Title: Britain and France Challenge Netanyahu's Land Theft.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue December 4th, 2012


Dec 4th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Britain and France Challenge the Zionist's Land Theft Con Game.

After the recent UN vote FOR West Bank freedoms.  Netanyahue said in effect, F**k you World, we're TAKING WHATEVER Land We Want. 

The Con Game is to build EVEN MORE Zionist "settlements" on Palestinian Land, and then say, The Land is part of Israel, and Palestinian laws do NOT apply. Palestinian police CANNOT even come onto the land because it's NOT theirs. All roads that go and come from the land are ALSO Zionist property, and also NOT part of Palestine. Any Palestinian using the road without permission is Trespassing, and subject to imprisonment forever WITHOUT charges, or a trial.

As reported in today's Wall Street Journal, several European countries including: Britain, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and France have called in their Israeli ambassadors for an "Explanation" of the INCREASED Zionist settlement building on Palestinian land.

In my opinion Britain, France, the UN and the WORLD need to make it Very CLEAR that when total freedom does come to Palestine. The "Zionist Settlers" will be living IN Palestine, not Israel, and they will be living under Palestinian Laws.  

Netanyahu and the other Zionists will say, "But the Settlement Lands ALL became part of Israel under Israeli Law."

What's legal and what's right can be two VERY different things. The Holocaust was LEGAL under German Law at the time, so I guess that also made it moral? I don't think so.

Suppose a group of Turks, or Egyptians, built an apartment building in Tel Aviv, and then said, "Because this building is owned by Turks this makes the building and LAND part of Turkey. Jewish laws and taxes do NOT apply, and Israeli Police Cannot come onto this property."

Would the Zionist courts in Tel Aviv Buy That? I don't think so.

Karl Marx (the Father of world Communism), came from a family that had for Centuries produced Rabbis on both his Mother's and Father's side. Marx's Uncle was the Chief Rabbi of Marx's home town of Trier, Germany. In 1845, in Marx's work: The German Ideology, Marx wrote, "The Zionist evades the law whenever it is possible to do so, BUT the Zionist wants everyone else to observe the law. The constantly evaded law is what makes the Zionist a religious Zionist."

Does Karl Marx's description fit Mr. Netanyahue's land theft?  In my opinion - Yes.

In my opinion the British and French are MORALLY CORRECT to challenge  Netanyahue's continued oppression of an enslaved people struggling for true freedom.

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