Title: John Boehner's Tactical Move to a Better Defensive Tax Position is Smart.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed December 5th, 2012


Dec 5th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. John Boehner is DOING THE SMART THING when he Goes Along with Increased Taxes on the Rich.

The Republicans need to REMIND THEMSELVES that they JUST LOST an election. There were many reasons WHY they lost, but the #1 reason is their suicidal grip on NO new taxes for the top tax payers.

In overall strategy terms the Republicans are mainly correct. No Nation has ever taxed its way into prosperity. However, the Republicans opposing a tax increase on the rich HAS PROVEN ITSELF to be a tactically disaster.

Can Republicans do 3rd Grade Math? 5% of the population is RICH, and 55% are poor. With "One man one vote" who wins? Maybe a lot of Republicans are like Romeny - they but their Radical social and religious beliefs BEFORE winning?

Mr. Boehner needs to tell his Republicans, If you want to be a manager with the courage to help save America's economy then I welcome your help. However, if all you want to be is a racial fruitcake al Qaeda Lite preacher - then get a Tent.

The FACT is that the Federal Government has 80+ TRILLION dollars of Liabilities and EVERYONE in America is going to have to pay MORE one way or the other.

I voted for Romney. I voted for Bush both times. During the 1970s and 1980s most of the people who read my essays said that, "Politically, Andy is a little Right of Attila the Hun." However, as a military strategist, like Attila, I believe in WINNING.

The "No new taxes on the Pig Rich" stand of the Republicans is a SUICIDAL POSSITION. It's the WRONG battlefield in the WRONG WAR. Can Republicans count? 10% of the voters are "Rich" and  90% of the voters are NOT. When it comes to winning elections how hard are the numbers to "Get"?

I TOTALLY AGREE with John Boehner's statements about No Nation ever taxed it ways into prosperity. That is Historical FACT. Trying to tax a nation into prosperity will NEVER WORK ANYWHERE because it's a fundamental violation of the laws of Physics. WHAT'S NEEDED is this: the Republicans must SAY WHAT NEEDED to please the mob while quietly trying to do the right things.

In other words, the Republicans need to accept the reality of real world the way it really is in the 21st Century.

The American Mob that voted for Obama's free money is NOT evil. It's just stupid. The Republican strategy MUST built around this FACT. Republicans CANNOT educate people WHO DO NOT WANT TO LEARN. It's a New Ball Game for Republicans. Tell the Mob what it wants to hear, then out of sight try to do the right things to save EVERYONE in America. 

In American politics it's WINNER TAKE ALL. The Republicans last month did NOT lose 48% of the White House. They lost 100% of the White House. Republicans CANNOT make ANY Laws of Any kind, for ANYONE, if they are NOT in Office.

The Objective for Republicans MUST be: DO AND SAY WHAT'S NEEDED TO WIN ELECTIONS. Apparently Boehner has dumped some of the Right Wing Fanatics, and THAT'S GOOD for both the Republicans AND America.

The FACT is that when it comes to the American Economy the Republicans are 50% wrong, but the Democrats are 80% wrong. Everyone who wants to save America needs to support Boehner not because Boehner is totally correct, but because he's LESS wrong than Pres Obama.

Here are the FACTS regarding the "Rich."

Bernanke, Geithner and the other assholes at the FED Have made all of the Gordon Gekkos A LOT RICHER in the last four years. The Gekkos know how to Arbitrage the FED's almost Zero interest rates and make BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for themselves while doing almost NO WORK. Warren Buffett is CORRECT when he says the super rich don't mind paying more tax. WHY? Because with the FED faggot's almost zero rates the super rich know how to manipulate near zero-rates so even though they might pay MORE IN TAX, the super rich will Still have Increased their Total wealth.

The Real-World 21st Century Economics is that the super rich's money is being driven by the FED faggot's almost zero interest rates. But there is NO free Lunch. The laws of Physics apply to everything. If you Add Energy to one place, then that Energy has to COME from Somewhere. The "energy-wealth" that makes the FED's stupid-low interest rates possible, that Energy, and "wealth," has been AND IS coming OUT of the living standards of America's Poor & Middle Class.

The FACT is that after FIVE YEARS of the FED faggot's almost zero interest rates, and MANY Trillions of QuEer Dollar FED Pissing in the soup. The FACT is that the super rich are richer than ever, BUT American's Lower & Middle Class are POORER now in 2012 than they were in 2006.     

In 2009 I wrote, "The FED's QuEer Money is NOT real wealth. The QuEer Money is fabricated NOTHING. It's an illusion and a delusion. I can give you a 100% guarantee that Bernanke's Master-Delusion of growing DEBT Faster than GDP in order to 'Stimulate the Economy" will FAIL. It will Fail because QuEer Money is NOT Real Energy. FED Faggot Delusions CanNOT change the Laws of Physics.  All Bernanke is doing is Pissing in the Soup. There WILL Be a Lot More Soup, but a Cup of the new QuEer Piss Soup will have LESS nutrition. The MORE Bernanke Pisses in the Soup the LESS nutritious a Cup of Soup will have. My prediction is that the FED's QuEer Piss Soup will make America's poor poorer, and will make America's Middle Class poorer."

The only people who have gotten richer from the FED faggot's Piss Soup are the top 2%, so if they give a little back that's okay. Right now, Higher taxes for the Gordon Gekkos are meaningless. The rich will borrow a few billion more from the FED faggots at 1%, then loan it out at 3%, and "Make" 200% Profit over the cost of their money. EXAMPLE: If you borrow $100 Billion Dollars from the FED faggots, and it cost you one Billion a year in interest (1%), and you loan it out at 3%, You've made TWO Billion Dollars profit. Who cares if your tax rate goes up by 5%?

Did any of the ding-dongs in Washington DC notice that during the last four years there have been over 20,000 NEW Bank locations that have opened in America? Has anyone ever asked, "WHY are there 20,000 plus brand new Bank locations in an America that's de facto Bankrupt?" The new bank locations are like poison Mushrooms popping up in a swamp. The Mushrooms are there and growing because they're all feeding off of the FED's mountain of low-interest Shit.

You want to talk about 2014 "Bubbles"? How about the CURRENT 2012 Bank mushroom Bubble? What's going to happen to all of those bank locations WHEN the FED's shit is no longer there to feed them?

The ONLY thing the FED faggots are good at is building  financial Bubbles that eventually explode. 

Part of the long term SOLUTION Not even being looked at right now is to RAISE interest rates. Then the "Rich" would be motivated to go BACK to making money the Old Fashioned Way; building factors, hiring workers, and making things.

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