Title: Pres Obama Invited Romney to the White House to Sincerely Thank Romney for Being a Stupid Zionist Dupe.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat December 1st, 2012


Dec 1st 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Pres Obama Invited Romney to the White House to Thank Romney for Being a Stupid Dupe.

By almost every measure of America politics for the last 220 years, a DEAD Person should have been able to defeat Mr. Obama.

President Obama invited Romney to the White House (so Romney could eat Mr. Obama's left-over Turkey). I'm sure President Obama was totally sincere in thanking Romney for be a Christian-Zionist dupe, and spending tens of millions of Republican dollars to prove to ALL Americans that Romney was a Zionist religious whacko.

With the Federal Government INCREASING Debt by OVER a Trillion Dollars Per Year. With Real de facto unemployment over 10% for ALL four years of Obama's first term. With the American tax system screaming for reform. With WELFARE that America CANNOT Afford going UP by leaps and jumps, what did Romney run on?

Romney ran on:

(1) Romney ran on wanting to be in Women's bathrooms so Romney and the Republicans could tell women what to do with their sex lives. (i.e. Elect me because I'm al Qaeda Lite).

(2) Romney ran on wanting more American troops dying in more stupid Wars to defend the continuation of Zionist Slavery. WHY?  Because Christian-Zionist whackos like Romney believe that Jesus spent his life preaching FOR Zionism rather than Against the Zionists who eventually murdered Jesus.

FACT. If Jesus had NOT been murdered by the Zionists, Jesus would have lived long enough to see the Zionist totally destroy Israel, exactly as Jesus had predicted and spend his life to prevent.

(3) Romney ran on Spending LOTS of Money (i.e MORE Debt) to INCREASING the size of the US Navy to fight an enemy Navy that DOES NOT EXIST.

(4) Romney ran on INCREASING the size of the Defense Budget when its ALREADY $300 Billion dollars Per Year Too Bloated.

(5) Romney ran on Repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with NOTHING.

(6) Romney made the FATAL MISTAKE of letting his enemies Define Romney as the Candidate and Party ONLY for the Rich. Romney and the Republicans did NOTHING during the election (and ARE NOT NOW doing anything) to change the destructive Definition the Democrats have very successful hung on the Republicans.

If you're accused of having sex with 8 year old boys and YOU say NOTHING.  What are most voters going to think?

(One of my MANY past suggested tactics was for the House Republicans to pass a Law putting a sales tax on the sale of stocks, and then let the Senate Democrats say "No").

I'm sure President Obama was sincerely happy to see Mr. Romney. I'm sure Mr. Obama would love nothing better than to have Mr. Romney be the head of the Republican Party. Why? Because Mr. Romney and his Christian-Zionist whackos are the BEST THING that's happened to Democrats since the Supreme Court took the Gun-Control Monkey OFF of the backs of the Democratic Party.

Unless there are BIG Changes inside of the Republican Party, the Democrats WILL Retake Control of the House in two years.

BOTTOM LINE: America REALLY does need to be Saved. America IS on the Road to a financial collapse that will PERMANENTLY LOWER the living standards of everyone in America. Federal Revenue MUST to go UP by $500 Billion a year, AND Federal Expenses MUST to go DOWN by $500 Billion a year. And NOW. None of the Ten Years from now Crap.

Mr. Obama is a TRUE BELIEVER in communism. Mr. Obama sincerely believes that BIG Government is the Solution and not the Problem. If the Republicans CANNOT pull themselves together the fly-right, then long term (15 years) America IS finished as both a significant financial and military power in the world. No nation in the last 5,000 years of World history has for long been a significant military power AND Bankrupt at the same time. America is NOT going to be an exception.

There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with living off of Queer Money like America IS doing right now IF EVERYONE IN AMERICA DIES IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS.

Part of the immediate Solution is to let the so-called (and misnamed) "Fiscal Cliff" happen. The "Cliff" does WHAT'S NEEDED; it raises revenue and cuts expenses. It's not the problem, it's a step towards the Solution.

Naturally, Republicans do NOT say that. Play the game, ande play to win.

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