to somewhere between horse shit and elephant shit.

First, Two Negatives:

(1) Republicans have to GETOUT of women's bedrooms and bathrooms. Anti-abortion provisions are NOT in the Constitution FOR A REASON. Stop wasting Energy and Time on what should NOT be the Government's business.

(2) Stop being the dupe Stephin Fetchits of the Zionist Slave Holders. For the fruitcakes who want to be left-wing crackpot preaches the New Rule should be: Get a Tent, and GET OUT of the Republican Party. For those who are addition to licking Zionist Butt  - move to Zionland and run for office THERE.

What the Republicans need to build is a SALES ORGANIZATION with people (teachers) who understand sales, communication, and advertising and can Teach Republican politicians. The level of Republican salesmanship skills MUST go Up. It's time for the Republicans to put their FAT Heads away. Almost every great athlete had a Coach during most of the athlete's career. Right?   

Right Now the Democrats are hammering, and very successfully HAMMERING the Republicans with, "The Republicans are only interested in giving the Rich more money."

That's NOT true, BUT the Republican politician are ALL Deer in the Headlights. If Republicans are NOT brain dead it makes little difference because they ARE acting like Brain Dead.

The left wing press will ask a Democrat Senator something like, "Do you think the Republican idea of raising the retirement age to 67 is a good idea."

The Democrat will say, "People worked hard all of their lives. They deserve to retire at 65. The Republicans are stealing the worker's rights. The Republicans only care about the rich."

The typical Republican replay is, "Daaa." (Deer in the headlights).

The House Republicans should pass a Bill putting a sales tax on the sale of Stocks, and then let the Senate Democrats NOT pass it. Who's on the side of the "Rich" then?

The Republican answer to the above question should have been, "Yes, it's nice to retire at 65. It would be a lot nicer to retire at age 55. But the issue is not if it would be nice for the Government to buy everyone a New Cadillac. Certainly it would be - without question. The real issue is NOT if it would be nice, but  Can the Government Afford it? And the answer is - NO."

Republican need to say, "America is living on borrowed money. All of that would be perfectly okay if everyone in America were to die in the next five years. However, most Americans under age 30 are going to live for another half Century. If America keeps on spending what we don't have then America will definitely have a financial collapse. There will be Massive Pain and Suffering for Everyone in America. The suffering will NOT end soon, but will go on for years - possibly forever. American will Be Down, and Stay Down. What we Republicans want is a little managed pain now so Everyone does not have a LOT of pain down the road."

The Republican need to learn SALESMANSHIP - AND SOON. What made Ronald Reagan a great President was him being a good actor. Reagan know how to SELL. You have to know how to put on the Show.

In World history, EVERY great person has basically been a good Salesman. Great Leaders knew how to make others see what the Leader wanted them to see. For example, if you were a great Pope, it's because you were a great salesman.

The Republicans DO have the great advantage of having THE TRUTH on their side. In Truth, and in FACT, if America does not reduce its spending there really will be a horrible financial collapse. The US Dollar will cease to be the World's reserve currency. America's working class wages will NOT increase, but prices of most items will DOUBLE. It will be a Major Decrease in the Standard of Living - especially for the Poor. This PROCESS HAS ALREADY STARTED in America, and the More America spends money it doesn't have the bigger the eventual Crash and Permanent Reduction in living standards will be.

America's survival really DOES depend on the Republicans winning, but the Republicans have to sober up and learn how to sell. Republican have to UNDERSTAND that the War to Save America, or Lose America, is NOT about telling women what to do with their private parts, and it's NOT about keeping the West Bank Slave State a Slave State.

For Right Now, the Republicans need to let the Cliff happen. For America's LONG TERM SURVIVAL the Cliff is not the Problem, it's part of the Solution. It's crystal clear that the Democrats will NEVER, that's NEVER cut Any Government expenses. It's crystal clear that without the "Cliff" Government spending (and Gov DEBT) will keep skyrocketing UP.

It's 4th grade math, America CANNOT keep spending the way it has been, and keep filling in the difference with Trillions of Dollars of borrowed money. That's not what most people want to hear, but it's THE TRUTH. America can cut back now and hopefully live okay for a long time, OR America can continue to borrow and spend in the Democrat's fantasyland until EVERYTHING collapse.

Republicans must NEVER say that they what the Cliff to happen. Republicans need to Complain and whine about how horrible the Cliff is, and if only President Obama would be reasonable it could all be wonderful world - etc.  (YES - lie).

MOST OF ALL, hire and pay for the groups that can PROVE ON PAPER that the Republican's long term plan is the TRUTH. When the left-wing press tries to Poo-Poo it, stand your ground and keep pushing the Printed FACTS back into their face, and keep pushing the facts back into their face, and keep pushing the facts back into their face.

The #1 trick of the left wing press is to be recording, and then ask the same stupid question over, and over, and over until the person being interviewed breaks down and tells the reporter what they want to hear. And that's what ends up on the nightly news.

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