Title: The Gay Marriage issue, a Grand Strategy Analysis.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun December 9th, 2012


Dec 9th 2012. Gay Marriage, a Political Grand Strategy Analysis.

Yesterday's WSJ headline was, "High Court Will Rule On Gay Marriage." By June of 2013 we should have a decision.

Many decades ago I came to the conclusion that the "Gay Lifestyle" was Not all that gay. A lot of sexual relationships have the life span of fruit flies, and millions of young men have been killed by AIDS.

I've been married forever, and have some great children. I believe in standard marriage. My wife and I make a good team. Something like two fat rattlesnakes in a warm den. However, the Supreme Court ruling saying that Gay Marriage was legal, and something Government should NOT be into; that would definitely be one of the best things that could happen to the Republican Party.

One of the best things that happened to the Democratic Party in the last Half Century was when the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment means what it says. This got the Gun Control Monkey OFF of the backs of the Democrats.

If "Gun Control" was still an undecided issue, and the Supreme Court ruling had never happened. Romney, even with all of his flaws would have WON the recent Presidential election.

Mr. Obama, arrogant with what he falsely believes is HIS victory, rather than Romney's blunder. Mr. Obama (a closet plantation paradise communist) is toying with re-opening the Gun Control fight. The Republicans should stealthily encourage Mr. Obama in that direction.

Gay Marriage is a Religious Issue, and NOT a Government social issue. It should NOT be part of what the Government FORCEFULLY commands.

America's Founding Fathers, the writers of the U.S. Constitution, were the greatest collection of political geniuses in the history of the World either before and after. The Constitution has Separation Of Church and State.  The Founding Fathers were 100% Correct to have a Separation of Church and State. Gay Marriage is a Religious interpretation of the Bible that a lot of people, including myself, do NOT agree with.

I believe in God. I believe that both God and the Devil are real. I believe that THE ANSWERS ARE in the Bible. However, I do NOT read the Bible like it was a comic book. To truly understand the Bible's complexity you have to bring a lot to the reading. Your Brain has to be in the "On' position and not the "Off" position. In my opinion the Romneys, Santorums, etc of America are Blind Readers who CANNOT see that the Bible, and the teachings of Jesus are about the progressive and Continuing ADVANCEMENT OF MANKIND. The Bible is Not about Death, it's about GROWTH. The Bible is not about stagnation, it's about the continued peaceful and logical development of mankind.

The core message of the Bible is, "Cool it, don't kill yourself over the small stuff. Keep going down the road and mankind will find paradise."  Gay marriage is the Small Stuff. The Republicans need to GET OUT of everyone's bedrooms.

As a Social Issue, the World does NOT need more children. The World is Finite: limited total land, limited drinking water, limited oil, limited trees, limited farm land, limited fish in the ocean, limited raw materials, and even limited air. With an EXPLODING World Population on LIMITED land, what's the Guaranteed and ONLY long term End Result?  Disaster.

It's 4th Grade Math, if you keep putting more and more people onto a boat of limited size the boat will eventually SINK.

As a Social Issue, Homo sapiens are already obsolete. The world does NOT need MORE of an obsolete species. The World needs to be working on the new species that replaces Home sapiens, and keeps growing to new and better kinds of species.

As a military grand strategy issue, American needs to encourage WORLDWIDE gay marriage. China has 114 young men for every 100 young women. Every Chinese General knows that he could LOSE a million Chinese troops on the battlefield and China's demographics would IMPROVE.

The World needs China to have Gay Marriage, and America needs to set the example.

Bottom line, the Republicans on the Supreme Court have an Opportunity to do GREAT GOOD for the Republican Party. One of the best things that could happen to Republicans is if the Supreme Court gets the Gay Marriage Monkey OFF of the backs of the Republican Party.

After Pres Obama ADDS a left-wing Supreme Court Justice or two. The BIGGEST Next BEST THING for the Republican Party would be getting the Abortion Monkey OFF of the backs of the Republican Party.

PERMISSION TO REPRINT. Permission is given to re-print this essay, or any of the approximate 1,750 essays and articles that Andrew M Molchan has written in the last Half Century.

If you like the above essay, make copies and mail a copy to each one of the Supreme Court Justices.

If you like the above ideas, e-mail a copy to your Republican Congressman, and/or Senator(s). E-mail a copy to your local newspaper. If YOU don't care about what's happening to America - why should your Congressman or the Supreme Court care?

Here's the BOTTOM LINE, there's nothing wrong with living in America if YOU PLAN ON DYING IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS. But if you're planning on being around 30 years from now then GET INVOLVED in saving America's (and your) Future.




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