Title: Why Should EVERYONE in America be Paying for New York's and New Jersey's Damages from Storm Sandy?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed December 12th, 2012


Dec. 12th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The Republicans have a Command Decision to Make. Either they Are Part of the long term Solution, or they are Part of America's long term Collapse.

The "News" is that the Republicans in the Senate are debating a Bill to give New York and New Jersey 60 BILLION DOLLARS to pay for storm Sandy's damages.

Why the Hell are Republicans debating something that SHOULD BE a Joke? Because the National News Stations are in New York?

$60 BILLION DOLLARS to make left wing unions A LOT RICHER? Unions were their members make (with benefits) $75 an hour. The same Unions that built the SYSTENS that FAILED in the first place. The Unions that finance the left-wing Democrats.

$60 BILLION DOLLARS to finance a piss pot full of left wing politicians like Schumer and Rangel.  $60 Billion Dollars to finance a bunch of left wing lawyers charging $1,000 an hour to "review" everything.

After storm Sandy, an electrical crew from Alabama traveled to New Jersey to help, and the New Jersey electrical unions told them to Go Home because they were not Union, and NOT over charge enough for their work. In New York and New Jersey it's, "Never take four seeks to finish a union job when you can take four months." In New York City they worked on the World Trade Center Hole - a HOLE in the ground, for TEN Years. Years from now the unions will STILL be working there.

America is ALREADY overloaded with insurance companies. Why the Hell do we have insurance companies if the Federal Government (every tax payer in America) is going to pay for New York's and New Jersey's damage?

If you want to build a home on the ocean's shore, and it's destroyed, that's Your, I mean YOUR responsibility. It's a crime, and a sin, to charge New Jersey stupidity to somebody in Kansas making $9 an hour at a Pizza shop.

Are the Republicans totally brain dead? Are they going to give $60 Billion dollars to communist scum bags like Schumer and Rangel so the money can be used to DEFEAT the Republicans in the 2014 Congressional election?

Rather than giving the money to ONLY Democrat voting States. Why not a "Fair and Equal Bill" that pays for ALL future hurricane damage in any State? Like why Not, Florida too? Georgia too? South Carolina too? North Carolina too? Alabama too? Mississippi too? Louisiana too? Texas too?

Fort Lauderdale had a lot of road damage from Sandy. Is the Senate Bill going to pay for all of that? Or is it ONLY for States that ALWAYS vote Democratic and have left-wing Unions that give lots of Kickbacks to Democrats?

How about Earthquakes? Why Not a "Fair and equal Bill" where the Federal Government pays for all future Earthquake damage in Alaska?  And Washington State too? And Oregon too? and California too?

How about Tornadoes? States like: Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and so forth have a LOT OF TORNADO damage every year. Is the Federal Government going to pay for it all?

The person I mentioned above, working in an Kansas pizza shop for $9 an hour. Let's say his home is destroyed by a Tornado, BUT the Federal Government does NOT pay him. HOWEVER, he's supposed to be paying left-wing Union workers in New York $75 an hour because they are in New York. Where is the, "Fair and Equal"?

If the Republicans do Not stand for fiscal responsibility, then what do they stand for? Trying to get into women's bedrooms?

America is de facto BANKRUPT. America is ALREADY LIVING off of the FED's QuEer Money, and the FED's and Geithner's tag-team Madoff accounting fraud. When does the fraud, dishonesty, and insanity end?

The Federal Government's total Liabilities, using HONEST and accurate accounting like everyone EXCEPT the Government uses; by using Honest accounting the Federal Government ALREADY has almost $90 TRILLION Dollars (with a T) of Debt and Liabilities. That 550% of America's total GDP! That's ALREADY a financial disaster.

When the Hell are we going to start to say "No" to MORE Debt? If not now, then when? In the year 2020? In the year 2050? When?

The future financial collapse of America might already be unavoidable. However, if we keep Spending and Spending the future financial collapse of America is GUARANTEED

Washington DC is like the alcoholic who keeps saying, "I promise to reform RIGHT AFTER I finish this gallon of Gin."

In Washington DC there is ALWAYS a new gallon of Gin, and ALWAYS  the promise to reform "tomorrow." For years the bars on Fort Lauderdale's beach had signs, "Free Beer Tomorrow." If you "get" the joke then you "get" how Washington DC operates.

The Republicans have to RETURN to the Party of Fiscal adulthood. The party that is not working to make DEBT bigger. The Republican have to run as "The Party that has the courage to say 'No' to the Insanity."

If the America public is so far gone that it doesn't want to STOP building ever more Debt, and ONLY wants FREE. Then so be it, that's Democracy's fatal flaw.

Here is my long term Grand Strategy suggestion for the Republicans. Do NOT be suicidal Zionists. Do NOT be part of America's National Suicide. Position the Republican Party to pick up the pieces after the financial collapse.

Do NOT fall for the Mafia trick of being part of the Crime. Do NOT let the Democrats turn the Republicans into criminals. Be the Party of, "We told you so!"

After America financially collapses, the Republicans will have positioned themselves to pick up the pieces and be the dominate power in America.

PERMISSION TO REPRINT. Permission is given to re-print this essay, or any of the 1,755 essays and articles that Andrew M Molchan has written in the last Half Century.

If you like the above ideas, e-mail a copy to your Republican Congressman, and/or Senator(s). If YOU don't care about what's happening to America - why should your Congressman care? Give Him or Her some moral support.

If you are not in New York or New Jersey, but ARE in a State that has Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods or Earthquakes, then ask your Congressman and Senator, "Why are they getting $60 Billion Dollars of FREE Federal Money but NOT us?"

The Communists keep telling everyone that they have ALL of the Answers. So if New York's Communists have all of the answers than they don't need everyone else's money. Right?

If you like the above ideas, e-mail a copy of this essay to your local newspaper, and/or local talk radio program. Get involved, you're not living on the Moon. America is YOUR country. When the Titanic sank, it did NOT sink for ONLY the rich people.



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