Title: Today's Headlines are "Employment Surges." Let's Take a Grand Strategy Look.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat December 8th, 2012


Dec. 8th 2012. The Headline in Today's Local Democratic Newspaper is, "Employment Surges."

I guess the "Surging Employment" is the WHY for Democrats screaming for another one year extension of Unemployment Benefits to ADD to the Already Four Years of unemployment benefit  Extensions?

The Stock Market went up on the "good news."  Why not? At age 18 you can go on unemployment until you're 65, then go on Social Security. What's NOT to like?

As I've been saying for years, American journalism is becoming MORE like USSR Journalism every week. An HONEST and Accurate Newspaper Headline would have been:

More People Riding IN the Wagon, and FEWER People PULLING the Wagon.

The important number is that the Population Employment Percentage of the total share of American's working age population has CONTINUED TO GO DOWN since 2007.

In December 2007, 67.1% of those American's who could work WERE working. Today that number is only 63.6% - and going DOWN.

What this means is more people are Riding IN the wagon and fewer people are Pulling the wagon. The number of people riding for FREE in the wagon Continues to go UP, and the number of workers pulling  the wagon Continues to go DOWN.

The above FACT is the main reason for the WHY of America's "Slow economic growth." The more people riding for FREE in the wagon the heavier the wagon becomes and the SLOWER the wagon goes.

Pres Obama and the Democrats want to EXPAND WELFARE in every way possible. This means giving MORE people a FREE ride in the wagon. It ALSO MEANS that "American Economic Growth" IS on the road to LESS than ZERO GROWTH.

If we had Honest Accounting in Washington DC Rather than the Madoff/Enron Accounting we now suffer under. Honest Accounting would show that America is already at almost Zero Growth.

The FED morons keep telling themselves, "All of our faggot Trillions of Dollars will Light the Animal Fires of those pulling the Wagon."

Let's all continue to be BLIND to the FACT that Trillions of FED DEBT has NOT "Lit the Animal Fires" in the last five years. Let's keep on making proven FAILURE bigger.

The core problem is that for the FED morons SINCERELY AND ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE that the Universal Laws of Physics (that are God's Laws), and apply to EVERYTHING in Creation; somehow, and in some magical why, God's Universal Laws DO NOT Apply to the US FED's stupidity.

In the real world DEBT is Lead. Debt becomes Dead Weight. When the FED creates DEBT it's ADDING Lead bars to the Wagon. The FED's Debt-Lead weight keeps making the wagon harder and harder to Pull.

The FED twinkbrains sincerely believe that THE COST of Debt is somehow FREE, and there is NO COST to adding more and more Trillions of Dollars of Debt. The FED crackpots SINCERELY BELIEVE that Debt is Wealth so the more Debt you have the Richer you become.

As I've mention in many past essays, the FACT is that in the last five years the FED's created DEBT equals America's cost of fighting World War Two.  And we're still waiting for Bernanke's promised debt paradise.

The DIFFERENCE between WWII and now is that in 1944 America's savings rate was at 26%, verse 1% today. In 1939, when WWII had already started in Europe and Asia, Americans Saved $3.8 Billion. In 1944 they saved 37.3 Billion - a 1,000% INCREASE in savings.

In my opinion Ben Bernanke really is an economics moron. Anyone with two live brain cells to rub together should be able to see that it was the SAVINGS of WWII that end the Great Depression and NOT Government Spending. Bernanke has it totally ass backwards and that's the WHY for Bernanke's Trillions of Dollars of new Debt NOT WORKING. It's the reason WHY the FED's QuEer Money will eventually bring the American economy to Total STOP.

At that point MORE QuEer FED faggot money will only bring the economy to LESS THAN STOP.

Starting four years ago I in many essays that Bernanke's QuEer Money ENDLESS PROMISES would NOT work. Who was correct? After five Trillion Dollars of FED QuEer Money DEBT: unemployment is Higher than in 2008, the stock market is lower than 2007, industrial production is lower than 2006, and the Real Estate market is still crap.

Where is the "Red Line" on Proven FED Failure? Is the Red line at 10 Trillion Dollars of QuEer Failure? 40 Trillion Dollars of QuEer Failure? 100 Trillion Dollars of QuEer Failure?

DEBT BEING LEAD IS MORE THAN MY IDEA. Economics Professors Dr. Reinhart and Dr. Rogoff did a study of the Economic History of the World for the last 500 years. The FACTS are in their 2009 Book, This Time Is Different. That's too esoteric of a title, but whatever. When they update the Book I'd suggest a new title, Debt Is Lead.

The PROVEN FACTS from the last 500 years of Economic World History is that THE MORE DEBT A NATION ADDS THE SLOWER ITS ECONOMY GROWS; until the "growth" is at Zero, and if Debt continues to grow than "growth" goes Below Zero.

To me it seems like everyone should look at the above Rogoff and Reinhart historical Proven Findings and say, "Like daaa, sure, what else could it be?"  However, the FED faggots DO sincerely believe the exact opposite.

Greece is currently one of the Many examples that prove Rogoff and Reinhart Correct. Greece had too much Debt. Too much Debt-Lead in the Greek wagon, and Greece has had NEGATIVE economic growth for five years.

Here's a Radical Idea. Let's go from the 500 year World Proven FAILURE of trying to cure a problem of too much Debt with More Debt - the FED's current actions. Let's replace FED Failure with the PROVEN SUCCESS of creating a TRUE economic recovery based on increased savings?  Wouldn't that be a real Change?

I'm thinking of writing a book. A take from the best seller, The Habits of Successful People.  However, the title of my book would be, The Habits of Failed Nations, and WHY America is Following Those Habits.

PERMISSION TO REPRINT. Permission is given to re-print this essay, or any of the approximate 1,750 essays and articles that Andrew M Molchan has written in the last Half Century.

If you like the above ideas, e-mail a copy to your Republican Congressman, and/or Senator(s). E-mail a copy to your local newspaper. Tell them to hold fast on increasing debts. EVERYONE in America WILL eventually pay for the Debts one way or another. If not in taxes, then in DECREASED standards of living. If YOU don't care about what's happening to America - why should your Congressman care?





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