Title: Andy's TWO COWS on the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue December 11th, 2012



There were Two Cows:

COW 1, "All kinds of people are screaming about the economy - what's up?"

COW 2, "America is spending more that it produces, by about a Trillion Dollars a year right now. The FED and Treasure are making up the difference via Queer Money, and selling more T-Bonds to the World."

COW 1, "So what's the problem? We just live off of FED Queer Money, and T-Bond Borrowed Money forever?"

COW 2, "With all of the payoffs Congress has promised over the last 40 years. The Trillion Dollar a year shortfall will soon grow to a THREE Trillion dollar a year shortfall."

COW 1, "So what? The FED faggots just pump out more Queer. The US Treasury peddles more T-Bonds - no big deal. It's ONLY paper, and it's never going to be paid back anyway so who cares?"

COW 2, "In the whole world there's NOT an extra Three Trillion dollars per year for the Treasury to sell T-Bonds to, and also Rolled Over the Trillions of T-Bonds that have to be Rolled Over every year. People have started to figure out that it's totally impossible for America to ever pay back the T-Bonds it has already sold."

COW 1, "With enough Madoff and Enro accounting the USA can cook the books forever. The whole FED and Treasury tag-team scam is about as pure Madoff as it comes."

COW 2, "Yes, accounting fraud will work for a long time, but not forever. To get honest, the Federal Government has to Raise Income by about $500 Billion Per Year, and CUT Expenses by about $500 Billion Per Year."

COW 1, "Well, that doesn't sound like any fun at all. Let's live off of Bernanke's Queer Money, and screw the World Bond Market?"

COW 2, "The Laws of Physics apply to selling US T-Bonds and the FED's Fabricated Queer Money. Nobody can keep building a sky scraper higher and higher without that building someday collapsing of its Own Weight. This is why the American Real Estate market could NOT keep going up by 15% a year. It collapsed of its own dead weight and a LOT SOON than most people expected."

COW 1, "I have an easy and no-pain solution. Congress passes a Law that says the Principles of Physics do NOT apply to America. Then we can all suck down Bernanke's sweet Queer juice forever."

COW 2, "With ideas like that You need to run for President, or at least Congress."

COW 1, "And what's this Cliff Thing that all of the idiots on TV are screaming about?"

COW 2, "A while back a group of Congressman understood that America will only do the right thing if its forced into doing the right thing. So the Cliff Problem that starts in January will Raise taxes for more Federal Revenue, and at the same time Decrease Federal Expenses in a fair and equal manner."

COW 1, Had a Deer in the Headlights Look on its Face. "Ah...did I miss something? What you mentioned, didn't you say before that was the solution, and not the problem?"

COW 2, "It's NOT the Washington DC solution?"

COW 1, "What's the Washington DC solution?"

COW 2, "It means you only talk about problems, you Never ever do anything that's real. Oh, you do some totally insignificant showboat stuff that's ninety-nine percent smoke and mirrors, but you never, NEVER stop the political payoffs. A favorite Washington DC trick is like taking the coffee machine out of the Congressional lounge, and then congratulating yourself because you've just saved the taxpayers a Trillion dollars over the next 10,000 years."

COW 1, "And because you've 'Saved' a Trillion Dollars over the next 10,000 years that means you can SPEND a Trillion Dollars RIGHT NOW, today, to buy votes - Right?"

COW 2, "Right. Now you've Get It."

COW 1, "I agree, Washington DC has turned Total Ghetto. If something is a six month solution than for Washington DC it's a FOREVER solution."

COW 2, "It's kind of simple in a way, if you're planning to DIE in the next five years YOU do NOT have a problem. However, if you're planning on being alive, and living in America 30 years from now, then YOU have a whole bucket FULL of Serious Problems."

COW 1, "Like six roommates in a one bedroom apartment, sharing two cans of beer, and a roast rat dinner, as they watch Sunday night football?"

COW 2, "You got it Sweetheart." 

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Young people in particular need to get involved. Old people like me will soon be dead. Our problems will be over. But the young, during the next 20 to 50 years are going to have to deal with all of crap that's happening now. STOP adjusting by doing nothing! Young American males in particular, STOP adjusting be being massive under achievers. Checkout of "Friends" reruns and check into THIS World! Get OUT of the stands and ONTO the playing field.





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