Title: It's Pearl Harbor Day. What Did American Learn from Pearl Harbor? A Grand Strategy Look at America's Past & Current Wars.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri December 7th, 2012


Dec 7th 2012. Pearl Harbor Day, a Proven Military Grand Strategy Expert Looks at the Lessons of Pearl Harbor.

For over five years the massive, well funded, and media connected Zionist Lobby in America has been trying to start a war between America and Iran.

Ten years ago, the General Staff at the Pentagon, and Pres Bush, swallowed the Zionist's Weapons of Mass Destruction Con Game and attacked Iran, and then attack Afghanistan.

The objective of the Con Game ten years ago was to get Americans bombing and murdering Muslims somewhere to take heat and hatred away from the Zionist's Palestinian slave state. Now the objective is to Con America into attacking Iran for the same reasons of diverting attention.

For the past five years, the Zionist bums rush con game for attacking Iran has been. "Israel is going to attack Iran Any Day Now. If they attack they will get all of the Glory, All of the Honor, All of the Fabulous Wins, and the acclaim of the World. America CANNOT AFFORD TO LET THEM GET THEIR FIRST and get the magnificent victory all for themselves. America has to Attack First so it gets all of the Honor First."

Five years ago I wrote, "The Zionists will Never Attack Iran because the Zionist grand strategy is to fight to the last American Soldier and last America Dollar. The whole idea is to ONCE AGAIN Con America into doing Zionist dirty work. At the end of the day, the Zionists will send as many soldiers to fight in Iran as they sent to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan."

So last week there was a so-called military expert on the news. (The usual Zionist plant?) Part of the conversation was about Iran. The "expert" who claimed to be an advisors to "Washington DC government people" said, "The thing to remember with Iran is that the side that attacks first is usually the side at wins."


On this December 7th Pearl Harbor Day, let's do what the "Modern" Washington DC seldom does. Let's look at the FACTS.

On Dec. 7th 1941 Japan attacked first, and Japan did win a great tactical victory at Pearl Harbor. But in the end, Japan LOST.

On Dec. 11th 1941 Germany Declared War on America and started sinking US ships at Sea. Only AFTER Germany attacked America, did America declare war on Germany. Germany attacked FIRST, and eventually LOST the war.

In 1933 Japan attacked China. Over the next 12 years Japan occupied large areas of China. Japan attacked first and eventually LOST.

On Dec 7th 1941 Japan ALSO attacked Great Britain, and took large segments of the British Empire in Asia. Japan attacked first and eventually LOST.  And Lost BIG.

In June 1941 Germany attacked Russia, and had some of the most brilliant tactical victories in military history. Germany attacked first and eventually LOST.  And Lost BIG.

In August 1914 Germany attacked France, and had several brilliant tactical victories. Germany attacked first eventually LOST.

There is no clear beginning to the American attack on Vietnam. American "advisors" started going to Vietnam in the 1950s, and in staidly increasing numbers. The crystal clear FACT is that Vietnam DID NOT attack America, it was America that attacked Vietnam. The Pentagon starting "Surging Troops" into Vietnam in 1964, and for the next ten years the Pentagon's Generals "Surged" American troops into the fighting. The US Army NEVER lost a tactical battle in Vietnam. However, as the attacker America Lost the war.

In Vietnam the Pentagon's Generals attacked a group of teenagers in black pajamas who had NO: Navy, Air Force, Tanks, Heavy Guns, or modern transportation. In 1964 I Predicted that the USA forces would LOSE the war in Vietnam.

Not only did the Pentagon's Generals LOSE in their attack on Vietnam. They managed to LOSE (murder) TWICE AS MANY American troops in Vietnam as were Lost in the Great Pacific War of 1941-1945; where America was Attacked by an enemy that DID HAVE a massive Navy, Air Force and Army.

To this day, I'm not sure if America's Generals ever understood what happed in Vietnam? The "WHY" of a war with Iran being almost the same as Vietnam, and with America LOSING AGAIN for the same reasons.

This much we know for sure, America's Generals are STILL in Afghanistan, still looking up goat ass for those Weapons of Mass Destruction that were ALWAYS a Con Game.

In the American Civil War, it was the South that FIRST attacked: on January 9th 1861 when Cadets from the Citadel Military College opened cannon fire on Fort Sumter. Under the brilliant General Lee, the South won many tactical battles, but LOST the war.

Two hundred years ago in 1812 Napoleon's Grand Army declared war on Russia, and attacked first. Napoleon marched all the way to Moscow and burned it down. It was a tactical victory and a Grand Strategy disaster.

Napoleon started his raise to power by Attacking Italy in 1796. Napoleon eventually made himself the King of Italy. For the next dozen years Napoleon ATTACKED many nations and had some of the most brilliant tactical successes in the military history. After years of Attacking, and years of winning, Napoleon eventually LOST everything.

It's a proven FACT that for the last 200 years the average height of Male Frenchmen has been two inches shorter than their height should have been because Napoleon killed so many tall French soldiers in his 15 years of attacking other nations.

Getting BACK to the current Zionist con game of, "The first to attack always wins, and that's why America needs to Pearl Harbor Iran."

This is a serious question, does ANYONE on the Pentagon's current General Staff understand that the TWO MAIN REASONS for the "WHY" of America being the BIGGEST WINNER in World War Two was because: (1) America NEVER attacked anyone UNTIL America was attacked, and (2) because America was the LAST TO Attack and NOT the first to Attack. World War Two in Asia and Europe had been going on for YEARS before America got into the fight. Does anyone at the Pentagon GET IT?

Does anyone at the Pentagon understand that the Main Reason for America winning the Cold War was because America DID NOT attack Russia. Does anyone GET IT?

As to Iran, Iran has no Navy and cannot invade the USA. Iran is no more of a treat to America than North Korea, Pakistan or Cuba. A nuclear Iran is NOT going to attack America for exactly the same reasons that North Korea is not attacking America.

Iran is NOT living on the dark side of the Moon. Iran IS part of the world, and if Iran wants to live in this world it will eventually have to JOIN THE WORLD.

The way for America to win in Iran is to WAIT for the internal forces of freedom inside of Iran to change everything from the inside out. If it WORKED in places like Russia and China, why not Iran?

Iran, even when it gets atomic bombs, WILL NOT attack Israel. Israel has MANY nuclear weapons, and UNLESS the Iranian Government wants to kill 30 million Iranians it's NOT going to attack Israel.

Here's an idea, wouldn't it be a real CHANGE if the Zionists were Honest about something? Anything? Like admitting that they have lots of nuclear weapons?

I totally agree that Iran IS a psychological threat to the Zionist's 3,000 year old megalomania delusions of being a world power. There could be a upside to an Iran Bomb. The Zionists might be motivated to give up their Nazi like dreams of a Palestine South African Apartheid that works. Both the Zionists, and the current Iranian Government, might BOTH Change and BOTH join the real world. Isn't that what we should all be working towards?

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If you like the above ideas, e-mail a copy to your Republican Congressman, and/or Senator(s). If YOU don't care about what's happening to America - why should your Congressman care? America Pearl Harboring Iran WOULD be both a Moral and Financial Disaster for the American people. America does NOT need $6 a gallon gasoline - for What? For the "Honor" of being aggressive attacking murderers? For Once AGAIN being the victims of Another Zionist Con Game? Let your Congressman know what you think.

If you like the above ideas, send a copy to your local newspaper, and/or local talk radio program.




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