Title: Back to America's #1 Problem - the Economy.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon December 3rd, 2012


Dec 3rd 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Back to America's #1 Problem, the Budget and the "Cliff."

President Obama is TELLING the House Republicans that He wants a massive Trillion Dollar tax increase that would 80% fall on Republican voters. In Return, President Obama will cut ZERO expenses. The Cost to most Democratic voters will be ZERO.

Anyone with two live brain cells to rub together should know that ZERO PERCENT of the Tax Increase will be used to reduce the Deficit, and 100% will BE SPENT to Buy votes so the Democrats can take over the House in 2014.

The "Justification"( and the left-wing media's Bums-Rush), for President Obama's communist disaster budget is, "Obama won the election and has a Massive Mandate for communist expansion and Democratic voter payoffs."

Mr. Obama's "Win" was 3% of the popular vote. Mr. Obama "Won" an election by 3% against a Christian-Zionist fruitcake who belittled women, ignored Latinos, dismissed Blacks, and insulted poor people while almost totally ignoring his strongest points. Mr. Obama "won" an election against a Christian-Zionist whacko who thought he was on a mission from God to kill a LOT of America troops for the expansion of the Zionist's slave states.

The TRUTH is that Mr. Obama did NOT win the election. The Republicans LOST the election.

Considering ALL of the many things that Romney did WRONG, it's amazing that Romney lost by only 3%.

The TRUTH is that America has a MASSIVE Financial Problem. The Truth is that Pres Obama's Chicago-Communist budget is a long term disaster for EVERYONE in America.

However, the Truth is also that the Republicans are REALLY BAD Salesmen.

The Democrats every minute of every day are saying: "The butter and sugar in this program and that program is good, good, GOOD!"

The usual reaction from Republicans is: Deer in Headlights.

The Republicans need to be saying. "Yes, the butter and sugar in (whatever program they are talking about) IS good. It is fun. It is nice. BUT that's NOT the issue. The issue is WE CANNOT AFFORD all of the butter and sugar. We cut something now, and have a little less butter and sugar now, OR we continue to live in Bernanke Queer Money dreamland until America has a major financial collapse. Then there WILL BE DEEP long lasting PAIN for Everyone. That's THE issue."

The Republicans need to be saying ALL of the Time, "There's nothing whatsoever wrong with the Democrat's Chicago-Communist budget IF everyone in America DIES in the next five years. However, if you're planning to be alive in 20 or 30 years then YOU have a BIG PROBLEM. America's liabilities are INCREASING by Eight Trillion dollars a Year. Unless we start cutting some of the butter and sugar now, America's TOTAL Economy WILL collapse including ALL Government services for Everyone."

Republicans need to KEEP saying and re-saying, "There's nothing wrong with the Democrat's Budget if you want the Federal Balance Sheet to look like the State of Illinois Balance Sheet in five years.

Short term, the Republicans need to let the "Cliff" happen, while high profile protesting against it. The Cliff is part of the Solution. In a "Fair and Equal" way it cuts 10% from everyone.

 I've run small businesses, and consulted on businesses for 45 years. Even a business that seems like it's "lean" still has lots of butter and sugar. A good manager can cut 10% of the butter & sugar while losing only 0% to 1% of the product and/or service.

Tragically, this is what Romney's Bain Capital was GOOD at, but Romney was so intent on sucking Zionist ass and insulting women he never concentrated on pushing his Best Card.

President Obama is trying to BLUFF the Republicans. Like if the Cliff happens then everyone who voted Democratic ANYWAY will BLAME THE REPUBLICANS.

It's Mr. Obama who's in the White House, and Tens of millions of Obama voters are now waiting for their promised FREE money from "The rich." Mr. Obama PROMISED the thief wannabes that their payoff $$ would be there after the election. If the Democrats do NOT deliver the promised FREE Money, then it's the Democrats who will get the blame and LOSE votes.

Look at it this way, if only 3% of the FREE Money from the rich Democrat voters had stayed home; Mr. Romney even with all of his flaws would have won.

Republicans MUST NOT FEED more tax money to the BEAST that wants to kill them, and would also kill America.

CONFESSION. I voted for Romney, but I was glad to see Mr. Obama win. The American economy REALLY is in horrible long term condition. Far worse than most Americans know. Using HONEST ACCOUTING America's long term Liabilities are $86 TRILLION Dollars. That OVER 100% of the WORD'S GROSS PRODUCT that in 2011 was $79 Trillion Dollars.  Even if the Republicans turn total faggot and give Obama a Big tax increase with zero cost cuts, in the long run IT WON'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE. Taxing the top 2% at 90% tax rates will make little difference. Government costs MUST come down. There is a lot of PAIN in America's future.

The Republicans have an opportunity to DO WHAT'S RIGHT towards getting America on a sustainable economic footing. The biggest immediate opportunity is to let the Cliff happen. The Cliff is part of the Solution. The reality is that President Obama is the President, he's at the TOP of the Government. Mr. Obama will get the majority of the blame if the Democrat voters do NOT get their cost-free to them payoff.

 Mr. Obama's tactic will be to try and kick the cans down the road for the next four years. Republicans are insane, cowardly, and criminally incompetent de facto traitors to America if they let him do it. 

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