Title: President Obama Kissed Netanyahu's ass, and Netanyahu Returned the Favor by Farting in Obama's Face.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun December 2nd, 2012


Dec 2nd 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Pres Obama kissed Netanyahu's Ass, and Netanyahu Farted in Obama's Face.

In the recent UN vote for West Bank Freedom President Obama was Netanyahu's Stepin Fetchit. Netanyahu returned the favor by saying that the Zionists were going in INCREASE their confiscation of Muslim lands; all the additional land they steal will be Zionist Land FOREVER, and the World can go F**k itself.

In the eyes of the world, this made Obama look like a Double Whore.

President Obama IS a double whore because Mr. Obama in fact does NOT like the Zionists.

Same thing with Hillary Clinton. She has never liked the Zionists, but she ended her career by standing up and saying, Yes, I'm a whore TOO by saying what I never really NEVER believed.

WHY did both Obama and Hillary make ass kissers out of themselves before the total World?

The "WHY" is the standard answer. The ONLY THING that Washington DC for the last Half Century has done is take PROVEN FAILURES and make them bigger.

Over Half a Century ago, in Vietnam, America support the continuation of obsolete Colonialism. It supported the continuation of Indo-China as a White Man's Slave State. In Vietnam, America opposed the freedom of the local people. When President Kennedy was asked, "WHY America was sending troops into Vietnam." Kennedy's answer was (this is historically FACT), "To return things to the way they used to be."

In other words, to return Vietnam to being a White Man dominated Slave State.

In over a Half Century NOTING HAS CHANGED. America is STILL supporting obsolete Colonialism. Still supporting the repression of local people by Colonial thugs and Murderers who have a different language, different religion, and Rule by bombing and Murder.

Based on what they Obama and Hillary just said, if this were 1812 rather than 2012 both Obama and Hillary would be living in the Old South as Slave owners.

The UN vote for FREEDOM was a TOTAL LANDSIDE. Only nine UN members voted FOR the continuation of Zionist Colonial Slavery, and only two of them had any substance: America and Canada.

English speaking Canadians get all huffy when Americans treat Canada like its 51st State. Maybe Canada should STOP acting like America's brainless ass kissing servant, and get a life of its own?

The UN Landslide Vote was a message to America. It was, "Earth to America, Earth to America, are you there? Can you hear us? Come in America. Earth to America."

Obama, Hillary, and all of the other whores in Washington DC never turned their radios ON. If they HAD, the Message would have been. "You Americans in dreamland see yourselves as the Shining City on the Mountain. However, THE WORLD sees America as grubby slave traders who are knee deep in Zionist pig shit. It's time for America to check OUT of Motel Zionist Suicide and check into Motel freedom for repressed peoples."

What would Andy (me) like to see? What I'd like to see are the Jewish people living in safety, harmony,  success and TRUE PEACE. For that to happen America needs to return to WHAT WORKED.

In 1941-1945 America had to drag Germany and Japan, kicking and screaming, into doing the RIGHT THINGS. In late 1945 the Germans were telling themselves: "Our empire is gone. Out slaves are gone. We have no Army to kill people with. This is the End of the World!!!"

Today German is the de facto master of Europe. Europe's Central Bank is in Germany. The currency that Germans use can be used anywhere in Europe (and it doesn't have Hitler's ugly picture on it). All of Germany's borders are truly safe. And the Germans did NOT have to kill or enslave one person to get TRUE PEACE.

Same with the Japanese. AFTER America FORCED Japan to give up its slave states in: Korea, Taiwan, China, etc., the Japanese DID GET their "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere." Japan WAS safe, and very RICH, and it didn't have to kill or enslave anyone to get it.

What America and the World needs to do is FORCE the Zionists to give up their Slaves. This is a PROVEN WHAT WORKS success. All of the world is ALREADY on Board with this PROVEN SUCCESS with ONE exception - America.

What Washington DC once know, but has FORGOTTEN, is that the SLAVE HOLDER is just as much of a Prisoner as the Slaves. The Slave holder CANNOT say to his Slaves, "I'm going away on a four month vacation - YOU watch everything."

Abraham Lincoln understood this when Lincoln said, "A Nation Cannot live Half Slave and Half Free." What Lincoln was saying is that you cannot be only half pregnant. You cannot be only Half of a Whore. You cannot be only Half of a Crook. You're either a Slave Holder or you're Free, but you can't be BOTH because the Salves make YOU a prisoner too.

The old USSR FINALLY UNDERSTOOD, and it let its Slave States free. Letting the Slave States go free made the Russians free. 

In the West Bank and Israel, the Jews are on one side of the barbed wire, and the Palestinians are on the other side of the barbed wire. THEY ARE BOTH SLAVES. They both live in Fear. They both lack real freedom. They Both have uncertain futures. NEITHER one of them have TRUE PEACE.

American needs to STOP doing and re-doing what's been a PROVEN FAILURE for over 40 years (West Bank Slavery). America needs to GO BACK to what was a PROVEN SUCCESS.

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